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#ChiCon Summary Post!



RICK WORTHY (Alpha Vamp)
@heather_spn Rick talking about getting drunk tonight

@Jacen736 Rick states he used to live in Chicago

@Clarity67 Rick wants 2 b a singing Pip...or Gladys Knight both ok ;)

@heather_spn Rick pretending to be the vamp

@wfsarah Rick Worthy is giving us "Alpha Vamp in traffic." His Dad is a huge vampire fan, & was super excited to find out RW was playing one.

@VinylReckoning his own spinoff show would be magnificent seven. was 28 when he did the pilot!

@VinylReckoning Talking about the show being cancelled and he wish he could do it again to play his character.

@heather_spn Someone just gave rick some alcohol

@wali21 Boxers or briefs? A: neither one.

@wali21 Most memorable experiences on Stargate and SPN? A: Christopher Judge hugging him & welcoming to the show. Jared & Jensen coolest Humble, nicest dudes.

@VinylReckoning He said that Jensen said that there are no room for assholes on the show. That is why everyone is so nice!

@VinylReckoning Worked with Jared when he was 16 years old on a show that never got picked up. show was shot in Chicago!

@VinylReckoning Loves the look of the show. he thinks Serge is great!

@LoveJeter02 @rickworthy likes Dean and Sam together. Remind him of him and his brother and the tough love.

@VinylReckoning Fan asking about The Fallen. saying Paul Wesley (he was in the miniseries) knows how to have fun!

@Jacen736 Rick Worthy says he & Paul Wesley are friends and Paul is a great guy

@LoveJeter02 Ricks Dvd collection Superman, Batman Begins, The good bad and the ugly, clint eastwood dirty harry films, battlestar gallactica

@ReallyAlly Rick is doing his Obama impression and it's HILARIOUS

@LoveJeter02 someone asked if Rick would play Barack Obama in a movie. He would consider it.

@VinylReckoning He started singing Barry white at the beginning of the panel!

@LoveJeter02 Rick did adaptation of Macbeth called Somalian King

@piecesofpie79: http://t.co/0BvSKJG8 - http://t.co/6T0xR0K6 - http://t.co/ZkFPtN5G
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/heSujDak - http://t.co/Yucw4X8l - http://t.co/cKldg2py - http://t.co/PeO091yg - http://t.co/Wo5hfEk6 - http://twitpic.com/73ou4d
@lostndanet: http://t.co/x0b2d94y - http://t.co/HsyIVM65 - http://t.co/bXMYNnE4 - http://t.co/B3VFyOZR - http://t.co/IoZEFbAv - http://t.co/Sxhjyzde
@wolfling: http://t.co/bRBiT4Gi - http://t.co/KKlJ6dKr
@AmyinSydney: http://t.co/XOUw0Rg6

@MishaMadness Chad is making a video of us.

@Elliebunk the only character Chad would want to play is Ash.

@LoveJeter02 Chad had a blast on Criminal Minds.

@lostndanet Chad talikg about his time on Buffy

@LoveJeter02 Does Chad prefer movies or tv? Both film he can create a Bit more

@LoveJeter02 Similar qualities to Ash. they have a similar quirkiness but he's not computer savvy.

@NiceGoalEh @ChadLindberg wanted to reinvent the mullet and make it sexy.

@ReallyAlly Chad says he is going to be on Ghost Adventures

@funksoulcrango chad auditioned for justified!

@wfsarah Chad is talking about how Jensen "very graciously" taught him how to shotgun beer for that scene. It took some time to get it!

@Elliebunk if he could be anything in a movie, chad would like to play an alien.

@wfsarah "Because hands are boring to me, and I wanted to give them some color." Chad responding to a fan about his painted nails.

@CrysLovesSPN @ChadLindberg His idea of heaven: family, friends, dinosaurs and a Michael Jackson concert.

@Jabber_Moose Chad says the number one fan base is supernatural

@MishaMadness Chad says he has seen a lot of ghosts.

@lostndanet Cute lil girl asked if Jensen and Jared use an onion to cry.

@Jacen736 A young girl wanted to ask Chad a ? But was nervous so her mom asked. Chad came off stage & shook girls hand

@ReallyAlly Chad was asked if he likes older women and he said "I love my girlfriend."

@ReallyAlly Chad's zombie apocalypse weapon would be a lightsaber

@Jacen736 Chads favorite fictional character: ET

@Jacen736 Chad's favorite Star Wars character: Han Solo

@Clarity67 Chad out in the crowd, petting service dog, chatting :) back on stage now

@blackbird_angel If Chad could be a superhero, he would make Ash a superhero flying around with his mullet.

@heather_spn Chad would be batman, and wants to see Ash as a superhero

@eryn2607 "Most memorable moment with Sam and Dean?" Chad: "When I was naked."

@azinazelle Chad had to wear a skin colored thong when naked as Ash. J and J kept laughing during takes.

@Clarity67 Chad told X Files Duchovny story, David kep burping curry :P

@wfsarah "I die so much. It's my specialty...I'm a good dier." Chad, on playing characters who always die.

@blackbird_angel If Sam is a moose and Dean is a tiger, Ash would be a black panther.

@girlodiamonds @ChadLindberg Thinks his chinese character tattoo of "courage" might really mean "dipshit".

@CrysLovesSPN Chad's whole family got breast cancer ribbon tattoos when his mom had it.

@lostndanet Chad loves tequila!

@skyisfalling 'Dr. Badass' was Kripke's idea.

@lostndanet Chad does not have a sport gene in his body ha!

@blackbird_angel Ash blasts and sings Sexy Back and Lady Gaga in his room when no one's around.

@LoveJeter02 If he could have only one artist on Chad's itunes? Michael Jackson.

@azinazelle Chad said he got the role of Ash when he ripped his shirt off in the audition.

@girlodiamonds Chad is not sure where he would hide the variable sized elephant if he had one.

@Jabber_Moose chad: I would hide an elephant in my *whistles*

@NiceGoalEh: http://t.co/c65wuJst
@RyanXander81: http://t.co/V6yu9RLW
@piecesofpie79: http://t.co/cfk5b7bQ - http://t.co/AzaU7ui9
@AmyinSydney: http://t.co/6mCOJz8H
@ReallyAlly: Chad is out in the crowd again http://t.co/Xd92qUes
@Clarity67: http://t.co/sw42A5hq
@heather_spn: I http://t.co/EyO6BBda

@ChadLindberg: video of the audience http://t.co/kjJu1sjj

GUY NORMAN BEE (director)
@Jabber_Moose Nobody is more upset about misha going into the water than guy

@Elliebunk Guy wanted to cast Alona in 'Asylum'

@Jacen736 Guy will be working on Ringer

@Jabber_Moose The leviathan black goo was black frosting

@9Tiptoes @guynormanbee "make it look bitchin" and he does.

@wfsarah Guy is giving a woman whose daughter started in film advice. "If she really wants to do it bad enough, the world is her oyster."

@heather_spn Prop master on #Supernatural set carries J and J wedding rings on a necklace when they have to film

@LoveJeter02 Guy Bee wants to work on Sons of Anarchy. . And some half hour comedies.

@wfsarah Guy just called Jared "Paddles."

@Jabber_Moose Guy on jensen *gesturing* "do I act from here up? Or here down?" *audience giggles* guy: that didn't come out right..,,

@NiceGoalEh @guynormanbee said that Dean fishing Cas' coat out of the water & folding it was meant to be similar to the military folding a flag

@wfsarah The original GCW script didn't say anything about what Dean did after fishing out the coat--he decided to fold it

@Jabber_Moose Rick and chad just crashed guy's panel. Rick and guy just hugged

@Jabber_Moose Guy says cas is a character nobody wants to say goodbye to

@wfsarah Also, Guy does an epic mannequin fall. Ha!

