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Supernatural Comic Con post! SPOILERHEAVY

ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE, THE SPOILERS IN THIS POST ARE UNCOVERED: This post contains A TON of spoilers for season 6, it would be basically ridiculous to cover so many up since this post is primarily about season 6, comments as well. So spoilerphobes, enter at your own risk.

EDIT This post now contains press room coverage as well as videos and audio from the entire panel and the gag reel, enjoy.



#EDIT: from
and their twitter @WinFamBusiness:

- Ben Edlund confirmed that there will be a one year time jump.

- Ben Edlund is pleased with the direction for season six, impressed that they’ve all figured out a way to go.

- There will be a deep role reversal between the brothers. Dean is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders with his family, while a disenfranchised Sam comes back and is all business about hunting. Sam will be pretty unsettled.

- In his words, the brothers will continue “their love/hate relationship based on a very troubled history.”

- Jared was next and man did he drop spoilers. Jaw droppers. Sam doesn’t know how or why he was brought back. They won’t dig into his experiences in Hell until around episode 9 or 10. Sam was brought back but didn’t hook up with Dean right away. He lets Dean live his life and goes on hunting without telling him he’s alive. There are definite changes in Sam’s personality. Sam eventually reunites with Dean because a monster that was after Sam goes after Dean. He won’t talk about what happened to him. He’s all business and doesn’t want to question how he got out.

- Eric Kripke revealed that they will be bringing back all sorts of monster, including a Djinn and Vampires. Something has happened to cause these monsters to act strangely and abnormally. They aren’t following their usual patterns.

- Eric may not be the showrunner, but he is still very much involved with the show and working the stories. They are working out episode nine right now. They’ve written up to episode five.

- Jim Beaver said that the Crowley demon deal gets full attention in episode four, the one Jensen directed. He wouldn’t hint on the resolution, but it’s all about that.

- Bobby is indeed affected by the events of the apocalypse and Bobby is determined to become a stronger person.

- Jensen is really excited that the reset button has been set on the show and that they are starting over. He is a big fan of season one and pleased to see them going back to that tone.

- Castiel won’t appear until the third episode of the season. They are getting ready to shoot that.

- Jensen said that Dean isn't driving the Impala! It's under a tarp in the garage.

- Jensen said that he approached directing based on advice from Kim Manners. He did his homework. He found the process very tough.

- There is a montage in the first ep of Dean in his normal life, going to bed with Lisa, driving the truck to the construction job, etc.

- Sam comes back and starts hunting without asking questions, leaves Dean to live his normal life until a problem forces them together.

- The premise of season six is monsters will be surfacing and acting strangely. There will be a Djinn early on.

- Sera Gamble said that there will be a funny Vampire episode where vampires start coming out in the day an acting different than before.

- The working title of that episode in "Live Free and Twi Hard." (At least I think I heard that right.)

@conallen: SPN S6 will look into origin stories! Expect "monsters"

@emmaloggins: Misha Collins favorite scene? "Ass-butt really resonated with me

@LouisAtTVDotCom: Coming soon on Supernatural: fairies. Or Ben Edlund's wacky take on them.

- Ben Edlund pitching S6 ep with leprechauns + fairies.

- EricKripke of #Supernatural asked if hard not being showrunner. He's totally cool with it. "I sleep great!" But still "creative consigliere"

@TinaCharlesTV just got done with #supernatural panel. Talked briefly to Jensen and Jared. Jared said Jensen did a great job directing...Jensen said he paid Jared to say that. #supernatural. LOL

- Castiel's first ep back will either be 3 or 5/6 depending on ep switch- edlund couldn't decide

- Castiel's mission this season might run counter to the winchesters











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Jensen Ackles - Jared Padalecki - Misha Collins - Jim Beaver - Sera Gamble - Ben Edlund - Eric Kripke


Roundtable interviews:

Jensen Ackles - Jared Padalecki - Misha Collins - Jim Beaver - Eric Kripke - Ben Edlund - Sera Gamble


They're showing S5 clip reel & teaser from Ep4 of S6, which JensenAckles directed. It's a Bobby-centric episode.

@emmaloggins: Sera Gamble on Jensen Ackles directorial debut - "He was like a seasoned director at the first meeting."

@moryan:Clip from Ep4, Weekend at Bobby's [spoiler alert]: Bobby & Crowley verbally sparring. They're talking about the deal for Bobby's soul. #SDCC

@a42towels Crowley doesnt give bobbys soul back. Bobby traps him. Crowley threatens him with hellhound.

@LauinLA Crowley only has to make best efforts to give back Bobby's soul - he'd like to but he can't

@a42towels Kripke says on his role in the sixth season. "im the kind gentle pain in their ass. im like friendly fuzzy hemorrhoids."

@an0o0la DEAN still has the shotgun but it is put away and now drives a pickup truck. The Impala is in the garage

@buddytv: Story had to end season 5. Season 6 new story like sequel. -Kripke still involved giving ideas

@LauinLA Sera says there are more monsters this season than previously - they want to shoot monsters in the face

@LauinLA Jensen says directing was a lot different than he was used to - he was used to viewing things as an actor

@LauinLAit was refreshing/new/exciting for Jensen to direct, and he was glad it was Dea

@LauinLA Jensen showed up for 5 of the 8 days just as a director

@moryan Howd Sam get out of hell? Jared: "I have no idea." Kripke: "Practice." Jared: "We've been to heaven & hell, must be practice."

@LauinLACastiel's role: Misha says "yeah, Castiel should have a role, cause he hasn't up til now!" Lots of woos

@LauinLA Cas will be on clean up detail; heaven was like post-soviet russia, the leadership is in disarray, which upsets Castiel (VIDEO)

@cadlymack Misha just pitched the idea that Castiel should have Russian accent. Jensen made him do his accent.

