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#Asylum7 Summary Post!


Official photos from Rogue Events


@MorganDianna Misha talking about how he had to share a bed with his friend Darius

@RachInMaFace Misha 'there's a lot of monkey hats in here'

@stinasalminen "I'm sorry. I just made a child cry."

@MorganDianna Misha: 'I'm standing over hunched over because I ha ve a huge erection'

@KnowMeSee First question for Misha: how did you get into producing Divine? Blackmail

@kakapojayne Misha says he'd love to make Debbie Does Dallas but wouldn't know whether to play Debbie or Dallas.

@MorganDianna Q: what classic film would you star in? Misha: The Muppets!

@KnowMeSee #MishaCollins giving lessons in using microphones :)

@RachInMaFace Someone asked if angels can breathe - Misha couldn't understand: 'Breathe or breed?!' 'I'm talking angel orgy's'

@Starkid71096 Misha has said angels need breathe and saying they breed like rabbits

@roselovesmusic If Misha had 3 wishes, they would be no weird questions&he asked the person what they want "never-ending Supernatural"

@RachInMaFace Neverending supernatural - Misha 'Dean on a respiration, Sam with parkinson's - it wouldn't be a very good show in 50 years time.'

@MorganDianna Q; what about world peace? Misha: who the fuck do you think I am?!

@Starkid71096 Misha watches himself and starts to drool and get turned on when watching his shows

@roselovesmusic Random Acts may be going back to Haiti! & He's now talking to a little kid & asking if they drove!

@roselovesmusic Misha says working is brutal because you watch films in your trailer, eat food & get called Sir!

@MorganDianna Little girl is too scared to ask question so misha is letting her whisper it in his ear!

@RachInMaFace A child asked Misha if there were good people in hell that made bad people good so they go up to heaven. BLESS!

@Starkid71096 Misha says he would love to work with himself or a poet he admires

@KnowMeSee Someone asked Misha: Destiel/Wincest - called as the most 'out' crowd :)

@MorganDianna 'It's about the angel/hunter thing or the disgusting brother thing that people write stories about. Fucked up but it's nice!'

@HollySchober Misha talking about the origins of fanfic

@stinasalminen Misha's pretty much telling a Kirk/Spock fic

@hils_k Misha's English accent sounds alarmingly like Mark Sheppard

@RachInMaFace 'Weirdest thing you've read about yourself on the internet?' Misha - 'someone posted a photo of me naked on a horse last night.'

@stinasalminen Darius asked Misha "Why are you texting my wife?!"

@Starkid71096 Misha's friend Darius is now telling everyone a childhood story

@MorganDianna Misha had a paper route as a boy, never delivered them just threw them in the bin! Still got paid

@hils_k 'It's in my contract I'm not allowed to swear now shut the fuck up!' - @mishacollins

@Starkid71096 Misha would love to play stunt demon 3 if he had to play another character

@MorganDianna Darius is Misha's childhood friend and keeps sharing embarassinf stories

@MorganDianna Example: 'Misha you were breastfed until you were 6!!' Misha: *pokerface*

@RachInMaFace Misha - 'In 'The End' the orgy scene was really weird - there was a weird vibe is the room like it could ACTUALLY happen'

@KnowMeSee Girl now asking question has same name as me - she shortens it to Nom - Misha thought she said Knob

@roselovesmusic Misha just did the Castiel disappearing thing, by hiding behind a curtain!

@MorganDianna Q: I can see ghosts for real, do you have any guidance? Misha: There's a fine line between spiritual and crazy....

@roselovesmusic A girl give Misha an angel to wear to be her Guardian Angel

@Starkid71096 Misha says plays are more boring than sets

@Starkid71096 Misha's favor swear word is shucks and he made his transition to drug Cas by having orgies lol

@Starkid71096 Misha once confused his mum by pretending to play the piano and sing as his friend and he was in the kitchen with her

@MorganDianna Misha: do you remember this story, I don't remember? Darius: I think it ends in breastfeeding

@RachInMaFace 'Who did you prefer to play, Cas, God or Lithathon?' Misha - I think God. It just felt......right.' aha.

@roselovesmusic Misha got everyone to sing Happy Birthday for this girls 18th! Awww!

@Starkid71096 Misha lied to his mum about doing work with natural geographics

@Starkid71096 Misha is now auctioning an item off he stole that has location name on it with Kim Manners and money goes to Haiti project

@roselovesmusic Misha is being an auctioner & speaking really fast! Sold for »250! He says it's a pleasure to be back here!

