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All Hell Breaks Loose 2: Misha panel transcription (1/2)

I know it's too late/early for most of you for a post, but I'm jetlagged and bored and felt like writing this before crawling back into bed. This is not a AHBL2 Con summary/round-up post (a_way_of_sin has that covered; refer to this post). This is a transcript of Misha's panel, since I know there are a lot of you who don't like listening to the audio/video from cons due to the fans' screams.

This is a transcription of the first half (~35 minutes) of the panel. Misha's answers are pretty much word for word, the audience members' questions are less carefully transcribed.

[audience cheers as Misha takes the stage]

M: No, don't stop cheering. From there it all goes downhill. Um, that was a great video. It's like all Cas ever does is kick ass. It's not season four Cas anymore! Wilts like a flower. ... Hello.

[hi, hello, etc.]

M: So what's protocol here? So it's a whisper screening? Is that a-- a screening? [...] So. Here's a little tip. Whisper something nice, and then ask the real question. They probably didn't think that. [...] They did think of it? [...] Then it's on my shoulders. Thanks. I just threw myself to the wolves. They look like nice wolves. [indecipherable] I'm sorry, Barbara, carry on.

Q: My question is about the fight scenes in the 100th episode? Quick compliment actually, my husband teaches martial arts--

M: You don't have to make it quick if you don't want to. Mine drags on for a while.

Q: --and your sword fighting in the woods, with the two angels, my husband says that was absolutely textbook. I had to play it four times in a row for him, he was so excited.

M: That's good editing. If you'd been on the set, you'd have seen that the textbook was falling apart. The binding was completely torn off, and the pages were everywhere. I was, um, I did actually though, I have to say though, the only fight scene that I had really done training for. I trained for like two weeks for that fight scene, with this guy that was like a black belt for six different things. Ooh! He was, he ended up playing the angel that I sort of... fought with.

Q: My actual question was, how much fun was it beating the shit out of Jensen, and how did you both approach that?

M: I think he approached it with trepidation and me with glee. And, by the way, excellent template: a compliment, and then a question. Good on you. I gotta say, Jensen kicked the shit out of himself in that scene. You've hear about stage combat, right? You're not supposed to actually hit each other, you're supposed to, you know, fake it, and obviously you're faking a lot of those punches, believe it or not. I didn't actually hit him... every time. Um, but he was-- he threw himself into the trash cans, and he uh. [laughs] He had to have a professional masseuse come to set, because he was quite sore. But a lot of it was his own doing, some of it was mine. And it was fun, it was fun. It was a tough scene, though. Those fight scenes are actually some of the toughest things to do because... you have to shoot them in little bits and pieces, they only work from you know, certain camera angles. ... Yes, I'm just rambling on.

Q: Hi, welcome to Melbourne. My question is--

M: Your question as filtered through the censors, yes.

Q: --post-Karla you find yourself slightly sociopathic. Post-Cas, what are you holding onto? What are you finding trouble letting go of? What parts of him are now part of you? Like--

M: Just for those of you who aren't up to speed here -- I'm just cutting you off, that was enough of a question... Um. So, Karla for those of you who don't know, gross movie, don't watch it. I play a serial killer/rapist based on a real serial killer/rapist and I discovered that I have like, I could tap into certain violent, sadistic qualities of my nature that I didn't know were there while shooting it and it was kind of shocking to find out. And I guess what I take away from shooting Supernatural and playing Cas is, you know, I didn't know that I could teleport. You just don't know that stuff's in you until you... Time travel, too. And it's been, you know, good and bad.

[moderator asks audience to put cameras away, Misha makes some kind of quip (indecipherable), audience laughs]

Q: Hi, Misha.

M: Hi. Wait, can I ask one quick question? I'll ask the question and then you ask one.

Q: Sure.

M: Who right now is the one that is recording the shaky video that goes online? I can't see it, but I know it's happening... Alright, yes, Castiel1, what were you saying?

Q: To avoid spoilers for some of us, the episode where Castiel is affected by Famine--

M: To avoid spoilers, Castiel has been recast, obviously.

Q: Throughout the episode we see Castiel reverting back to his vessel's hunger for White Castle hamburgers...

M: Yes. Have you not seen that? Who hasn't seen that? ... You made handmade Supernatural sweatshirts, you guys haven't seen it? ... Interesting. Put a lot of that creative energy into actually watching the show.

Q: At the end of the episode, Jensen walks into the diner and sees you just munching on some raw meat. I was wondering what was that and did you actually eat any of it?

M: Um, no, I actually eat through a feeding tube. I had a terrible accident, I don't want to talk about it. I also have a colostomy bag. ... You know, in the spirit of openess. ... Which reminds me -- I'll get to your question -- I was hitchhiking once to Banff, it's in British Columbia2, this was like four or five years ago. I was hitchhiking, it was late at night, and I shouldn't have been hitchhiking. And this guy picked me up, and he was this really weird guy, and we were on a long stretch of road. I guess we were going from Edmonton to Banff, which is the middle of nowhere, in Canada. And this guy started saying, "Hey. Hey you guys. I picked up another couple, who was hitchiking, and they came with me to my cabin. In the woods. It's only a couple hours. What do you say we go to my cabin in the woods?" And it's like, literally one o'clock in the morning, there's no cars on the highway and where there's no towns, and he's saying he's going to take us to his cabin. And I'm going, "You know what, actually, we've sort of got plans at this hotel up in Banff... My dad's gonna meet me there." I'm thinking, "How can I scare him? My dad's gonna be there!" We're 200 miles away, he doesn't give a shit about my dad! And then we're talking more and he's just scaring the shit out of me, I'm sure we're going to die. And then... I notice a little tube poking out from under his shirt. And I said, "What's that tube?" And he said, "Oh yeah, you know, I have a colostomy bag." ... And suddenly I went, "Oh, fine." I don't know why, but it totally made me feel like-- So, it's weird, but colostomy bags make me feel super safe. All of a sudden my heart rate went completely back to normal. And he had a great cabin! We had a lovely time. ... Um, what the fuck was your question.