@Jacen736 Guy was asked about his tweets with pictures. He says he takes pics of monitors if it's not a spoiler & it's interesting

@piecesofpie79: http://t.co/RmzHM8CZ - http://t.co/TroXWqEc
@AmyinSydney: http://t.co/0nFwRWw2
@_Heb_: http://t.co/t9Rr9jDV
@Clarity67: http://t.co/4lMXrR20


CORIN NEMEC (Christian Campbell)
@iamFROZONE Corin's panel just started! He's making fun of the Karaoke Kings :P

@MishaMadness Corin: "I guess the guys didn't know you're supposed to crowd surf on your back."

@moJovi88 Watching Corin Nemec. He thinks the Campbell's were gone too soon.

@VinylReckoning He still talks to some of the cast on Parker Lewis

@VinylReckoning Talking about a director who got a DIU on one of shows and then built a little jail cell for the director on set

@LoveJeter02 Did Parker Lewis ever lose? Per Corin yes he did cause the show was cancelled after Season 3

@VinylReckoning He didn't keep the leather Jacket from Harold. He did keep the silver comb though

@VinylReckoning Talking about a story of Steven King and how he started laughing to himself

@Jacen736 Corin Nemec doing a Stephen King impression

@CrysLovesSPN If Christian Campbell comes back he will be a hair dresser and he will do Dean's hair.

@VinylReckoning He didn't know Christian was a demon

@lostndanet Fan quote: " Parker Lewis is a Dick " he laughed

@VinylReckoning He loved his character on Supernatural

@VinylReckoning He is making fun of someone who walked in late and sat in the front row

@Nelle816 Corin says he wasn't the right body type for The Stand but the director talked Stephen King into it.

@VinylReckoning He likes the Godfather, Rosemary's Baby, Deer Hunter. He likes watching movies that you have to see explosions on screen

@VinylReckoning Talking on being dropped off on the wrong side of the hotel at Nashville Con

@seafaringwriter Corin whipped out a bandana with a mustache on it. He says its in case he robs a bank later they'll only remember he had a mustache

@iamFROZONE "I wanna be brought back as a hairdresser...have you seen those boys' hair?!" - Corin

@Jacen736 When asked about Stargate Corin said Chris Judge had gas

@Piecesofpie79 Corin says it was fun wrestling @michealrosenbaum into the straight jacket on #smallville

@moJovi88 A punk band shaved Corin's head a week before he auditioned for Lex Luthor on Smallville.

@LoveJeter02 Per Corin Michael Rosenbaum is cool. He liked rubbing his head. Hahaha

@Jacen736 Corin: at 1 of his 1st cons he was wearing shirt saying blue collar wrestling & a Klingon told he can't wear a wrestling shirt

@Jacen736 And the Klingon says can't wear wrestling shirt without wrestling so Klingon picked him up & wrestled him

@Jacen736 So Corin ran to lobby & Sam Jones of Flash Gordon was playing his guitar for Klingons who were in a hot tub!

@Jacen736 So Corin says he will not be enslaved to Klingons like Flash Gordon! So he had never done a Trek con again

@VinylReckoning Talking about his experience on "My name is Steven" Was nicknamed the total oblivion actor

@moJovi88 Corin talked about how good he looked in a dress in Toby Keith's Beer for my Horses video. He named her Corinna.

@moJovi88 Corin tells us about the Arkansas wave then mimics cocking a shot gun, shoots, and yells GET OFF MY PROPERTY lol :-)

@Jacen736 Corin says he is a size 7 hat, glove. & ring

@Piecesofpie79: http://t.co/7yjQjBWX - http://t.co/oIDlV3rJ - http://t.co/XFmN78ef - http://t.co/zZJ0mXlD
@AmyinSydney: http://t.co/ShdwjW6H
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/TBPdYJrn - http://t.co/8xjT45mK
@lostndanet: http://yfrog.com/h2cv6upej - http://yfrog.com/h738460460j - http://yfrog.com/nysz4vj - http://yfrog.com/obe5qmj - http://yfrog.com/oc7mitj - http://yfrog.com/nvj85wvj - http://yfrog.com/odxidaj - http://yfrog.com/h7aq2sdgj - http://yfrog.com/h0g2blzej - http://yfrog.com/esxe5gj

@moJovi88 Amy Gumenick just took the stage and admitted that she'd never watched #Supernatural until she got the part. But she's a fan now

@VinylReckoning when she audition they didn't day it was for Mary. They kept it very secret

@heather_spn Amy Gumenick was allowed to do her own stunts

@VinylReckoning Talking about twirling the knife. She missed the knife

@Jacen736 Amy says she was given a replica of the knife she had in her fight scene so she could practice

@VinylReckoning She gave a speech at Julie McNiven's wedding

@MishaMadness Julie's dad came up to Amy and said "So, you're the one who tried to kill my daughter?"

@Jacen736 Amy says she met Julie McNiven on ride to practice their fight sequence & the 2 became friends

@VinylReckoning Supernatural was amy's 4th audition ever

@moJovi88 Amy said she's spoiled now and every time she walks on a set she thinks, "Well this is fun but its not #Supernatural."

@WinFamBusiness Amy Gumenick mentioned some new possibilities coming up including Eric Kripke's new show.

@Jacen736 Amy says it was somewhat intimidating to walk on to such an established character.

@VinylReckoning Met Samantha Smith after her first episode

@Jacen736 Amy says she & Sam Smith do share the same kind of energy

@VinylReckoning She hopes the young Mary character isn't over

@hottadanwasabi "I start dead, so I can never die." Amy Gumenick

@VinylReckoning saying that Matt is good looking and she said "look at our hot babies"

@Jacen736 Amy said Mitch was nervous about their kiss! Said Mitch is very nice & became like a father to her

@Jacen736 But Amy says Matt's kiss was better & very sweet

@Jacen736 Amy says she did read the fandom sites before & after her performance & admires the fandom

@wfsarah "You can't put car seats in an Impala!" Amy on Mary's dislike of the Impala.

@eryn2607 Amy: That’s one scene we haven’t done. The birth of the boys in the Impala.

@VinylReckoning during the awkard family road trip scene, Jared kept talking about his dog's anal glands

@abirdsongofhope Amy says that Jared, Jensen and Matt should have their own comedy show.

@Jacen736: Amy says she would like to model her career off of Meryl Streep!

@Nelle816: Amy would like a romantic comedy with Ryan Gossling.

@VinylReckoning Talking about she got into character. Wrote in her journal

@Piecesofpie79 at age 5 @amygumenick wanted to play Roxie Hart and as an adult she did

@Jacen736 Amy says in an episode of Grimm she is less clothed than she would initially have felt comfortable with

@piecesofpie79: Amy says if u wanna be an actor/actress u have to want it and never give up

@Clarity67 Amy's karaoke song is Lady Gaga Born This Way

@Jacen736 When asked who she would want to be on a stranded island with: Amy says her family

@AmyinSydney http://t.co/RPOoFrTn
@Clarity67: http://yfrog.com/ocof0jj - http://t.co/IiiqVypN
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/8BT42EX5 - http://t.co/OVZWnYFN - http://t.co/KaRX3mX5 - http://t.co/ZhHdS9sW
@RyanXander81: http://t.co/yem4DgXX - http://t.co/xQdDAoSb - http://t.co/i4gaMV6F - http://t.co/FXYOkZDS
@Piecesofpie79: http://t.co/59Bs7GtJ - http://t.co/6BHoLP7P - http://t.co/3wdZsWYA - http://t.co/6eatKwum - http://t.co/JoLg9zOb - http://t.co/mGEh3pm4
@lostndanet: http://yfrog.com/h0lf8tuj - http://yfrog.com/h8uikghj - http://yfrog.com/h8s7sboj - http://yfrog.com/h6lflzmhj - http://yfrog.com/nwaqjzj - http://yfrog.com/esr1lcj - http://yfrog.com/gya2stjj - http://yfrog.com/obrslnsj - http://yfrog.com/h3a78ajoj - http://yfrog.com/18lnhmfj - http://yfrog.com/kg92zwhj

@NiceGoalEh @dicksp8jr wants a mustache on his crotch?!?!