[M&G] @absdax Was also telling us cute stories about west. And how he ran into jensen pool and fell banged his head and promptly sank.

[M&G] @absdax West has also peed in both jensen and jared's back gardens

@JuliaEason: http://t.co/HvM7mcy2
@marie610: http://t.co/AEjF97Pa - http://t.co/F0ljEHsQ - http://t.co/VG1X9nCd - http://t.co/WZElhpWV - http://t.co/EyRWXeJs - http://t.co/I5upcdk5 - http://t.co/707NC3ev - http://t.co/3eiZ08hR - http://t.co/G6uNKTde - http://t.co/LWorZlVl - http://t.co/ZytQr9bi - http://t.co/oSjysCpy

@marie610: 134 http://t.co/J0L4iaPu - http://t.co/8gvLNX9O - http://t.co/Ms8JRlea - http://t.co/wTkuEQox

ROB BENEDICT (Chuck Shurley)
@Starkid71096 Rob has some jet lag and is excited for the gig tonight

@Starkid71096 Rob's new album with Louder Swan is available here and he's saying thanks for the pics

@stinasalminen Rob's confused about who's god. He or Misha. Honey, it is you.

@Starkid71096 Rob says he loves playing god and it's difficult to describe it to friends that don't watch spn

@Starkid71096 Rob says that he starts to stand up to Jensen and jared hehe he tried to talk about cage fighting with them

@irismay42 Rob Benedict is talking about his fear of J2 because they're huge humongous guys! But they're teddy bears

@Starkid71096 Rob was always picked on for his height at school but he said it gave him humour

@sarasgonnasaar When Rob did scenes with J2, he had to stand on appleboxes, they'd make tracks of boxes when they had to walk together

@crazyisgood4792 Asked Rob about his #Psych episode & whether he joined James & @dulehill singing, he's a lawyer but didn't sing when they rapped

@Starkid71096 Rob thinks he's faster than he is so he stubs his toes, he said he would be Achilles

@MorganDianna Rob hasn't watched S7. Doesn't know why Misha knicked his role as God!

@stinasalminen Rob's cool with Misha being god or sharing the title with Misha

@MorganDianna Rob's scariest moment - when he thought a coyote got into his house thru doggy door

@MorganDianna Rob - I would be in Gryffindor because I want to be with Harry and that cute little girl

@crazyisgood4792 Rob's never read Harry Potter or seen the films =O

@RachInMaFace Rob wants to have the superpower of being really speedy and quick

@Starkid71096 Rob loves and is inspired by pearl jam, radiated, the beatles and music in general

@stinasalminen Do you want to be Superman? "Yeah :D"

@Starkid71096 Rob was given tights and he said he might wear them for the gig with speedos

@Starkid71096 Rob says he prefers DC superheroes than marvel

@Starkid71096 Rob was asked by a fan to stroke his beard but in a photo with Misha did something sexual behind him

@MorganDianna 'Photoshoots with Misha are always weird. I always seem to be taken by behind. By Misha!'

@Starkid71096 Rob once felt like a dead body and everyone else was mourning his death in a group photo

@crazyisgood4792 "I'm sorry for the language...but not really" Rob

@Starkid71096 Rob met his wife at uni and all his close friends

@marie610: http://t.co/iM2NUWDZ - http://t.co/o29VJfRz - http://t.co/otyrprBI

@roselovesmusic Julian is on the stage! He is thrilled to be here! Aww! "My name is Julian & I play Death" he's smiling s much bless!

@roselovesmusic Julian doesn't find it depressing to play Death, he has fun playing him! :)

@Starkid71096 Julian always tries to make his characters realistic as he likes Dean/Jensen

@roselovesmusic He likes the food he gets & funny lines & he says that working with Jensen is lots of fun! Learned a lot from him! :)

@roselovesmusic Who's soul would he take if he was Death for the day? He hasn't decided yet, maybe an unnamed Politician

@roselovesmusic He wants to spend the day with Gandhi!

@roselovesmusic He sees God & Death as equals and compares their relationship to Sam & Dean's!

