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Asylum 5 Saturday Summary Post!

Some of the panels seemed to overlap on twitter so I apologize in advance if a few tweets are not in their correct panels. Times are in UST, just fyi!

9:00 - 9:45 - All Guests On Stage
@minionsofmisha: First Halloween costume was turtle made from cardboard box. Had to crawl, made him "fucking miserable"

@hils_k Misha dressed in drag and had guys from school didn't recognise him and hit on him

@nixielulu Quote: "the first rule of naked twister club...." (Misha)

@StephFarag Julie dressed up as a hobo for 4 years

@StephFarag Misha wants Aldis to dance #asylum5

@red_margret Aldis danced to a beat box of jason manns. Awesome! #Asylum5

@StephFarag Aldis wants Misha to dance in return #asylum5

@hils_k: Mishas dad is here with him

@LauinLA What a very shiny shirt Misha is wearing.

@StephFarag Canada is a blank spot on the map - Misha

@StephFarag Misha doesn't know what a bucket list is

@red_margret Talking bucket lists. Misha wants to learn how to fly only using his arms

@hils_k Aldis just tried to teach Misha how to be black. Lol!

@minionsofmisha: Aldis then tried to get Misha to say wassup people, but Misha wasn't very good at it lo

@minionsofmisha: Other guests were on stage, Misha asked how lucky & blessed do you feel working with Misha Collins?

@nixielulu "The best thing about being bad Adam is tying Jared to a table and having your wicked way with him"

@minionsofmisha:Jason Manns asked Misha to join him in his gig tonight. Misha "do you have a triangle?"

@Sallyxoxo: - Some of the guests, Mark is going to be here tomorrow. He is busy filming DoctorWho.

@red_margret Misha and Aldis brought a girl on stage for the last questio

@minionsofmisha When guests were told had to stop, girl who was waiting to ask question walked away Misha "where the fuck are you going?

@minionsofmisha Made her come back & go on stage to ask question. Poor girl looked mortified!


@Julia Eason


9:45-10:15 - Misha Coffee Lounge
@Biddyrai Mr Padalecki apparently grabs everything he can reach during Misha's scenes and then gets sent to his trailer for being naughty

@Biddyrai Naked twister was on the agenda for Misha's coffee morning but we ran out of time... Shame.

@minionsofmisha: On mishief night Misha spray painted a cat

@hils_k: Oh, Misha demonstrated a British accent during the coffee lounge and he sounded like a total creeper

Misha says there is another 'breaking the fourth wall' episode coming up in which they don't just jump the shark, they do somersaults over it.   Someone asked whether they'd be playing themselves in it, he laughed, then denied it.

11:00-11:45 Misha Collins panel
@LauinLA Stonehenge Apocalypse was Misha's proudest moment on film. No really.

@LauinLA Misha took SA veeeery seriously, unaware that Syfy movies are designed to be watched drunk.

@nixilulu "How would Brando say 'it was a Robot Head!'?"

@minionsofmisha: Little girl went to ask question. Misha "it's the tallest girl in the room, nobody tell her you can lower the mike

@LauinLA Misha can only imagine what it's like going to work w/a nice guy like mark harmon every day instead of assholes like Jared & Jensen

@LauinLA Beating up Jensen in an alley has been a longtime ambition, so Misha was glad to realise that on film.

@minionsofmisha: Favourite Cas moment - beating up Jensen, was a life long ambition. Told afterwards not actually supposed to hit people

@LauinLA Misha wishes the writers would decide whether Castiel is formed of particle or wave, because multidimensional waves confound him

@minionsofmisha: Misha has no idea what multi dimensional wavelength of celestial intent means, thinks they just wanted to laugh at him saying it

@minionsofmisha: Misha - do angels exist as particles or waveforms, he thinks both from Einsteins earlier work

@minionsofmisha: Misha asked who was swapping over the spotlights from one question queue to the other. God? he likes it "very rock & roll"

@LauinLA Jared apparently clears sets and fake buildings by farting, standing there proudly while people run away like there's a fire.