@MishaMadness Richard: "'Matt Cohen plays with dolls'? Why that's an odd thing to say." ;)

@heather_spn Richard just called Sebastian a dirty son of a bitch

@wfsarah "Don't mind my unzipped jeans--it just happens." Matt doing a Sebastian impression from last night.

@MishaMadness Richard and Matt are making gun of Sebastian's pervy-ness at karaoke.

@MishaMadness Matt's dad called because he heard he was up late last night partying. Richard's parents don't care.

@SammyWsGirlSPN Richard tells Matt "atleast I wasnt wearing a mustache on my crotch!"

@wfsarah Matt: "We're the fucking karaoke kings."

@wfsarah Matt: "People are trying to take pictures of my butt. I'm just letting it happen." On why he's not moving down the aisles

@CarryOnMyDean "you are the reason I come to these things" - Matt Cohen about the fans

@Jacen736 Matt says he was taping 90210 & left set & flew to #Chicon from set!

@Jacen736 Richard says he & AJ saw one another at Costco and talked about doing a Ghostfacers webisode w/ Richard

@lostndanet Richard told Matt if you don't get your ass to Karaoke in Chicago... kill yourself!

@SammyWsGirlSPN Chairs to walk on! A whole row if them! -Matt

@lostndanet Matt walked to the back for a question that wasn't for him... he now makes sure the question is for him before walking

@riotgirl8268 I really enjoyed that I could make people disappear with my fingers.

@SammyWsGirlSPN Matt- best part about playing his character was telling the two leads to shut the eff up!

@wfsarah Matt: "PS: Jared told me my biceps were bigger than his last night." Richard: "It was just another homoerotic night at karaoke."

@Jacen736 Richard says Snoop asked him to come back to his trailer & there were others there & when he opened door smoke came out

@lostndanet Snoop wanted a picture with Richard in Pepsi gear... that's how high he must of been!

@jrs_storm Matt would be honored to do a musical episode for Supernatural. :)

@kitsunehi13 Richard: Matt, your hair is doing 90210. Matt: and my heart is doing Richard.

@MishaMadness Richard: "This is the most socially awkward Q&A I've ever done."

@Jacen736 Three Blind Saints is a film Richard has coming out & he is shooting another Pepsi commercial next week

@CarryOnMyDean "yeah you got up close and personal" Matt to a fan

@MishaMadness Richard snapped his fingers and Matt fell down.

@WinFamBusiness Misha is here! He's crashing the panel.

@wfsarah Richard: "I'm not an actor when I'm not on set. I'm Richard Speight." AND MISHA ALERT!! Matt: MISHA crushed R with his silent wit.

@lostndanet Misha is this how you do it? You walk among them?

@lostndanet Richard told Misha among the people... they look so lifelike... don't be afraid of the people they don't bite

@MishaMadness Richard: "We all staged dived crotch down." Misha: "Oh, Sebastian."

@Nelle816 Dick says Misha has the best toupee in the business.

@wfsarah Matt says the boys' biceps, hair, structured features and eyes...all came from their dad. ;)

@MishaMadness Matt: (On being the boys' dad): "It was awesome. I was able to tell them what to do."

@Nelle816 Matt: I'm a grown up, I swear!

@riotgirl8268 "how'd q&a go today? Oh it was great honey, the crowd loved when I pretended to grab Richards package. Big laughs" -Matt Cohen.

@Jacen736 Matt days he watched Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Grey's Anatomy & tried to follow his approach as well as his SPN work

@heather_spn Richard keeps complimenting Matt's hair

@ReallyAlly "Misha and I share the same toupé artist." - Matt Cohen

@lostndanet Will Matt still be a douchbag in 90210? He says he will raise douch to a new level and based on Richard

@scoob70 "9-0-2-1-Oh no he didnt!" - Richard to Matt

@heather_spn Matt is doing the jerk on stage

@mel_rocks @mattcohen4real: "I will continue to jerk it for you forever"

@moJovi88 Richard: Jericho vs Supernatural - #Jericho was great to be a part of, #Supernatural is more fun.

@wfsarah Matt is doing a Jensen impression. He is alllllll lip! Growls, "this is the highest my voice gets."

@lostndanet Matt imitates Jared by showing his biceps...

@Jacen736 From Changing Channels what movie would you put J2 in: Matt--Brokeback Mountain sequel

@heather_spn Matt wants to name it "Brokeback Mountain: that shits going to hurt"

@Elliebunk someone just asked Richard to make a Casa Erotica film with her. With Pepsi products. #shitjustgotweirdyo

@CarryOnMyDean "yes I would do a porno with a fan because I give" _Richard

@heather_spn Richard wants to call it "Brokeback Mountain: milking the anal gland"

@Jacen736 Matt was asked about milking dog anal gland & Matt says it lead to his "shut the fuck up" line

@heather_spn Amy crashing the panel

@heather_spn Matt- where is this panel going? Richard- gay sex

@wfsarah Matt: Richard's my lady on the side. Sorry, Mary." In response to Amy's ? on the Dick and Matt bromance.

@jmnzl LOL MATT. "What is happening to this panel? We've been talking about gay sex for the past hour!"

@lostndanet Amy but its forbidden to stagedive... Richard and Matt do it anyway

@MishaMadness Richard: "You know what me and Matt do when they tell us not to do something? We do it anyway!"

@iamFROZONE "Sebastian, you mother- you better not." - Matt

@ReallyAlly "Next thing I know there were 63 hands on my crotch... AND HALF OF THEM WERE RICHARD'S." - Matt Cohen