@roselovesmusic He was originally asked to be Pestilence as he read lines for him&to be one of the Horsemen&got told later he was to play Death

@Starkid71096 Once Julian got his role, he watched all the episodes. He is also proud to be accepted in the spn family

@roselovesmusic Julians Best Tip for an Actor "be who you are, not who people think you are, listen to your instincts, true to yourself"

@Starkid71096 Julian lives in Toronto because he met his wife there

@roselovesmusic He misses British Football when he's in North America.

@Starkid71096 Julian supports oxford football team and used to hate swindon and a fan was swindon in the photo op

@Starkid71096 Julian once made his wife think he was a vampire due to a show and he was once a purple alien

@KnowMeSee Julian Richings would like to see death be tempted with chip butties and dried mars bars :)

@roselovesmusic He really liked his introduction to Supernatural, his entrance "with the car & the music" & all his episodes really!

@Starkid71096 For the death intro it took a lot of prep but 3 scenes

@sarasgonnasaar I love Julian, asked him if he liked Death's wardrobe & if he' ever tempted to steal items. He wants to see Death in a flashy tie.

@roselovesmusic His ordinary wardrobe is very similar to Death's!

@Starkid71096 Julian was so thrilled to be a part of the Stephen King's tv series, but the adverts ruined the show flow

@KnowMeSee Julian is a character actor, theatre actor, who learnt movement performance - acting with the body, not just the face and voice

@roselovesmusic Theatre & TV are very different & Julian likes both, can't decide as both are fun, doesn't have a preference

@roselovesmusic His biggest role model when he was younger, was mainly is family&his older brother got him into this business

@roselovesmusic He is in Superman the Movie, look for it next summer! He saw Jensen&Jared in his hotel at a charity event!

@roselovesmusic Jared shouted at Julian "what are you doing here" when he noticed him at the event!

@stinasalminen Julian is such a charming and funny guy. "Ian McKellen school of survival."

@marie610: http://t.co/gMxi58WT

MITCH PILEGGI (Samuel Campbell)
@MorganDianna Mitch: Misha told me to come on stage to start swearing

@roselovesmusic Mitch had a lot of fun working with everyone on Supernatural!

@MorganDianna Mitch: I started off as the YED in S5 and then I came back for some reason? Idk?

@MorganDianna Mitch: You want me to come back after I made out with my daughter? *shudder*

@roselovesmusic He was glad to be back for Season 6! The crew on SPN are like his family as they were on X-Files!

@roselovesmusic Similarities between X-Files & Supernatural-Parnormal aspects, Kim Manners work (awww!) & 2 leads.

@roselovesmusic The hardest part was working with Jared & Jensen & getting Jared to keep his shirt on!

@MorganDianna J2 are obsessed with WWF, kept playing it on set. They got Mitch into it, apparently J2 cheat a lot!

@RachInMaFace Mitch - 'Jared and Jensen are both awesome in the respect that they don't have their head up their asses'

@roselovesmusic Jensen & Jared handle themselves very well, in regards to their fame, they are very down to earth & "awesome" to quote Mitch

@Starkid71096 Mitch prefers wearing casual clothing than suits

@roselovesmusic X-Files, his favourite episodes are ones he aren't in!

@KnowMeSee 'Home' probably one of Mitch's fav XFiles eppy. Doesn't know about doing a third XFiles movie

@KnowMeSee Mitch keeps saying 'You bet' after people thank him for answerin their questions :)

@roselovesmusic Jared & Jensen played tricks on Mitch, the last episode he did&Jared slapped him with a cord "he's a child" & fun to work with

@Starkid71096 Mitch didn't know how to handle the screaming baby in spn and jensen had a go and Mitch tried so hard not laugh

@MorganDianna One of the Bobby-John babies would not stop crying, Jensen was holding him & it wouldn't stop until they swapped babies. V funny

@KnowMeSee Mitch was in a eppy of #Castle as a larper...

@KnowMeSee #JasonMomoa an 'awesome guy' Mitch

@Starkid71096 Mitch loved the love scene Amanda Tapping in x files with his ex girlfriend and future wife watching

@crazyisgood4792 Mitch had a hard time figuring out what was going on with Samuel, rationalised it as coming back broken

@MorganDianna Mitch: weird how he left making out with mary and in S6 wanted her back. 'Mmmmm... Want me some more Mary!'

@MorganDianna Mitch: felt sorry for Amy for having to kiss him, 'awww, she ain't wanna kiss me!.

@MorganDianna Mitch: I don't want to say anything about Dean, but he was an asshole to Samuel!