@minionsofmisha: Misha deals with Jareds gas "as well as anyone can" doesnt know why Jared is so proud of it

@minionsofmisha: When Jared does it on set everybody runs out the doors & turns on the fans, known as the big suck

@LauinLA Dumbest thing Misha did while drunk was dropping a pumpkin off the top of a billboard onto sunset blvd. Haven't we all?

@LauinLA Misha sometimes participates in Santa Con where 300 people dress up like Santa, rent a bus & drive around causing havoc in the city

@minionsofmisha: Went to santacon, get dressed up & drunk & terrorise people. Stormed a xmas scene in a mall & traumatised the children

@minionsofmisha: Once woke up in Union Station in santa suit & had wet himself

@LauinLA Misha does hang out with Jared/Jensen (or "chills with his homies" as Aldis would want him to say.

@minionsofmisha: Asked if he hangs out wih cast members " I hang out with my homies, see Aldis getting blacker all the time"

@LauinLA Misha likes Jensen because he comes over and fixes stuff around the house. But he likes Jared better. No, he doesn't like either.

@minionsofmisha: Misha did an impression of Jensen after he saw him say he liked Jared better on YT. "but it's true, I do"

@LauinLA Misha is impressed at all of the questions about characters and episodes. "So you guys actually WATCH the show?!"

@minionsofmisha: If Misha could teleport he'd go to the oval office & top of Everest

@LauinLA If Cas had four faces like Zachariah in his true form, they'd be a lamb, monkey, zebra and cat- the monkey and cat fight sometimes.

@nixielulu Castiels inner monologue is *cat yowl*

@LauinLA Castiel would tweet about psychic flea collars (for his 4 faces) if he was on Twitter.

@minionsofmisha: Misha about question queues. "Why is that one so much shorter than the other, did somebody fart?"

@LauinLA The audience is making him say "confetti, it's a parade!" and wants him to throw some confetti. Poor dancing monkey-face.

@minionsofmisha: Misha was given some Halloween confetti by @sallyxoxo & he did confetti it's a parade. Misha "FYI this is table confetti"

@LauinLA He's now coming to collect the turnips people have brought him to find the biggest.





(via @Sallyxoxo: )
Here (good audio)

12:30-13:15 - Jake Abel and Julie McNiven (Adam and Anna)
@StephFarag Jake asked Julie what her natural hair was, she said blonde. She asked him back, he replied he's a red head.

@red_margret Girl asked a question. "I'm gonna do Jake first"

@ed_margret Girl asked a question. "I'm gonna do Jake first"

@StephFarag Jakes a fan of the Eragon series

@hellokatyBLITZ "She is.. the mouse, that I wanna be" Jake Abel about minnie mouse ROFL!

@miiwnionys Julie and Jake were awesome! Jake got starstruk when he met Minnie Mouse "Minnie's like the Oprah of mice, I'd like to be her"

@nixielulu "The best thing about being bad adam is tying Jared to a table and having your wicked way with him"

@StephFarag 'Even though I killed Jared... I mean Sam' - Julie

@LauinLa Jake just did his patented Dean impression & Julie did a dead-on Castiel intense turn/head tilt. They should be actors or somethin'

@hellokatyBLITZ Jake did the Dean impression!! "SAMMYYY!!"

@miniwnionyns Julie on Jensen when filming "that scene" in the impala; "He was really kind and wanted to make sure I was always comfortable" awes

@Biddyrai Jake looked really worried when he thought that the question about the Dean sex scene was directed at him!

@StephFarag Misha and Jensen bought Jake and his GF triangle tuna sandwiches



14:15-15:00 - Fredric Lehne (Azazel)
@StephFarag Fred has two sets of yellow contacts, one he's supposed to see out of, he can't.

