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Asylum 5 Sunday Summary Post!

9:30 - 10:15 - Misha Collins Coffee Lounge
@LauinLA Misha said he's been writing a lot of cheesy, baby-centric poetry lately, n'aww.

@LauinLA They've shot more than Jensen's directorial debut out of order this season too, so he's not sure which episodes he's around in.

@LauinLA Misha's also got a few more directorial projects in the works, will try and get more deets out of him later, but he was v. secretive when I asked at comic con.

@LauinLA He said Cas keeps getting haircuts because he's waiting for Dean to notice (or cause the hairstylists don't think we'll notice)

@LauinLA RE trying to get Dean to notice Cas's hair, Misha's exact words were "Dean, who's your prettiest friend?"

@LauinLA He thinks Cas goes off to heaven and leaves Jimmy in an arcade with pockets full of quarters - or sends him to get his hair cut

@LauinLA He's been waiting for the show to do a "sex and the city" esque makeover montage where Dean takes Cas shopping 4 new clothes

9:30-10:15 - Mark Sheppard panel
@Biddyrai Mark; "Have I died yet in the show?" Us: "NO!" Mark: "That's interesting..."

@StephFarag 'I have very athletic calves' - Mark

@StephFarag Tom Baker is Mark's favourite Doctor on Doctor Who

@crazyisgood4792 Mark says Matt Smith is an amazing actor

@nixielulu Question: what was it like to kiss @jumblejim? Answer: it would have been fine if he hadn't slipped me the tongue

@nixielulu They couldn't find a day actor in canada that would kiss me

@oddlyfamiliar And also, Jim was "easy" (edit: i.e the shot didn't take too long LOL)

@Biddyrai Mark's impression of Jim: "I've done all this work and I'm going to be remembered for kissing Mark fucking Sheppard!"

@SPNfreak @Mark_Sheppard is doing a fantastic @jumblejim impression!! Balls!!

@StephFarag 'Ben Edlund is a great writer'

@artemisdesari Crowley's Hellhound is called Steve and in a battle of wits he would totally pwn Gabriel (NUUUU IT'S GROWLEY ;____;)

@crazyisgood4792 Mark also said all dogs should be called Steve, Dave, Ruby or Meg

@nixielulu Question: as crowley doesn't have coloured eyes + hasn't attempted to get out of any devils traps, could he turn out to be god?

@nixielulu Answer: you are very observent. It's a great q, which I can't answer.

@StephFarag 'Where's your moose?' Marks fav line

@CNK80Q3 Mark Harmon is truly the nicest guy in the world

@crazyisgood4792 Mark was keeping his lips shut tight about mentioning what he's done so far on Doctor Who




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Download here

12:30-13:15 - Mark Sheppard and Aldis Hodge Panel
@LauinLA Aldis is going to put in a word with Chris Kane to get him on SPN

@StephFarag Aldis slept through last halloween

@StephFarag 'Apparently I'm dead, I haven't been back for 4 seasons now' Aldis

@StephFarag Mark wants Aldis to show his abs

@AngelinMarble Aldis: We should steal Hell! Mark: I already did! XD

@LauinLA this panel is rapidly devolving into filth, the crowd made Aldis show his abs and Mark whip out his tattoos.

@LauinLA Mark blames Alan Rickman for all Brits being bad guys. Aldis thinks we just sound better/more sinister.

@LauinLA Aldis: Mark's also a very angry man. No, I'm just kidding, he's quite pleasant - we get pedicures together.

@LauinLA Mark on 'Chuck' - "any opportunity I get to work with Adam Baldwin is great. Chuck was really fun."

@crazyisgood4792 Aldis would be too nervous to act with himself

@LauinLA when Kane puts Mark through a table in Leverage, it was a real, bolted down table not a breakaway prop, ouch.

@crazyisgood4792 Aldis and Mark are joking about the differences between English and US English

@LauinLA Tongue twisters - Mark: Red lorry, yellow lorry! Aldis: Hugh Laurie?

@LauinLA Mark: L-O-R-R-Y. Like Huge Lorry.

@crazyisgood4792 Apparently the Red Lorry Yellow Lorry tongue twister in the US is Red Lawyer Yellow Lawyer, Aldis didn't know what a lorry was

@StephFarag Mark Sheppard: @mishacollins 'Misha wasn't with THE Queen, he was with A Queen.'





12:30-13:15 - Aldis Hodge Panel
@hils_k Aldis is standing with whoever is asking the questions so he's getting his exercise walking back and forth

@StephFarag A skill Aldis would like - to sing

@SimplySophie23 He's also hugging everyone who asks a question. Oh! And got down on one knee to propose to a girl. Hehe

@Biddyrai Holy crap. I almost got proposed to by Aldis!!!!! On stage!!!!!! I'm having a freaking heart attack now!!!!!

@SimplySophie23 Aldis did one handed push ups on stage! swoon. Haha

@StephFarag If anyone could give Aldis any veg, he wouldn't mind corn

@crazyisgood4792 Aldis' mouth is watering thinking of corn on the cob

@LauinLA Aldis just recorded a voicemail greeting for a dude called Steve, who now has the coolest phone in the world.

@LauinLA Aldis' advice for aspiring actors: love yourself, trust yourself, get an education.

@Biddyrai Misha threw an inflatable horsey at Aldis. I'm not sure I could love these guys any more than I already do!

@LauinLA Aldis just gave an inflatable pony to a little girl, sooo adorbs.





14:15-15:00 - Jake Abel Panel
@StephFarag Jake: 'Who wants a hug?'