@roselovesmusic Mitch felt creepy kissing Amy, it was a hard scene to do! The guy asking the question is jealous haha

@MorganDianna Q: did you have to do more than one kissing scene? A: *smarmy smile* You bet! *air highfive*

@roselovesmusic He wouldn't sell his soul for anyone on set! Hard question, as Samuel it would be his wife or daughter, if he had to choose...well!

@sarasgonnasaar Mitch is in a sequel to Dallas with Jensen's dad who texted to Jensen he was on set w/ his granddad; J responded "Mitch?"

@KnowMeSee Mitch telling story about a supernatural experience he had as a student in Munich. He was freaked by it

@Starkid71096 Mitch says his favourite convention has been the UK ones

AMY GUMENICK, LINDSEY MCKEON, & KATIE WALDER (Young Mary, Tessa, & Atropos/Fate)
@Starkid71096 They did a surprised jump out as an entarance

@ilost_my_shoe Amy: "I had Pretty beautiful babies" :p lmao

@Starkid71096 Katie: i was so lucky to be surrounded by hot men, who's that hot guy oh it's Jensen are they real

@Starkid71096 Amy one her first day on set had to beat up Jensen once he introduced himself to her

@Starkid71096 Lindsey: loves working with strong men that get involved

@Starkid71096 Lindsey: jensen Katie: jensen Amy: a mum doesn't pick favourites

@Starkid71096 Katie: nothing awkward than kissing your father Amy: i thought you usually do that

@Starkid71096 Amy didn't find the kiss with Mitch awkward at all yet he started to become a father like person for her

@Starkid71096 Amy felt honoured to be Mitch's daughter and kiss him

@AnthemCityGuns Jared told Amy and Matt about popping his dog's anal glands right before Amy had to cry.

@Starkid71096 Lindsey connects with Jared and spanks him

@Starkid71096 Lindsey had to do about 20 takes in the yellow contacts

@AnthemCityGuns Katie relates to Balthazar because he's so goofy, lol.

@Starkid71096 Amy connects to Anna for being kick ass

@Starkid71096 Katie would like to have invisibility. Lindsey would like to fly and Amy would like to be a shapeshifter

@AnthemCityGuns Amy had too much fun with her pregnancy suit. The fitting was awkward, though.

@AnthemCityGuns FMK J2M with the girls. Awkward!

@AnthemCityGuns All of them want to sleep with Jensen. lol.

@marie610: http://t.co/nzR2RrUa - http://t.co/U5D5vrDX - http://t.co/AW2aLr7l - http://t.co/U5D5vrDX - http://t.co/YVYzkdt5 - http://t.co/BNhf2KcK


@roselovesmusic Jensen & Jared were very receptive of Mitch which made working on #Supernatural much easier

@roselovesmusic Jensen & Jared are "such awesome guys" "until I found out how goofy they were", a "joy to be around" - Mitch

@stinasalminen Mitch wants someone to slap him :D

@KnowMeSee Mitch talking about fav scenes from X Files - shooting Krychex

@roselovesmusic Mitch isn't familiar of British TV...or American TV to be honest! We are all laughing!

@RachInMaFace Mitch said he once went to an audition and everyone was either English or Australian.

@roselovesmusic Mitch thinks Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest men alive & finds him very funny

@crazyisgood4792 Hahaha Mitch saying how Brits obviously make good tv because the US remake it lol

@Starkid71096 Mitch's favor scene from X Files was were he said to smoking man kiss me arse

@KnowMeSee Mass Magician was a 'money gig' for Mitch, he has mixed feelings about it

@stinasalminen My wife really likes to dress up.. in these sexy dresses... And that's okay."

@KnowMeSee Mitch has just said he's 60. Cue lots of surprised whispering

@RachInMaFace The best thing that Mitch has dressed up for Halloween is harry potter who had retired magic and become a plumber, aha!

@KnowMeSee Mitch just admitted loving Harry Potter - said good job England

@Starkid71096 Mitch has said you bet at the end of each answer he gives and he finds it annoying

@Starkid71096 Mitch said sit down as he's trying to think of an answer to being intimidated about Samuel's role

@Starkid71096 Mitch was't intimidated by being the grandad and he loved goofing with Jensen and Jared

@Starkid71096 Mitch used to be in the army and when he quit he went to dpi performances and loved the feedback so he went into acting

@Starkid71096 After 9 years of playing Skinner Mitch went back to acting class to make sure he could still act

@roselovesmusic Tip - If you want to go into acting, you gotta be passionate & never give up & keep trying if that's what you want

@Starkid71096 Mitch makes his characters real so he thinks what he would do in the scene and learn the lines

@crazyisgood4792 Mitch is proud he hasn't said You Bet in about 5 people's questions

@roselovesmusic On Mitch's Bucket List-He's done so many things in his life, he just wants his daughter to grow up good! Loves her so much! Awww!