@Jacen736 They told Amy she needs to do karaoke next year & stage dive

@Jacen736 Matt autographed the karaoke banner by signing on his crotch

@Clarity67: http://t.co/lJrceqC4 - http://t.co/2VqzCX91 - http://t.co/efOcenU0 - http://t.co/sberjx5t - http://t.co/Sr4DBjbL - http://t.co/NVt17F58
@ReallyAlly: http://t.co/bDU2PhTE - http://t.co/7s42KFKp
@NiceGoalEh: http://t.co/OB2d2x6C
@CarryOnMyDean: http://t.co/5FhDNYFT
@caitrin_alyse: http://t.co/NX9CsBrl
@oliveanders: http://t.co/e7JShkOa - http://t.co/uzswrV6c- http://t.co/X6BXll8E
@darkmerrick: http://t.co/lzcY9IQY
@riotgirl8268: http://t.co/C4C84ZZr
@scoob70: http://t.co/IbeGgjwh
@wfsarah: http://t.co/M2bxFNlU
@SammyWsGirlSPN: http://t.co/Z2F2bf2N - http://t.co/Mx6oIjom
@build_the_moon: http://t.co/z7VpDxmx
@YorkiePug: http://t.co/w4doyFHG - http://t.co/jmy0E2l2 - http://t.co/Q5MaSaHf - http://t.co/flhfa1DX - http://t.co/VR5DhGr0 - http://t.co/Jr8Mz7wB - http://t.co/lGfnDsIn - http://t.co/zhMtYKI9 - http://t.co/V1f94bI8
@AmyinSydney: http://t.co/ClzJi0hT - http://t.co/W7MDRq9H
@wolfling: http://t.co/K1VSp3pu - http://t.co/G0AqinCU - http://t.co/Z6MCtv3v
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/pBH1kIvg
@MishaMadness: http://t.co/0epaZq0x - http://t.co/hahvCRXe - http://t.co/dFXBe5IU
@RyanXander81: http://t.co/KK4VfHD5 - http://t.co/MQRCSyjI - http://t.co/4IPFPbt5
@lostndanet: http://yfrog.com/nvmiyhyj - http://yfrog.com/nt70331878j - http://yfrog.com/kk414pnoj - http://yfrog.com/h8uc7xmj - http://yfrog.com/kgygkjoyj - http://yfrog.com/kgf78dzdj - http://yfrog.com/h8lngozj - http://yfrog.com/oeoucupj - http://yfrog.com/klr7tkgj - http://yfrog.com/nx6z8apj - http://yfrog.com/es8nbcj - http://yfrog.com/klc3sxhfj - http://yfrog.com/nykfzuej - http://yfrog.com/h859cwsj - http://yfrog.com/h6twckwj - http://yfrog.com/kgeq5zgj - http://yfrog.com/h3f2jlyj - http://yfrog.com/od6xrhj - http://yfrog.com/nykkpfj - http://yfrog.com/kk8q3evj

Jabber_Moose: http://t.co/nwLqswKv - Richard walks misha through and teaches him the ways of the little people
OMFGItsTacy: http://t.co/HYPIj6mr - Misha Collins walks in on panel with Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen
allhailgodstiel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs3yV2tlR5I - Matt Cohen's Dean Impression

@abirdsongofhope "This is Lucifer speaking" hahaha

@jrs_storm Mark Pellegrino and Sebastian Roche panel starting. They're dancing. :)

@Clarity67 @sebroche and Mark take the stage 2 Sympathy 4 the Devil :D

@heather_spn Mark called Sebastian a dirty bird

@MishaMadness Sebastian is calling Mark "Lulu."

@lostndanet Sebastian prefers Big Dick over Big Balls AC/DC

@Tarukryl Sebastian and Mark P singing about balls on stage to the tune of Lean On Me.

@catdewilde "We are all dirty birds! I'll hold your big dick if you'll hold my balls!"

@moJovi88 Mark Pellegrino is walking in the crowd sounding like Lucifer, threatened to eat our souls haha

@MishaMadness Mark: "Can we just ramble?" Sebastian: "We don't like Q&As."

@lostndanet Mark didn't consider Jacob #Lost a very good person and Lucifer has more fun so he enjoys that role more

@MishaMadness Mark: "I like the fun things. Mayhem, torture, murder."

@jrs_storm Sebastian likes playing the naughty bastards.

@Nelle816 Mark and Seb comparing their "sassy" Tim Gunn voices!

@blackbird_angel Sebastian said Mark Pellegrino is one of the most talented actors on the show, then they hugged.

@scoob70 Seb and Mark hug and then Seb starts to get on his knees! Hahaha!

@wfsarah "I'm really good on Vampire Diaries!" Sebastian....Annnd we're back to talking about balls.

@riotgirl8268 "I'm gonna suck your blood. I'm going to suck it right the fuck out of you." -Mark Pellgrino. In a sassy gay voice.

@MishaMadness Sebastian: (After finding out he's been cussing in front of children): "I'm going to hell." Mark: "Yes, you are."

@blackbird_angel Mark Pellegrino saying 'I want to suck your balls' and now Sebastian saying 'Fuck' 'shit' and 'cunt' omg

@blackbird_angel According to Mark Pellegrino, the only difference between Jacob and Lucifer is a fifth of stoli.

@scoob70 "On a flight from Hawaii to Vancouver, just pound the alcohol. After 7th cocktail, Lucifer just comes out." - Mark

@chamak_chalo According to Mark all you need is booze to be a good actor

@scoob70 Oh God! Lucifer singing Mr. Roger's theme!

@MishaMadness Mark: (about modern vampire portrayal): "I wanna kick them in the ass."

@moJovi88 Mark Pellegrino is a fan of American Vampire and says that's how a vamp should look

@blackbird_angel Mark Pellegrino rubbing his nipple to make fun of the vampires in The Vampire Diaries

@MishaMadness Sebastian says he chewed on Nina's neck. (TVD)

@rexraetard UHM @sebroche just said on stage that @iansomerhalder and @ninadobrev are together. BUSTED

@scoob70 Mark apologizes to Taylor, an 11 year old, after every swear word.

@Jacen736 Mark told a kid to "ear muff" the whole panel & Sebastian said "muff" & laughed

@moJovi88 Mark Pellegrino wld pick Jim Beaver 2 be stranded on an island w/ bc he never worked with female characters & wld need some beaver.

@WinFamBusiness Oh no, now @sebroche is making up words to Baby Got Back using "big muffs." This panel has taken quite a turn.

@ReallyAlly Apparently Mark P. likes crab diving

@lostndanet Mark is preparing for the Zombie Apocolypse he has lots of booze

@skyisfalling Mark has a zombie apocalypse safe room and he's ready for it.

@lostndanet Mark is a huge Zombie fan and watches #WalkingDead

@scoob70 Mark is wearing a tshirt that says "Brains: It's what for dinner"

@ReallyAlly "I can kick Darth Vader's ass. He is such a pussy." - Mark P.

@Jacen736 Seb acting like a zombie & Mark teasing him going "dude" & walking in front of him

@catdewilde Zombie stories need more humor.

@ReallyAlly "Voldemort has a lot of money, right? PLASTIC SURGERY. WHERE IS YOUR NOSE???" - Mark P.

@blackbird_angel Mark and Sebastian doing gay dinosaur rawring.

@Jacen736 Wow a serious reply from Seb: when asked about working w/ Heath Ledger he said amazing. Mark followed up by saying the Joker by Ledger was best villain

@blackbird_angel Sebastian doing a good impression of Dean's 'son of a bitch!'

@moJovi88 Mark Pellegrino is sort of speaking French and Italian

@Tarukryl Nickifer's decomposing make-up took 1.5-2 hours.

@Jacen736 Mark & Seb singing Happy Birthday to a fan

@lostndanet Question if u died and came back as an object.... Sebastian said a vibrator! LOL

@jmnzl Sebastian wants to be JLo's vibrator. Mark wants to be Sofia Vergara's.

@x6Amanda15x Sebastian referring to j-lo's ass: "I could camp down there!"

@lostndanet Sebastian reaction to being killed off: FUCK!

@iamFROZONE "Bullshit bullshit MY PART bullshit bullshit MY PART....WHAT?!?!" - Mark as Sebastian reading the script when Balthazar died

@ReallyAlly "They are going to kick us out soon since we have such bad potty mouths." - Mark P.

@WinFamBusiness Let me try that again. Seb designing "V neck" pants. "It'll look great when J-lo wears it." Mark - "It'll highlight her penis."

@jrs_storm Awww... The recently tweeted photo with Sebastian, Jared and Jensen is an old photo. Not from an upcoming ep. Darn!

@Tarukryl Mark is a gamer.