Q: [repeats]

M: Yeah, it was uncooked vegetarian sausage mixed with tomato paste. If anyone ever has a cocktail party, try it. See what your guests think. Yeah, ground vegetarian saugage is pretty tough to handle, even in a cooked state, so this was super disgusting. It was such a rough week, all in all. I ate a lot of stuff that I didn't want to eat, in a large volume. And that particular scene where I was on my hands and knees, just wolfing that stuff down... Particularly because the first five takes of the scene, I was eating it and then found out -- this is the second time, by the way, that something like this has happened to me -- and then found out that they weren't seeing my... my fucking face. So they're like, "Okay, now Mish, now we're gonna have to ask you to really start eating." And I'm like, "I'm already full!"

Q: [goes up to the mod]

M: Wait, hold on, lets do one uncensored question, see how it goes.

[Misha's phone goes off; he borrows an audience member's phone to call back and ends up leaving a message on someone's voicemail3]

Q: Who would you like to act opposite with the most?

M: I'd probably learn the most if I could do a scene with myself. You know how Jensen did that one episode? Where he was playing against himself? I would love to do that... You know, there a lot of different actors who are very very good. And personalities, like Mister Rogers is really... Um, yeah, I'm not going to answer that question. But you wanted to know, favorite sexual position? [...] See, the beauty is, there's no censorship going in this direction. Go ahead. And cover your ears those of you who are under-- how old? [eighteen, sixteen] Some people are like, "Eleven!"

Q: What was it like going into season four as a fairly major character, when all the other actors had working together for so long?

M: What, Jared... and Jensen? All two of them? [...] Season five is sorta similar to season four in terms of how much I actually ended up doing... I only get two more episodes in season five than I did in season four. But joining the show -- just to modify the question a little bit, I'm editing it -- joining the show in general was just, it was cool. It's a great group of people to work with. That's not true of a lot of TV shows, but it is of Supernatural, we just have a lot of fun. We laugh a lot, we cry a little... It's a great place to go to work. And I'm not one to wax sentimental about stuff like that, but everyone in the crew has stuck with the show for five years, and it's a shitty show in a lot of respects to the work. I mean it's hard, working until four o'clock in the morning, Vancouver is always raining, and cold, and people don't quit. Which is kind of amazing. Um, you know, I mean whatever, you have to deal with Jared and Jensen but. It's a small price to pay.

Q: If you could travel back in time and change any historical event to your liking what would you change and why?

M: Probably the 2004 election results for the United States. [...] I don't know, I don't often think about traveling through time and change the course of history. I'll have to reflect... You know what, let me get back to you.

Q: Do you go out and have a good time and get really really drunk with the cast and crew? And do you have any stories?

M: Yes. We have gone out. We went out one night in the fall, last year in Vancouver. Boy, it was a rough night. We went to the fanciest restaurant in Vancouver, which was having a wine tasting/dinner. With a very celebrated wine maker from California... And it was like all the social elite of Vancouver were there, very high-brow. And because we were TV stars, we got to sit with [the winemaker], at her table. And we got to drinking. ... And we were getting a little loud, and the maître d' kept on coming over and going, "There are other tables here." Which I think we were unaware of. And eventually we got smashed. And Janet was starting to talk about her wine, and she said it was a delicate science and sometimes we have to, um. This could be a really long story. Um. Delicate science, sometimes the acidity is too high, or too low, so sometimes you have to make it more acidic. And Jared said, "How do you do that. What kind of batteries do you put in there." And uh, Janet's like, "No, we don't put any batteries." And he said, "No, like car batteries or double A?" It went on... FOREVER. And Janet was just a little too drunk to know that he was fucking with her? And then it started being like, "No, in our wine there are no batteries! Perhaps some other wineries do use car batteries!" And then the maître d' came over and said, "If you go to the bar, and leave this little banquet room, we can get you some drinks there." We're like, "No, man, we're cool." Then he came over and suggested again, and then finally he came over and started pulling my chair back and said, "We would like you to go to the bar now." We did, we drank some more, the next day Jared had to shoot. [...] There's parts of the story I'm not telling you, but it's for the best. But the point is, yes we do, and we have to be careful. ... It was the only time in my life that I've ever thrown up and not even thought about going to the bathroom to do it.

Q: [yet another question about pranks on set]

M: Mostly I would say that, um, Jared just tries to make my life a living hell. By... I can't... I can't... There's nothing, um. I don't know what it is about me, but I can't not crack, like I can't not start laughing when I'm not-- If I'm not supposed to be laughing? That's when I'm laughing. And typically when you're playing Castiel, you're not supposed to be laughing. So every time my close-ups start rolling, Jared will be doing something to try to make me crack. And it gets, it gets pretty absurd. I don't know, I mean have you ever tried to keep a serious face with a broomstick in your ass? [...] You haven't tried it? Try it sometime. And then you'll know what it's like to play Cas on Supernatural. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if we had to shoot an extra ten or twelve hours of footage that's just me laughing.

[The caller from before calls back and Misha has a conversation with them on speakerphone on stage.3]

1: Questioner was a male and dressed up as Castiel.
2: Actually, Banff is in Alberta :P
3: From what I can gather, there was a charity auction the day before for a t-shirt that had Misha's phone number written on it (his actual number while he's in Australia). The person who won the auction called him, but his phone had crappy reception so he borrowed an audience member's phone to call them back.

You can download the full panel (1hr 9min) in .mp3 format here:


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