@KnowMeSee Mitch is having trouble with understanding a lady's scottish accent. Asked for translation

@KnowMeSee Subtitles appeared on screen: I don't understand her either. Mitch hugged her :)

@roselovesmusic When Mitch got "electrocuted" on Supernatural, he carried on off camera&Jared told him to stop because it was too funny!

@KnowMeSee Mitch would like to work on Walking Dead

@Starkid71096 Mitch would be stealthy during zombie apocalypse and he feels we are living through it

@Starkid71096 Doug the reaper came to collect Mitch

@marie610: http://t.co/uXTW424T - http://t.co/TKkaNJ9E

@hils_k Misha may or may not be wearing silky soft women's underwear

@stinasalminen "Bring his jacket 'cause I get cold sometimes." Misha pretending to be Winchesters

@MorganDianna Misha on nobody mourning his death on show: *puts up middle finger*

@RachInMaFace Someone thanks Misha for coming to England and he goes 'no, thank you' aha.

@MorganDianna Misha: I took an 11 hour plane ride and missed my son's first halloween! Audience; awwww! M: No, I'm a bad father!

@carachameleon "I'm a bad father. No, no i am. You haven't seen my fathering." Misha

@roselovesmusic West is "so f*cking cute" :') he's walking now, thinks he's gonna be a zombie for Halloween cause of his walk!

@RachInMaFace Misha said West's 1st word was dog. His grandfather gave him a picture of one. He gets really excited + puts his fist in the air.

@hils_k Misha says he just hopes he doesn't have another job if/when they ask him back to SPN

@AnthemCityGuns "One thousand women of reproductive age and only one child. Interesting demographic we have here."

@MorganDianna Weirdest question Misha's ever been asked at a con: 'Spit or swallow?'

@AnthemCityGuns "I've tried to come up with a witty retort to what superpower I would have so many times I've lot the will to live."

@KnowMeSee Misha: a piroette would be nice. Do it. The overlord commands *drools*

@MorganDianna Proudest thing Misha ever made: Bed that he made for Vicki in college

@marie610 Misha made a bed out of Maple tree & gave it as a present to Vicki!

@Starkid71096 Misha telling us the first time his wife lost the flower lol ;)

@MorganDianna Vicki's family were catholic and so made her wear a promise ring, when she & misha moved into their first their first apartment, her hand got jammed in the bed as they were moving and it broke in half

@AnthemCityGuns Vicki and Misha's engagement story!

@roselovesmusic Misha spent a month making her engagement ring! Awwww!! He actually made it!&the box for it!

@carachameleon Aww! Misha just teared up telling his engagement story.

@roselovesmusic On their 10 year anniversary, he asked her to marry him she replied "I guess so" omg aww!

@Starkid71096 When Misha fell asleep his wife went off to make a ring for him as she had been making him a ring and he is in tears again

@MorganDianna He keeps having to stop telling the story because his voice keeps breaking!

@MorganDianna 'Now I know why we're not supposed to tell personal stories!'

@roselovesmusic Cas was looking for God to stop him, it comes across even though in the episode he doesn't say it (but in the trailer he does)

@roselovesmusic It's 4 girls birthdays, Misha has invited them on stage to say Happy Birthday! "So cute"

@stinasalminen Misha is interracting with a kid. Trying to get her to sing

@Starkid71096 Misha says the first line in season 7 is a plead for help but he was going to write an angry letter

@Starkid71096 Misha's side of Jared's word with friends bet is that he's a dick and jared stole the car idea that misha had

@MorganDianna 'I told jared I was gonna dump the coins in his car but it wasn't there, and he stole my idea!!'

@MorganDianna 'He was very careful... He got the coins in every nook and cranny'

@MorganDianna Q: anything fans can do 2 get cas back? M: I'm not a fan of arson or terrorism, but...

