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Run Misha Run!

As some you guys may know, Misha ran a marathon in support of his charity Random Acts today. The dude sure has multitasking skillz as he tweeted all the way through, so without further ado, here's the progress report from the man himself:

(8:00AM PST)
I'm going for a jog. This is my starting point. Frost Road and highway 547. This is gonna be easy.

Further documentation.

Running update: as u can see, it's pretty here, what the photo doesn't show is that I just peed on my sneaker.

It ain't easy to type while running. Video?

Some fan girls came out.

I'll be passing through sedro-Woolley, WA in a couple of hours. If anyone lives near-bye, i could use some advil.

Blackberry(s) captured by an iPhone camera at 51.2 kilometers. The only thing that hurts is my body.

So far 3 cars have stopped with Advil for me. I'm trying not to overdose.

Apparently wit is the first faculty to give out on long runs. This is all I've got.

They have a sadly outdated transportation system here in sedro-Woolley.

#MotionX Share: I went right just now when meant to go left and doubled back a couple of K, but I've crossed 64k. http://bit.ly/amxr18

These 2 came to say they're starting a local chapter of random acts University. We're a franchise like mcdonalds!
no audio

I'm slowing, but still going. I'm past 70k and for that, I am very, very sorry @jumblejim (he pledged $50/k).

And by "k" I mean kilometer. It's normal to lose vision in one eye, right?

(7:08pm PST)
#MotionX Share: I think that's enough. I'm going to stop now. http://bit.ly/9npIyP

This seemed like a good stopping point.

Final count: 83km. That's a little over 50 miles for those of u who speak American.

source: @mishacollins
(thanks a_way_of_sin for putting this together! misha ran right past her bedtime. XD )

TOTAL RUN: 83km (~50 miles)

@mishacollins raised $94,742 in a little over 11 hrs for www.TheRandomAct.org! (source: @therandomactorg)

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