@Jacen736 Mark says he & Sam Witwer became good friends and they along w/ other 2 cast went to Maui on vacation after filming

@lostndanet Sebastian said no drawbacks in crowdsurfing... he likes the finger up his....

@RyanXander81: http://t.co/Ow3C8BTM - http://t.co/XDNstXzr
@Clarity67: dancing http://t.co/6oRyFy7O - http://t.co/SYAkFOHh - http://t.co/yp7OZF2E - http://t.co/8QYmalzh - http://t.co/ZbpGs7dy
@ReallyAlly: http://t.co/XEaedYKV
@build_the_moon: http://t.co/NTuZcf3D
@YorkiePug: http://t.co/saqTylpU - http://t.co/EPyfqxLC - http://t.co/D73ih7aS
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/hItaHhrD - http://t.co/cLQgc2yA - http://t.co/1bUCv2lG
@wolfling: http://t.co/jm2DISqh - http://t.co/5Yle6eCc - http://t.co/JuUTGLkp - http://t.co/L4j5l20X - http://t.co/6tGaeZud - http://t.co/IraQvRsK
@lostndanet: http://yfrog.com/h77qqltaj - http://yfrog.com/h6252htj - http://yfrog.com/oeuwrqj - http://yfrog.com/hs1gjxnj - http://yfrog.com/ob8y8jj - http://yfrog.com/18q7qpjj - http://yfrog.com/g02eudnj - http://yfrog.com/o0twphshj - http://yfrog.com/hsyvvksj - http://yfrog.com/ntyfxzj - http://yfrog.com/obvj0yj - http://yfrog.com/gzoyfwlj - http://yfrog.com/odq1eogj - http://yfrog.com/h2cg9jhqj - http://yfrog.com/kku0pvuj - http://yfrog.com/nx1tvxj - http://yfrog.com/khsclbij

@Nelle816 God is stripping on stage!

@heather_spn Misha- best name for an italian mobster? Richard Johnson

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins finally made it! Good question. Will he heir his minions to West? "Very middle to dark ages kind of thinking there."

@WinFamBusiness He just saw the flaw in heiring minions. "I would have to be dead. Wait a second, I don't like this idea anymore."

@blackbird_angel Bears vs. Packers debate, Misha says he loves ping pong.

@MishaMadness Misha: "There were like 500 murders in Chicago one year I was in school there... The numbers went up when I got there."

@WinFamBusiness Misha talked about attending University of Chicago. They were ranked 300 out of 300 for social life. They printed t-shirts.

@lostndanet If Misha was animal he would be a naked molerat why... cause of their translucent skin

@Jacen736 Misha says Jared texted him at 2 AM asking Misha to go to his room & wrestle

@jmnzl "'Come down to my room ans we'll wrestle. Come on, don't be gay!' Jared is very eager to hug me." MISHA OH MY GOD

@jmnzl Massage oil is very hard to get out of hotel carpets

@MishaMadness If Misha gets back on the show, he will put in his contract that Sam must hug Cas.

@MishaMadness Misha keeps saying "suck it" and is going to put that in all of his future contracts.

@scoob70 "I know as much as you know and I'm assuming you know nothing." - Misha

@jmnzl "I was trying to take a bath but the microwave was far too small"

@WinFamBusiness The next question is really bad, so someone shouted "Next question!" Misha acknowledged the verbal cane has been pulled.

@WinFamBusiness Misha is walking the crowd! "So this is what it's like to be Richard Speight."

@WinFamBusiness "Okay, this is freaking me out." Misha just ran back on stage.

@lostndanet Do you know about the recession? Misha: yes... I'm sorry

@Clarity67 Misha told annoying questioner to suck it ha! Running joke

@WinFamBusiness Apparently, putting "A wave on celestial intent" on your job application is not a very good idea.

@AmyinSydney @mishacollins is slamming people left & right. Ask a stupid question cop the wrath of Misha!

@moJovi88 Misha stole some applications when he worked at the white house

@WinFamBusiness Weirdest gift from a fan? "Hard to say, there have been so many." A needlepoint pillow with his face on it is the most terrifying.

@SammyWsGirlSPN "are my german friends here that always give me things with liquor?" Misha on weird.gifts

@iamFROZONE "Run to the vendors and get me a picture of myself, I love those!" - @mishacollins

@jmnzl "I'll paper the walls with my face, just stare lovingly at me"

@SammyWsGirlSPN Misha and his wife gave West his middle name because it kept making them laugh. Misha calls him "Waxy" lmao

@moJovi88 Misha - my son is a genius. He's 1 and already slowly saying bleduhgablu lol!

@wfsarah Misha: Supernatural is a show about two lumbering morons...

@LoveJeter02 Misha is laughing abt texts from Jared and that they go over the line.

@MishaMadness Misha: (About Jared and Jensen): "The stuff that goes on in their trailer is disgusting."

@moJovi88 Fan asks Misha what he would sponsor and the mic went wonky so he replied CREATION ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!

@Elliebunk Misha contacted a kefir company about being their spokesperson. They never replied.

@scoob70 "Ooooh you. Where funny comes to die." Misha to a fan.

@blackbird_angel Misha admits he used his own personality for playing Leviathan!Cas.

@jmnzl "When I was trying to play the most maniacal, evil character possible...I'm glad it came across as just me."

@iamFROZONE "I am kinda mean, aren't I? Note to self: be more nice...occasionally."

@piecesofpie79 @mishacollins was sick and throwing up during the Leviathan scene, and had a body double block the scene

@WinFamBusiness He was too sick to do much of the scene, so the stunt double went into the water.

@iamFROZONE "I just played Castiel for so long, it was so nice to kick back and be myself (about Leviathan!Cas)"

@jmnzl "I evidently don't know what jobs are. They're not three-dimensional objects."

@moJovi88 When Misha did Karla, he had Pauls dreams & hated the whole experience. There were death threats from the producers to the directors

@WinFamBusiness Will Misha be writing again sometime soon. "I frequently publish on a place called Twitter."

@LoveJeter02 Will Misha or his wife publish anything? His wife is. History of flight attendants in the 50s and 60s.

@iamFROZONE Misha's being cryptic about Gishwes....

@LoveJeter02 He has no upcoming projects. He's going to try and produce some things in the future.

@WinFamBusiness Any big acting plans? "I go do performances at 7/11's just to stay fresh." Finds bus drivers and clerks are the best audiences

@MishaMadness Misha: "Get some short shorts, go in 7/11, and do some Shakespeare."

@blackbird_angel Misha's loves classic rock like The Band and Rolling Stones.

@WinFamBusiness Who does he listen to the most? "Definitely Justin Bieber."

@piecesofpie79 Lisa is transitioning from Random Acts

@LoveJeter02 They are planning another trip to Haiti for the charity. Its a cult but its a good cult. LOL 28000 going to Japanese relief

@lostndanet How has Misha's life been changed by Jared: oh let me count the ways... Property damage for starters

@jmnzl "He's very large and it's not fair"

@piecesofpie79 @mishacollins says his late night wrestling w @jarpad is wrecking his sleep

@heather_spn Jared is directly reasonable for some of the hangovers Misha had

@blackbird_angel If Misha were in a boyband, he would choose Colin Ford and Jim Beaver to be in the group with him.

@blackbird_angel Misha said that Castiel farted at the gas station, and that blew out the windows in Lazarus Rising.

@moJovi88 Misha just now discovered Castienity. He says its creepy

@WinFamBusiness Did Misha like being vengeful God? Had more fun with future Cas because of all the orgy rehearsals. "We were all pretty sore."