@MorganDianna Misha: let's all have a general strike! And a hunger strike! (On people boycotting SPN)

@RachInMaFace Misha about the Queen - 'She's fiesty, she's cute and she's got some good tricks.' LOL

@KnowMeSee Her majestys feisty... When she gets her dentures out - cue lots of quiet sniggering

@KnowMeSee Q How does Bieber inspire you? By being a douchebag. I'm reassured now

@crazyisgood4792 Misha thinks Bieber is a role model to him as he's out there not afraid to be a dweeb lol

@StephFarag Misha 'I have Bieber Fever'

@roselovesmusic Misha is obsessed with Mongolia & really wants to go there! "Looks amazing"

@roselovesmusic He also wants to go to Jersey! :') & maybe Finland

@roselovesmusic Misha got given a flask with a moustache on "could be bribery"

@roselovesmusic Misha usually hurts himself doing any stunts on Supernatural, doesn't let the stunt guys do it!

@RachInMaFace Misha said he didn't need a stunt man and crashed a boat on set that cost around $80,000 dollars to fix. SHITTT.

@Starkid71096 Misha ruined the jagur he had in 24 with about 200,000 $ damage

@MorganDianna Mitch just crashed the panel: 'I'm having a coffee lounge and nobody's gonna come until you've done!'

@stinasalminen Mitch just asked Misha to finish soon and Misha just said "Speaking of good looks... Mmm mmm mmm"

@MorganDianna man just tried to get misha offstage: 'Doug, don't make me dryhump you!'

@MorganDianna Misha doing british accent

@marie610: http://t.co/mjOlhmOU - http://t.co/daZcz3JI - http://t.co/oakDB2SO - http://t.co/5nrpGmB4 - http://t.co/1wlVbsnJ - http://t.co/9TwGQJ7c - http://t.co/9ZNXjCWz - http://t.co/daN5ek9p - http://t.co/kW4dNmdp - http://t.co/2p8bDCwy - http://t.co/LixMe2HR

@MorganDianna Rob: this is the best con ever! It's a really good one

@Starkid71096 Rob says thanks for being loyal to his work in spn

@crazyisgood4792 Aww Rob's kid doesn't quite understand acting, wondered why the two big people in #Supernatural pick on him

@carachameleon "If you have to put down your career do you put actor or musician?" "I put hairdresser. It's my real passion."

@crazyisgood4792 "I hate the American stereotype that everyone speaks English, which they do" about going to sing in Germany

@Starkid71096 Rob took French for 7 years and he's not sure if he had learnt anything since no one speaks French in America

@RachInMaFace At one of the Supernatural con's, someone was dressed as avatar and speaking navi. Rob thought that was weird but dedicated.

@MorganDianna Rob: Welsh, where do they speak that? Audience: WALES! R: god, as soon as the q left my mouth, I knew it!

@LeahBish93 Rob is a large percentage Irish

@stinasalminen Rob: "I wanna learn gaelic and go play there and say 'I love what you did with the place'."

@Starkid71096 When Rob writes his songs he starts with the music then form lyrics

@Starkid71096 Rob would love to go to Ireland, Wales and Scotland as well as trying to get gigs there.

@Starkid71096 Rob loves being creative about music

@Starkid71096 Rob thinks the show is godlessness as chuck and kripke left so he doesn't think season 6 and 7 aren't written like the books

@Starkid71096 Rob loved the Chuck change in The End

@stinasalminen Rob's a Star Wars geek and he shows them to his son :3 He also loves Buffy

@sarasgonnasaar Rob talking about th episode he did on Buffy, being unable to talk w/ the teeth in & geeking out about Joss Whedon

@RachInMaFace Rob loved Buffy and he was so happy to be able to work on the show as a vampire :)

@Starkid71096 Rob loves watching Ringer with his buffy geek out

@carachameleon "I know It's not Buffy. But IT'S BUFFY!" Rob about Ringer. He's so adorable!

@Starkid71096 Rob grew up with a family who play music, at the age of 12 he got his first guitar from his mum

@stinasalminen Everyone in London, Berlin and/or Vienna (or in the countires)Louden Swain and Jason Manns are coming to you city to throw a gig!

@Starkid71096 Rob only took about 2 guitar lessons

@kakapojayne Rob Benedict: "Playing a gig on Bonfire Night. No idea what that is. All I know about it is V For Vendetta."