@cadlymack Jim: Hell will prob freeze over before Bobby gets a girlfriend. Jensen: This is Supernatural. That's very possible

@cadlymack "I can pretty much assure you that the kissing days between Bobby and Crowley are over." -Jim

@LauinLA: The boys have to fight a tiny pinprick of light that's tinkerbell, according to Edlund - fairies in our future

@whovian99: Writer Ben sees the boys fighting a tiny light that's tinker Bell & Jensen saying "its so beautiful!" lol!

@LauinLA "I don't think we have had a character who has lived on this show, period," Sera says, kinda true.

@LauinLA Have a some female characters that have survived S6 so far. Sera says both genders die a lot. LisaBraden returning, also a female relative.

@LauinLA: Sera has been around since season 1 and is female, so she doesn't believe in the curse against women

@LauinLA: People call out for return of JDM, Jensen asks if this is the Jerry Springer show, people calling crap out

@cadlymack: Jared and Jensen WILL be voicing a couple animated episodes. "We'll get wasted and watch it," Kripke says

@LauinLA And there will be TENTACLES. And Jared/Jensen will voice a couple - even though Jensen's japanese is horrible

@popculturediva Misha: one of the major limitations of Supernatural is that there’s not enough tentacles.

@moryan Kripke will never say if Prophet Chuck, open to interpretation. Saying Chuck's God would be an "M Night-level douche" move, Kripke says.

@LauinLA If Chuck IS god, then this god is BANGING WHORES, Kripke points out

@cadlymack Jensen on directing: "I got lucky because Jim was carrying the weight of the show, and Jared was... not on set."

@cadlymack: Jim wanted to give Jensen a hard time as director, so he thought about staying in his trailer for 30 minutes.

@tamsibling #supernatural: Jim: I've noticed that directing requires a lot work which pretty much eliminates it from my list.

@a42towels Will jdm be back? theyre not against it but hes extremely busy.

@cadlymack: Jensen: "Come back to us, Jeff! Come back to us!" Jim: "Yeah, because the show needs a father figure."

@LauinLA: Jim says Jensen looks good in a beret- says he's never felt more secure or well guided as an actor than he did by Jensen

@LauinLA: Jared asked Jensen's advice on playing against himself as Lucifer

@LauinLA: Jared chose to use a piece of tape rather than another actor giving him his lines, didn't want it to influence his performance

@whovian99 Becoming brothers came pretty quickly.. They had great raw material.

@LauinLA Chemistry between J2 - do they actually like each other or is it good acting Jared: "I'm just a really good actor"

@a42towels Eric says that, had they not gotten picked up for another season, there wouldnt be as many living people.

@LauinLA Jared refilled Jensen's water, awww

@LauinLA: The demon blood is a battery charge to power Sam, but Sam always had the potential to go darkside without it

@moryan Fan Q: Will we see Ghostfacers? Sera: "It's purely a question of story being pitched the right way at right time." One day they'll be back.

@cadlymack Chicks: Lisa Braden is back, and a female relative of Sam and Dean's will be around. She's a Campbell

@cadlymack: Jared's favorites are always the premiere and the finale. "That's pretty brainless," he says.

@cadlymack Jensen likes Hollywood Babylon, Yellow Fever, and Changing Channels best. Also Monster Movie.

@moryan Misha's favorite episode had Sam and Dean chasing some monster, demony thing, and the car was in it. You know the one!

@cadlymack I think Jared ate all his chocolate kisses AND all Jensen's chocolate kisses.

@LauinLA Kripke was so proud of the finale, until he went online ... people were like WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT, SCREW KRIPKE

@cadlymack Kripke read your finale reviews. "They're like 'I'm wiping my ass with that episode right now!' I was like 'I'm so misunderstood!'

@cadlymack Yes, Kripke says the apocalypse was stopped by the emotional bond between the brother

@LauinLA The show has never been about scope, it's about family and the emotional bond #sdcc #supernatural Sera liked it. And so did Kripke's mom.

@LauinLA Dean is domesticated, living a normal life, how he gets pulled back in and deals with it is going to be the main story

@LauinLA AND his shirt is tucked in "there's that to look forward to" Jensen says.

@LauinLA Jared and Misha encourage Jensen to just take his shirt off

@cadlymack People are yelling for Jensen to take his shirt off. Jared looks under the table. "His pants are off?

@LauinLA Will dean be kissing any more demons "only my own," Jensen says - there is some kissing though, sera says

@moryan Fan to Jensen: "Will you be kissing demons?" Jensen:"Only my own." EK: "That's the title of my new album - Kissing My Own Demons."

@LauinLA Jared keeps trying to make the audience answer his questions for him

@LauinLA Jensen's favorite MotW is Todd Stashwick in Monster Movie, Jared decides he likes all shapeshifters

@cadlymack Jensen's looking forward to "killing some vampires properly this season. Cut this pastey waify shit out, and let's just kill some stuff."



@yourgwyneth: Supernatural gag reel included Jensen miming giving a blow job, then pointing to Misha in the background!

@LauinLA Jared tries to make out with Misha, Misha fights him off










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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6


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Pictures from the panel and WB booth signing can be found HERE (credit &

COMPLETE AUDIO OF THE PANEL CAN BE FOUND HERE beware of screaming etc. as usual

frakking hell *dies*
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  • 7x15 stills

    7x15 "Repo Man" source HQ HERE

  • More 7x14 stills

    7x14 "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" (first set here) source HQ HERE

  • 7x14 stills!

    "The guys playing the clowns were both extremely nice," Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam, tells "One of them I'd…