@moJovi88 Misha doesn't know where anyones soul is. He said the filing system is a disaster.

@blackbird_angel Misha says he doesn't know if Jimmy's soul is still inside Cas anymore, but he feels bad for him.

@catdewilde "Poor Jimmy. Not nice. Fortunately, we can take solace in the fact that he's not real!"

@MishaMadness Misha said there could have been "an entire zoo of wild animals running around" in Jimmy.

@jmnzl What superpower would he like? "I've always wanted to be able to walk in a straight line"

@moJovi88 Misha says he has one leg longer than the other and nudges ppl off the sidewalk if they're on his left bc he can't walk straight.

@LoveJeter02 Misha has 5 belt buckles. He's wearing a wood one with an axe. His fave has a bus on it. Its a vintage type bus.

@moJovi88 Misha says he is one day going to drop a bus into an active volcano

@piecesofpie79 the lake Cas walked into was only 3 feet deep he had to fake going deeper into it

@moJovi88 Misha doesn't like having black goo coming out of his ears.

@moJovi88 Of Chad, Richard, & Matt, Misha would marry Matt, shag Chad, and push Richard off a clif-but with a parachute

@WinFamBusiness He claims he's cost Warner Brothers hundred of thousands of dollars in overtime because he laughs too much.

@piecesofpie79 @mishacollins says he bites his cheeks to not laugh

@jmnzl "Which cheeks do I bite? Oh,I get it!"

@riotgirl8268 "do you bite your own ass? Because I find that challenging." -Misha Collins

@build_the_moon: http://t.co/ckfoPGP2
@Clarity67: http://t.co/oMeCRVAY - http://t.co/JSvUxSrx
@darkmerrick: http://t.co/jPQ5ynNF
@piecesofpie79: http://t.co/REx72tiV - http://t.co/31xhtc9l - http://t.co/V8jBbDLy - http://t.co/kK2fUCBh - http://t.co/iZ5O4mL5 - http://t.co/BTjGlKy1
@RyanXander81: http://t.co/6NigNegE - http://t.co/06z4JyYe - http://t.co/7n7C5Xji
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/hG3xYUz7 - http://t.co/L6DZqfOI - http://t.co/DFbqkh5B - http://t.co/07R4e7FQ - http://t.co/dDlJw6P0 - http://t.co/61t0vl8Q
@YorkiePug: http://t.co/61bSXjdZ - http://t.co/M0Waw10L
@wolfling: http://t.co/XUlBvY27 - http://t.co/fd0LGjon - http://t.co/16tOyLYv - http://t.co/izEyjts4 - http://t.co/2tqYTD6l - http://twitpic.com/74d1u0 - http://t.co/VOBbaeOu - http://t.co/OOcYdVwu - http://t.co/Ha1R1QEF
@lostndanet: http://yfrog.com/oe1uwpej - http://yfrog.com/gzdpyyyj - http://yfrog.com/kk6ghgvj - http://yfrog.com/h7l67rgj - http://yfrog.com/h2e63nqj - http://yfrog.com/nx2mxxj - http://yfrog.com/nx6g3amj - http://yfrog.com/ntlxahoj - http://yfrog.com/kkx5cdlj - http://yfrog.com/nwo4uyj - http://yfrog.com/g09m3lqj - http://yfrog.com/kkfgtuij


@Jacen736 Gen sent clothes for Jared to wear but Jensen had to tye his tie

@heather_spn Jared never learned how to tie a tie, so Jensen just does it for him

@Jacen736 Jensen's dad taught him how to tye ties early

@wali21 Jared sent the clip of the promo from last episode without getting approval from legal.

@Jacen736 Having genre actors as guests is great as some guests haven't got it

@Clarity67 Js just tossed St Louis fans out 4 loss of Rangers hee!

@skyisfalling Jared and Gen are having a boy!

@Clarity67 Gen due in March!

@CrisHazel Someone asked since hollywood remakes things a lot, would they be upset if spn was remade and their kids were cast. Jared said that Jensen better hope he has a girl then. Jen replied w/ 'yeah, so she can man up the character of sam.'

@WatchOutForIce Asked 'where do babies come from', @jarpad sez "Don't know yet, its not here!" & JA sez "The stork! Didn't you see Dumbo?"

@WatchOutForIce In 'Frontierland' when JA did fast draw, palm got ripped when he slapped gun; then @guynormanbee sed 'do it again'. Now JA has scar!

@Clarity67 Jared doing butt scoot about dog anal gland story Lol!

@wali21 Jensen cancelled a dinner on Friday because the place had a jacket requirement.

@piecesofpie79 @jarpad had a huge zit on his forehead causing a shadow on his face and had to have a cortisone shot for it

@SammyWsGirlSPN Jensen told us to ask Misha about what West does in his and Jared's yards! He wouldnt tell us! Color me curious!

@WatchOutForIce Interesting that bees in 'Bugs' were real - JA got stung 2x, @jarpad 1x - & in last ep were fake. Harder w fake. I'd've thought opp!

@Clarity67: http://t.co/YhlHjqvK - http://t.co/Uf3aTymJ - http://t.co/An4tJRTy
@StormJPad: http://t.co/HEZmkGPF - http://t.co/pKhrjKty - http://t.co/A0DGUTPo
@wfsarah: http://t.co/HqdOuwUN
@So0oNo0oR: http://twitpic.com/74pypd - http://t.co/SqfmB7Ff - http://t.co/ml8kGXJp
@xxsh0tgun: http://t.co/Lu7QQ9KC - http://t.co/fip5H8IB - http://t.co/rT4Pf6i1 - http://t.co/zHN4Rjtz - http://t.co/TPYv6jrB
@wolfling: http://t.co/iK5CUCLR - http://t.co/HUajTVR6 - http://t.co/hJBkwG82 - http://t.co/xIeB0b3q - http://t.co/nEEWuf4v - http://t.co/DDSFaRGu
@lostndanet: http://t.co/zpCqjdFW - http://t.co/72SMXdiV - http://t.co/M1Q2bu5X - http://t.co/H1uvRGXl - http://t.co/bgeDyLto - http://t.co/gzIkAoZf - http://t.co/ikkhd6Hk - http://t.co/U9YBMmo4 - http://t.co/100Y6zZn - http://t.co/CyulBElJ - http://t.co/iTG8XDKe - http://t.co/807DVgQ4 - http://t.co/VMVaFsam - http://t.co/QxRP7jW2 - http://t.co/OKYdmrrs - http://t.co/PwLA4uNo - http://t.co/omX0x80s - http://t.co/CmSbKIUb - http://t.co/K330yVCQ - http://t.co/2bvZe5m4 - http://t.co/iRwQMrQL - http://t.co/9RxbEuOc - http://t.co/8towwaf8 - http://t.co/FAzoHXRc - http://t.co/xrEaBykt - http://t.co/LpC13Iuo - http://t.co/hidEwZJk - http://t.co/ZXuJCp7I - http://t.co/p2ZKgG5x

@wali21: talking about bees http://www.twitvid.com/VGKQP

@moJovi88 Richard doing a civil war mini series. His character is the only non-real guy, its a war deserter combo

@WinFamBusiness Richard is again making fun of Jared's height and hair.

@WinFamBusiness Now here's a fun story. Richard pranked @sebroche in Rome by calling him in the early hours and telling him his laundry is ready.

@Jacen736 Richard was asked about what he'd like to see be done on the show & he says he really doesn't know the show and saw his eps

@inbluedresses Richard wants to do a SPN episode about juggling kittens.

@Tarukryl Richard's favorite part of being the trickster was watching Jensen wrestle women in their underwear.