@nixielulu Freddie couldn't see with his yellow contacts in, so did his close ups holding a grip's hand.

@Biddyrai Fred: "A skeleton walks into a pub and says 'Give me a pint... And a mop'"

@StephFarag Fred picks his shows debating on where the location is

@nixielulu Freddie re: Simon Baker "he's *so* cute!"

@oddlyfamiliar Fredric Lehne thought Simon Baker was cute when he was in The Mentalist!

@StephFarag Fred wouldn't mind kissing Samantha Ferris

@nixielulu Q: "if you had to kiss mary to bring john back to life, does that mean you had to kiss john to bring dean back to life?"

@nixielulu Answer: "I'm confused. And a little aroused."

@StephFarag Fred just re-inacted his death scene

@StephFarag Fred used to like watching Lost in Space

@StephFarag Fred loves Star Trek but wanted the films to be cheesy 'I wanted to see rocks bounce'

@StephFarag Fred had a crush on Samantha in Bewitched




15:45-16:30 - Aldis Hodge (Jake Talley)
@StephFarag A Batman toy is the reason why Aldis started acting

@StephFarag The Professional is Alids' favourite film

@StephFarag Most of these questions for Aldis are about leverage

@StephFarag People used to ask Aldis about Doctor Who he would reply 'Doctor Who, who?'

@kakapojayne Lots of Dr Who talk from Aldis Hodge. He fancied Martha loads!

@StephFarag 'I've played a lot of killers but I don't go round killing' Aldis

@StephFarag 'Killing Jared, I mean Sam. It was kinda big for ya' Aldis

@StephFarag 'At my first convention I was thinking - Who would remember me, who would care, what would they ask?' Aldis

@LauinLa Aldis thinks there should be fan conventions so the stars can come and ask US questions about our feelings about the episodes.

@LauinLa Aaaand now he's bringing his mom on stage to sing happy birthday to her. Damn you, Aldis, breaking hearts and taking names.

@nixielulu Aldis has the audience sing Happy Birthday to his mum "this is the lady that made me"




17:15-17:45 All Guests On Stage
@hellokatyBLITZ Jake prefers playing Michael's vessel rather than Luci because it makes him feel powerful next to Jared & the wind WHOOSHES him :')

@LauinLa Fred is showboating and Misha has given up on copying him. There's also a microphone deficiency on the group panel.

@StephFarag Low on mics, Jake pretends a bottle is a mic

@StephFarag Misha asks if Julie and Jake are swingers as they're both off to Mexico

@StephFarag Aldis asked his mum what he's doing for Christmas

@LauinLa Misha and his dad will be engaging in their annual reindeer hunting this Xmas. His grandad used to set traps for Santa.

@LauinLa Aldis would be Sam if he could be any other character, because he just keeps coming back from the dead.

@StephFarag Jason would play the trickster as Richard does a good job

@LauinLaMisha would love to be stunt demon 2, he really stands out to him.

@StephFarag Jake would play Misha

@LauinLaJulie said young Mary, misha says that'd be his second choice, Julie says they've had this convo before.

@LauinLa Misha: "we both want young Mary badly."

@StephFarag Fred says he is the coolest character

@LauinLa Super powers: Fred would make people kind, Jason would fly, Aldis would make people kind while flying.

@lauinLa Misha would like the power of getting dressed without getting out of bed.

@hellokatyBLITZ Aldis let out a spoiler and he didnt even realize! ooops (edit: just that Sam has no soul)





Jason Manns Concert
@DougInman Jason manns currently on stage at a #a5 #asylum5 mishas just been throwing things at him.

@Biddyrai Misha's dad the rock star!!! Who knew?!?

@Biddyrai Misha sings!!!! hjfurndfjehbr!!!!!

@Jackles99 Oh my god. @mishacollins and his amazing dad just sang a song together at the @jasonmanns gig! Price





(via AsylumMania)
Misha singing with his dad
Jason and all the actors on stage

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