Community Announcement

Saying goodbye is never easy, but sadly the time has come. As of today, SPNP is closed to new submissions and new members; all current content will be left as is.

This decision comes from changes in the mods' abilities to dedicate the same time and effort into maintaining the community. While the choice to close may be disappointing to some, much consideration went into possible alternatives. Bringing in a whole new mod team could change the comm from what members had originally signed up for, yet we didn't want to make new mods feel pressured to simply follow our old rules and routines. Ultimately, we feel it is best to close SPNP and give others an opportunity during this hiatus to create their own replacements as they see fit.

We want to thank all of you for making SPNP such a fun place for keeping up with show news and meeting new friends, and we also want to thank the various news sources and the show itself for giving the community a reason to exist. After opening in 2009, the community grew to over 5,300 members, with 836,000+ comments posted in nearly 2,000 entries. Thanks for the FFAs and viewing parties, for helping Supernatural get the TV Guide cover, for the 'gnu porn' and the Mean Girls macros and all the gifs!

We hope everyone enjoys the remainder of this season of Supernatural, and all seasons to come!


the SPNP mods

Edit: For those who wish to promote an alternative community (or to find ones that have been created), please visit this thread!