@heather_spn Richard's fav part of playing Gabriel- filming the porno

@moJovi88 Richard says he never lost more sleep than when he did boot camp for Band of brothers

@Nelle816 Tom Hanks laid down the law when they were prepping to film Band of Brothers.

@moJovi88 Richard @dicksp8jr initially hated convention karaoke until he revamped it and made it into the kickass party it is now

@moJovi88 Richard says his karaoke look is that of a 1970s drug dealer

@moJovi88 Creation said NO STAGE DIVING and Richard said im fine with that but tell that to Sebastian's ( @sebroche ) crotch!

@jmnzl "I don't judge people for their soda choices...I'm just sad for them."

@CarryOnMyDean Sorry Richard i'm drinking coke right now. Only thing the hotel had.

@WinFamBusiness Richard wants the Trickster to come back, not Gabriel. There's a real Trickster hidden somewhere by Gabriel that must break free.

@heather_spn Richard had mutton chops at the beginning of college

@NiceGoalEh @dicksp8jr is really obsessed with not wearing pants...

@MishaMadness Richard: "I don't wanna live in a world where Jared getting hit in the crotch is not funny."

@StormJPad: http://t.co/aIpJsXwS
@wali21: http://t.co/du6HazPR
@ReallyAlly: http://t.co/88EFJx1m
@caitrin_alyse: http://t.co/9mnnx3Ib

@WinFamBusiness A large amount of first timers again! Jensen is apologizing for every guest on stage before them. Namely Sebastian.

@wfsarah Jared mimes taking clothes off, stops. "I'm not Sebastian!"

@MishaMadness Jared keeps fanning himself. Jensen: "I'd rather just sweat."

@blackbird_angel Jared: "I think spirituality binds us whereas religion separates us." Just be good people, regardless of what religion you are.

@jmnzl "Jensen's looking at me like 'DAMN'." "That's the most intelligent thing that's come out of your mouth since I've known you!"

@WinFamBusiness Jared - They had some issues with "Houses of The Holy" and making a religious statement.

@wfsarah Jensen's grandma watches the show every week. SUPER CUTE!

@Clarity67 Jensen religion, Gran is his guide, he assures her all TV, domt worry SPN's views.

@jmnzl "I'm not really Dean..." "WAIT WAIT WAIT."

@Jacen736 J2 asked about who from #Smallville they'd like to see on #Supernatural Answer: M Rosenbaum

@blackbird_angel Jensen and Jared were discussing bringing Michael Rosenbaum on the show.Sadly,he does not know of this

@WinFamBusiness Gen has a paint quarter horse. He doesn't want her to ride pregnant. The fan congratulated them.

@wfsarah Advice for newlyweds: Jared: Remember why you got married...awww. Try to be as honest as possible.

@LoveJeter02 Greatest piece of advice for being married. Jensen "You're right honey What was I thinking"

@MishaMadness Jensen and Jared keep whispering to each other behind their hands.

@blackbird_angel Jared just did the Lance Armstrong stretching on stage during a question directed at Jensen.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen is joking how they picked him for Supernatural, and some guy from The Gilmore Girls. "His name was Milo Ventimiglia."

@WinFamBusiness "Too bad we didn't get him, for I would have been the tall one." - Jensen about Milo.

@LoveJeter02 Jensen was signed on foe 2 yrs on Smllville but only did one. Jensen doesn't know where the character would hve went beyond

@heather_spn Jensen on Dean "he is the youngest grumpy old man"

@WinFamBusiness The fan said that Sam hasn't been emotional in a while. "Do you want me to cry?" Jared asked.

@jmnzl "You wanna see me cry?" "And...go! ...all the cameras went up!"

@wfsarah Jensen is doing an epic fangirl impression!

@LoveJeter02 Filming Bugs in S1 they had a torrential downpour.

@WinFamBusiness Jared is telling the story about how he used to wear Puma tennis shoes. So when Bugs filmed, Kim Manners got them umbrellas...

@WinFamBusiness When Eric Kripke saw the dailies for "Bugs", he called them and said there was a new rule, no umbrellas.

@WinFamBusiness It's very rare they get put down by weather, but once a monster storm stopped production for a bit.

@WinFamBusiness Asked about James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter. They were great to work with and they're hoping they'll come back.

@MishaMadness Jared: "I need a curly mustache so I can twirl it."

@@jmnzl awww @jarpad says Jensen inspires him!

@WatchOutForIce @jarpad reccommends reading the book "Unbroken" in response to the ? "Who/what inspires you?"

@WinFamBusiness How do they pretend to eat off. Jared doesn't have an issue since Sam picks at his food. Jensen needs a spit bucket.

@inbluedresses Jared saves Jensen's spit buckets

@Jacen736 Jensen also says don't eat when off camera or bring to mouth but not bite or take bite at end of scene

@ReallyAlly Jared says he hasn't really had any crazy fan experiences. Jensen says all of his fan experiences have been "relatively awesome"

@wfsarah Jensen on fans: "99.9% of our fans are completely respectful..."

@Clarity67 Jensen teases Enochian symbols still hurt, hee

@WinFamBusiness Someone also asked about why Castiel did something in "The Third Man." Jensen hit the nail on the head. He was busy.

@Jacen736 When asked how things might be different if SPN were on HBO: Dean mouth like sailor, more gore

@jmnzl "I can't tell you how much it hurts me sometimes to say 'friggin'"

@moJovi88 The CW doesn't allow them to aim guns at peoples heads. It has to be off camera-implied.

@heather_spn Jared said there should be an spn movie

@Nelle816 Jensen wants to use the grenade launcher that's sitting in the Impala's trunk. Jared wants to use the grappling hook.

@heather_spn Jensen broke his chair then kicked it over

@ReallyAlly "I practiced for weeks with throwing knives in my trailer." -Jensen

@ReallyAlly Jensen wants to do zombie target practice

@WinFamBusiness "Jared, your hair is miraculous." Oh yeah, Jared wanted that statement repeated.

@wfsarah Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber would play Sam and Dean should they need to be replaced. Hee!

@ReallyAlly Jensen wants Justin Bieber to "pull his stupid pants up"

@MishaMadness If someone else had to play his part, Jared would want it to be @colinfordactor.


@wfsarah Jared: I think Dean Forester should play my part.

@Jacen736 Guy Norman Bee came in & had a fan ask about Jared's metronome ap & it's effect on Jensen

@Jacen736 Jensen evidently dances to it & it is dirty dancing. It will be on the outtakes

@wfsarah Jared: Jensen's a dancing machine. A machine that was built here in the US for one thing...

@ReallyAlly "What is this, the Jerry Springer show?" - Jensen

@DragonNinjaAri Jensen just got a hair compliment. Then he proceeded to be awesome.

@LoveJeter02 Jensen just showed us how he gets ready in the morning. He looks in the mirror and he's perfect!! LOL

@Jacen736 In the episode Jensen directed, the store clerk the leviathan eats is a friend of J2

@WinFamBusiness Jensen is talking about how they actually filmed the cheese pouring over the clerk's head. It was made of white chocolate.

@Jacen736 A scene was cut where the cheese is poured over clerks head & he looks like he is melting

@jmnzl Jensen will probably do a director's commentary!

@WinFamBusiness They cut another montage of Dean wasting time in the cabin. Massive sad face!!!!

@LoveJeter02 They are aware of major story points. Jensen knew Sam didn't have a soul.