@StephFarag Jake: 'if I wasn't an actor I'd be at asylum seeing Misha'

@StephFarag Jake wanted to be a magician

@crazyisgood4792 Aldis has started a thing now with people asking questions getting hugs, Jake said Damn You Aldis

@crazyisgood4792 Jake just beat boxed a tune

@StephFarag Demons have hellhounds, Jake says Angels would have rhino bears

@crazyisgood4792 Jake would choose Sam and Dean to be his Supernatural girlfriend in the show

@StephFarag Jake would kill off Lisa xD 'f her'

@crazyisgood4792 Jake's sitting in the crowd letting a six girl ask him a question

@artemisdesari Jake: My nickname is the Snake

@crazyisgood4792 Jake just did some backwards skipping after doing the Dougie dance

@crazyisgood4792 Jake had a blast doing the end fight scene in Percy Jackson




15:45-16:30 - Misha Collins Panel
@Biddyrai Misha's starting his panel with a story about a strip club.

@StephFarag Misha bought Julie and her husband a lap dance

@crazyisgood4792 Misha's looking very slick in his suit

@nixielulu Misha asked question asker 'how much money it would take to get you to take your clothes off'

@LauinLA on being a dad: it's good, it's good. I'm naked a lot more now, IDK, he's naked, I'm naked, we walk around naked together a lot.

@LauinLA Misha: I see my son as a rubiks cube, it's a puzzle, like, why is he crying? Plus there's an overwhelming amount of shit.

@minionsofmisha Had to take West to hospital as he had a fever. He creates an" overwhelming amount of shit"

@minionsofmisha It's a race to change his nappy before he pees & poops everywhere. "okay you won this one but I'm gonna get you next time"

@LauinLA they're also living in a rented fully furnished place with a mattress, and there's now a lot of poo and pee in the bed.

@LauinLA he's talking about Cas losing his virginity to Balthazar (i guess that was a deleted scene). He thinks Cas must be gay.

@StephFarag Misha wonders why Cas isn't gay, and that he should come out to Dean

@nixielulu Misha - I think it'd be fun if we spent a whole episode with Cass going "you know dean, I think I'm gay".

@LauinLA misha: I don't know why I'm a 2000 year old virgin, maybe I've been looking in all the wrong places...

@Biddyrai Misha thinks that Castiel should be accompanied by the My Little Pony theme tune.

@SimplySophie23 Balthazar is coming back.

@LauinLA if he could be on any British show, he'd be on Doctor Who because it's the only British show that he knows of.

@minionsofmisha Castiel's sitcom opening credits scene would be of him preening his feathers

@minionsofmisha Everybody laughed when phone on table behind Misha started ringing & he answered it, thinking it was his

@minionsofmisha Actually belonged to girl in the audience who went on stage, it was her boyfriend who proposed to her on speakerphone

@minionsofmisha After she said yes, Misha gave her the engagement ring

@minionsofmisha Misha told her boyfriend he thought he was okay "she's not running to the pawn shop"

@crazyisgood4792 Omg a proposal via a phone given to Misha earlier, she said yes

@LauinLA the turnip winner wins a jar of Misha's family's peppermint jelly/jam - the girl's about 2, snatched it and ran off!

@LauinLA By the way, the whole reason Misha chose a turnip was because he asked someone sitting next to him what a British vegetable was.

@nixielulu Misha hands out cooked turnips to some 'lucky' con guests.

@LauinLA misha just spent 5 minutes handing out bowls of turnip chips to the crowd. No words.

@crazyisgood4792 Nuclear Holocaust is a fear of Misha's

@minionsofmisha Misha's phobias. After repeating the big bird story he's told before, Misha's dad yelled bees

@minionsofmisha Misha to his dad "what else dad? tell them all my weak points"

@nixielulu "Even Supernatural scares me too much"

@minionsofmisha To catch up with SPN Misha watched two episodes at a time, then he always had nightmares

@LauinLA misha has trouble remembering things are fictional when he watches TV/movies, so SPN scares him.

@minionsofmisha If Misha could time travel he'd go to the frontier in the 1800's so he could trap beaver #asylum5

@LauinLA Misha says he's enchanted by the 1800s and his panel just got crashes by Jake, Julie and a crowd of people now running across stage

@hellokatyBLITZ I was just in jake's coffee lounge, and he just decided that we should all crash Misha's stage talk. we all ran across the stage!!

@LauinLA Misha: this is turning into a super weird afternoon...

@LauinLA his relationship with the queen is like any romantic relationship, full of ups and downs...

@SimplySophie23 Misha saying he may have mistaken THE Queen for A queen. Lmao

@nixielulu "Why the hell would the Queen be standing on the sidewalk at that time of night? And why does she have stubble in the morning?"

@LauinLA Misha: it's weird to give me underwear that would fit me, even weirder to send me underwear that would fit U/ has been worn by u

@nixielulu If budget was no problem, misha would like to see angels battling in their true form. Or having sex. In a big group.

@LauinLA Misha: what do 2 angels in their true form having sex look like? Or a whole group of them even. We all want to know.

@LauinLA Misha just called Jensen a gay porn actor.





(via AsylumMania)
Guy proposes to his girlfriend via Misha

17:15-17:45 - Jake Abel and Julie McNiven
@nixielulu Julie would like an army of white fluffy bunnies.

@Biddyrai "An army of fluffy white bunnies with flaming swords? That would be pretty terrifying..." Jake.

@StephFarag Jake and Julie's spin off would include Micheal bringing Anna back called Micheal

@StephFarag Julie's favourite scene was the fight with Mary

@StephFarag Jake's favourite scene was Micheal going up in flames




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