@MorganDianna If Rob could be any other character on the show, he'd be Castiel

@stinasalminen Rob's being Castiel with the voice: "He's the prophet of the lord." He wants to be Castiel :D

@Starkid71096 Misha and Rob became friends through having the same agent

@MorganDianna Rob was freaked out with his 1st scene with Misha b/c Cas' voice was deeper than usual

@Starkid71096 Next week is Rob's first time to Austria and Germany

@Starkid71096 Rob wants to be invited to the Brazil con

@Starkid71096 Loudenswain had a geek out when they landed in London

@Starkid71096 Rob got mixed up between Antarctica and artic

@Starkid71096 Loudenswain will be back to the UK as they want to do more sightseeing

@marie610: http://t.co/4rx7ah3p

@roselovesmusic She's so cute! She loves being a part of the SPN Fandom & Thanked us

@roselovesmusic Favourite Line "Angels are watching over you" :)

@Starkid71096 Amy is a huge Nathan Fillion fan, she got spun around off guard to find him

@roselovesmusic She had a lot of fun working on Castle & is friends with a lot of people in the cast

@roselovesmusic If she wasn't Young Mary, she would wanna be Sam (he's awesome) or Ruby or Anna :)

@roselovesmusic She wasn't sure if she could pull off being Young Mary, so watched Samantha Smith's version of Mary "her portrayal is beautiful" :)

@Starkid71096 Amy prepared for the role of Mary by watching Samantha's portrayal and not to really copy her

@Starkid71096 Amy says her and Samantha are similar in some ways and became friends since asylum 3

@roselovesmusic Amy would want to be in The Notebook, The Black Swan or any role Meryl Streep has done! :)

@roselovesmusic Her 1st episode was her favourite, she loves the actors,crew,script... (unbelievable group of people) :) but loves all her episodes

@Starkid71096 Amy used to dance to help with the fight scenes and combat training for it

@roselovesmusic Amy does all her own stunts! She has a background in dance so it comes easy to her. :)

@Starkid71096 When Amy wasn't filming she did knife throwing in her trailer or fights with the combat trainer and Julie McNiven

@Starkid71096 Amy went to Julie's wedding and her father went to Amy 'so you're the one that tried to kill my daughter'

@roselovesmusic Amy says that it was interesting that they showed that side of Young Mary as it gave us more info about Sam & Dean

@Starkid71096 Amy made a joke of hating Matt then confessed she loved working with him yet he's a big kid but can be serious at times

@roselovesmusic Amy loves working with Matt Cohen "so funny" "he's very dedicated to his art & has a gift of going from a big kid to his character"

@stinasalminen Awww, Matt and Amy had their own secret plans for Mary & John spin off

@Starkid71096 Amy thinks Mary would not have made that deal to find out about how her sons would be

@roselovesmusic Amy says Mary would be heartbroken to find out what Sam & Dean's lives turned out & would have done anything to change that! Aww

@Starkid71096 Amy says the writing is amazing for spn how it bounces from serious to comedy

@Starkid71096 Amy's plans for Halloween is asylum 7 and Might dress up as Mary

@Starkid71096 Amy says that she loves inspiring acting and if she doesn't do that then she hates it

@Starkid71096 Amy loves teacher dance theatre to children and think of them as role models

@roselovesmusic Teaching & Acting go hand in hand & she enjoys both as it's very rewarding "all about the self esteem & confidence" :)

@roselovesmusic Jared & Jensen are constantly playing tricks, they were very nice to her anyway, maybe cause she's their "mom"! :)

@roselovesmusic Amy says Jared thinks he is a vet! & so does Genevieve when it comes to their dogs "it's a very healthy relationship" haha

@roselovesmusic At her first convention, she was starstruck by the fans! She didn't know much about them at all! & she thought noone would turn up!

@roselovesmusic Amy is a huge Beatles fan!

@sarasgonnasaar Amy wanted the writers to let her at least hum Hey Jude in the ep as she's a huge Beatles fan but they couldn't get the rights

@Starkid71096 Amy met most of her friends at the cons. eg Katie, Samantha and Lindsey

@roselovesmusic Amy thinks Mary would resent John for how he raised her boys! He had no other choice, doesn't blame him, just disappointed!

@stinasalminen "That would be a funny episode. Mary confronting John."

@roselovesmusic Mary would not be happy at all with Sam drinking Demon blood "mortified" "& sad that it's kind of her fault" "heartbreaking"

@roselovesmusic Amy really wants to come back to the show! Finds herself watching it & telling them off cause she forgets she's not their mom!