@WinFamBusiness Did they know Sam was soulless? Yes. When Jared first found out, he wasn't sure how to act it. He's proud of the result though

@CarryOnMyDean Fan says Jensen has a really pretty face and he has to be careful where he points his face. Jensen is confused and blushing.

@blackbird_angel Jensen and Jared call each other Jay, and are collectively called that. Often they get caled J-Rod and Jackles.

@WinFamBusiness Talking about nicknames on the set. J-Rod, Jackles. Douchenozzles came up too, but I guess that one wasn't allowed.

@CarryOnMyDean Jared laughs a lot when the camera is not on him and Jensen says that's hard for him because all hes seeing his Jared shaking

@Nelle816 The guys probably won't do any more big movies or plays until the shows over because not having a break over hiatus was too hard.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen's nephew was born with Down's Syndrome, Levi. This is for his buddy walk, Team Levi.

@jmnzl Jared being Vana White!

@wfsarah And...the jar of salt went for 5500. Jared looks like he's about to cry. "I can't even count that high!"

@wfsarah Jensen is really touched. "I'm pretty sure my sil is crying right now and she doesn't know why."

@Nelle816 Jared gave a shout out to Winchester Brothers charity for St Jude's.

@Jacen736 J2 expressed thanks to fandom

@Clarity67: http://t.co/sp1hLOpA - http://t.co/aELlwnfm - http://t.co/oPjO0iL4 - http://t.co/tSQTEwxq - Jensen broke chair, hee! http://t.co/brfc2F0E
@ReallyAlly: http://t.co/68As39TF
@gaby_girrrl: http://t.co/oDjdqxAh
@darkmerrick: http://t.co/ubaSa5Uc
@wali21: http://t.co/wyrFWGsQ

GUY NORMAN BEE (director)
@Jacen736 Guy Norman Bee on stage 7.09 which was written by Ben Edlund finished filming 2:30 AM Wednesday

@Jacen736 A trick Norman says during filming an actor off screen may say things not in script to elicit emotion of actor on screen

@Jacen736 Guy will be doing the 1st of a 2 part of season finale this year

[Rick Worthy panel] @Jacen736 Rick Worthy says Sara Gamble told him they are thinking of ways to bring Alpha Vamp back

[Guy Bee panel] @Jacen736 Guy in stage & says episode 9 finished & is funny with some drama

[J2 panel] @WinFamBusiness Will Sam stay affected by Hell. Yes, he will have constant reminders. Sam's trying to take the high road, but it's not easy for him.

[J2 panel] @WinFamBusiness Sam's hand is supposed to stay permanently scarred by the way.

[J2 panel] @CarryOnMyDean " for the first time in supernatural history a scar lasts longer than one episode" - Jensen about sam's scar

[J2 panel] @Clarity67 eating odd burger upcoming ep, had to spit, also sharp ciabata roll cut his lips Aww!

[J2 panel] @CarryOnMyDean "who wants to kiss and make it better" Jared about the cuts. Everybody screams

[J2 panel] @moJovi88 They use the sniper riffle in an upcoming episode

[J2 panel] @WinFamBusiness In episode 7.07, they're fighting ghosts. He bagged up the salt, had Jerry Wanek design a container, and he's auctioning it off.

For future updates on fan convention reports and media from Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2011, check Superwiki!

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the Mark and Seb panel is so dirty omg

I love that someone bought the jar of salt so much for Jensen's nephew and sister-in-law! That's just awesome. (And I love the themed naming of his nephews - Lincoln, Logan, and Levi!)

Yay for Padababy being a boy and due in March! (Maybe he'll share a birthday with Jensen?)

Yay for Padababy being a boy and due in March! (Maybe he'll share a birthday with Jensen?)

Oooh nice! Or with meeee...March birthdays ftw! :D
I am sooo excited about everything that happened in this convention. I can't wait for the season 7 DVD already!

Fandom has been waiting for one of Jensen's actor buddies to be on, right? "Rosey" would make me so happy. *___*
i love him sfm. him, or the dude that played Leslie on Angel too. Christian, something or other, right?


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago

[J2 panel] @moJovi88 They use the sniper riffle in an upcoming episode


the seb and marksha panel, lmao holy shit

jared must have been really drunk or just really happy on friday night, lolol. I CAN'T WITH THISSS:

and texting misha at 2am, lmao

@jmnzl "When I was trying to play the most maniacal, evil character possible...I'm glad it came across as just me."

alkdjgla i love you misha

the j2 panel sounded so cute :3 the auction at the end, aww yay
and texting misha at 2am, lmao

Lol, I can't believe that's real! :p


5 years ago

Wow this went up REALLY fast. The con isn't even over yet! /waiting on autos

In other news: I love them all so muh-muh-much.

lolol we didn't want to wait for the guy panel since it's still like 3 hours off XD



5 years ago

@Clarity67 Js just tossed St Louis fans out 4 loss of Rangers hee!


I followed you on tumblr! (I sound like a n00b, I know.) Let me just say that I really like your blog. heh heh.


5 years ago

The CW doesn't allow them to aim guns at peoples heads. It has to be off camera-implied.

Wait what? They’ve pointed guns at people heads before on camera. *confused face*

Jensen on Dean "he is the youngest grumpy old man"
This is accurate.

Jared sent the clip of the promo from last episode without getting approval from legal.
Hope he didn’t get in trouble or anything. :/

@jmnzl Jensen will probably do a director's commentary!
Yes plz!!

Jared: "I think spirituality binds us whereas religion separates us." Just be good people, regardless of what religion you are.

O_O Wow Jared that was deep . I feel the same way.

Jared: "I need a curly mustache so I can twirl it."

….Not as deep but i feel the same way lol

@mishacollins says his late night wrestling w @jarpad is wrecking his sleep

I wish I had this problem. Lol

@mishacollins was sick and throwing up during the Leviathan scene, and had a body double block the scene
Poor mish :(

This whole con.

Jared: "I think spirituality binds us whereas religion separates us."

How profound, BB! I kind of love him for saying this.
Will Sam stay affected by Hell. Yes, he will have constant reminders. Sam's trying to take the high road, but it's not easy for him.

Sam's hand is supposed to stay permanently scarred by the way.


I would give anything to have been at that Mark and Sebastian panel. ANYTHING.
OMG, some epic things going on it sounds like (I'm surprised Jared was at Karaoke/there Friday night too!) I need a video of Misha's panel in my life rn like whoaaaa....

If Misha was animal he would be a naked molerat why... cause of their translucent skin

LOLOL oh Misha, only you would answer this...(NGL I really liked those at the zoo when I was little)

@Jacen736 Misha says Jared texted him at 2 AM asking Misha to go to his room & wrestle

@jmnzl "'Come down to my room ans we'll wrestle. Come on, don't be gay!' Jared is very eager to hug me." MISHA OH MY GOD

OMG I CAN'T EVEN...:p How are these two real?

If Misha gets back on the show, he will put in his contract that Sam must hug Cas.


@blackbird_angel Misha admits he used his own personality for playing Leviathan!Cas.

@jmnzl "When I was trying to play the most maniacal, evil character possible...I'm glad it came across as just me."


And Jensen doing Jared's ties for him, gahh....
If Misha gets back on the show, he will put in his contract that Sam must hug Cas.

... yes, please?

I'm glad I wasn't at any of these. I'd've died of second-hand embarrassment.

thank you for posting this!i love this cast so much!they're the biggest goofballs
@funksoulcrango chad auditioned for justified!

Awesome XD

I was going to comment on all of the awesome Misha and then was stunned when I thought about J2 getting dressed together in a car. My brain is dead, but in a good way.

They are all so lovely, aren't they? ♥