@Starkid71096 Julian might go to a8 or at least he wants to

@Nunney2584 Julian played a transgender psychiatrist to Ellen Paige in the Tracy Fragments before she did Juno

@Starkid71096 Lindsey would want to be Robert Downey Jr in due date

@Starkid71096 @sebroche Katie is saying that you were trying to catch her odd guard and improvise during that scene

@Starkid71096 Julian is going on about hockey and he plays it a little

@Starkid71096 Lindsey loves Vancouver but she loves Carolina more

@Nunney2584 Katie Wilder talking about HIMYM & how her character broke Barney, @ActuallyNPH cracked her up all the time - jealous!

@Starkid71096 Julian would love to do more scenes with Sam

@Starkid71096 Julian's appearance on Lost Girl was that he had to fill in

@Starkid71096 Julian has enjoyed the food, jokes and humour on spn

@Starkid71096 Katie is saying that you should be aware of them as they are killer

@Starkid71096 Lindsey finds Taylor very fun but as well as Tessa so she doesn't have a favourite

@Starkid71096 Katie had no idea what she would get into on spn and she went in as an angry woman

@Starkid71096 Katie had previously auditioned for spn but didn't get it

@Starkid71096 Katie originally auditioned for the role of Lily in spn

@Starkid71096 Katie met Jared on set of Galore Girls and when she saw him she thought he was so sweet, cute and tall

@Starkid71096 Julian loves deadwood (the tv shows they want as cons) and fawlty towers

@stinasalminen Katie did a short called 'Jenny Got a Boob Job :D

@Starkid71096 Julian says their could be a connection between Dean and Death by the fact he doesn't have to let dean die

@stinasalminen Misha just came in and trolled the panel :D

@KnowMeSee Misha just sneaked in, put on a voice and asked Julian, Lindsey & Katie if it was inspirational to work with Misha

@Starkid71096 Julian just went who was that?

@KnowMeSee Misha then answered himself in Julian's voice. Lindsey, Katie & Julian still had to answer

@Starkid71096 Julian said he hates him and Lindsey prefers Jensen and Katie says she liked the sexual tension then Lindsey went Misha who?

@carachameleon Julian- "i think we have some real questions now." Misha - "no, there is no such thing in Supernatural land."

@Starkid71096 Lindsey was surprised to get a call back for spn

@Starkid71096 Katie loved playing Fate with powers and Lindsey and Julian loved the power the characters make

@KnowMeSee Julian would want to be in a remake of #NightOfTheHunter

@Starkid71096 Lindsey would love to be Wesley in princess bride, Katie would love to be the mum in back to the future

@artemisdesari Q: If you were cast in a gay role and could have anyone as your partner who would it be? Julian: Misha Collins xD

@Starkid71096 Lindsey was addicted to law and order and wants a huge celebrities auto

@Starkid71096 Katie Googled Fate to see what they were and watched the episodes

@Starkid71096 Lindsey killed a few people for research for the role

@Starkid71096 Lindsey loved the kiss with Jensen as he has great lips

@Starkid71096 Julian thinks death's favourite food is chip butties (can't spell) and scotch eggs

@Starkid71096 Katie likes 6 feet under and sex and the city

@Starkid71096 Lindsey gets more recognised from one tree hill

@Starkid71096 Lindsey regrets shreader, Julian's kids hate the how good Canada is to America, and Katie's is Jenny got a boob job

@Starkid71096 Katie and Lindsey work for Julian and they say he's a terrible boss and he said as long as they bring food their good

@Starkid71096 Katie gave Fate the background that their was something between her and Cas

@sarasgonnasaar Q: Have you got any guilty pleasure? Audience member: MISHA COLLINS! Julian: He's guilty but not a pleasure.

@Starkid71096 Lindsey's guilty pleasure is chocolate, Katie's is Facebook and Julian's is watching sports

@Starkid71096 Julian just killed Doug and brought him back

@timey_wimey_kid: Misha crashing the panel http://t.co/znqAqpa7

[Katie Walder panel #1] @Starkid71096 Katie says fate might have a potential to come back

[Misha Collins panel #2] @stinasalminen Misha's saying he's not sure if he's coming back to series but that he wants to and there's hope

[Misha Collins panel #2] @roselovesmusic Misha doesn't know how we can help to get him back, he really does want to come back though "annoy them enough"

For future updates on fan convention reports and media from Asylum 7, check Superwiki!

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