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#AECON 2 Summary Post


@GenyDee Jensen said guten tag

@funpa Jensen and daneel were in freiburg. Riding a tractor. To get Dinner :D

@GenyDee Jensen took piano lessons for dark angel

@Jusper0110 Dean Sees sam As Spock...

@Uliamos jensen found season 4 very challenging, but season 6 even more@GenyDee If Jensen could change anything about anything in supernatural he would make sam short

@GenyDee Another thing he would change is make jdm a regular

@Uliamos dodging the ball at the kid when dean was acting as a PE teacher at high school wasn't in the script

@Jusper0110 Ppl Left for autogr. Jensen joked He Has some s7 Spoilers And Even kripke would come on Stage

@GenyDee Jensen talked about the fair they went to.

@GenyDee Jensen said that if dean went to college he would study women.

@GenyDee Jensen said dean is good under the hood - meaning cars and women

@chaouens http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/dsc1114a.jpg/
@Sara_1979 http://twitpic.com/50r4x1
@pittiger http://twitpic.com/50hlgz

@GenyDee Fred recently was youngest attende at church concert and got made as yed by old lady

@GenyDee fred had guy holding his hand during scenes when he couldn't see bc of contacts

@GenyDee Fred's excuse for everything "i was BLIND!!!"

@fantasyinurmind Brock was asked if he enjoyed to work with @CandiceAccola and was like "OH YES."

@closetolove "the Show we're doing, it's "Supernatural"' hahha

@closetolove "We're gonna kill you, but don't panic"

@GenyDee Mark is appalled that most people haven't seen the finale yet. He insists that we all watch it tonight.

@caropedia banker guy crowley had to kiss was sweaty and tried fighting it so mark had to pretty much grab him.

@GenyDee Mark stripped to reveal the dr who shirt he is wearing

@GenyDee Crowley's hellhound is called growly

@GenyDee "Where is everyone going?" me:" It.s Jared's fault "(photo op) mark :"oh so the moose is doing something important huh?"

@caropedia crowley was supposed to come back earlier

@fantasyinurmind Mark Sheppard: "Welcome to Germany. Orders everywhere."

@sara_1979 http://twitpic.com/50r6ij
@sara_1979 http://twitpic.com/50j0ik
@pittiger http://twitpic.com/50z1ce

@valentineskid Mark is crashing Richard's panel!

@AngelicFoodCake Richard just said that he would drop S&D into "America's next topmodel" as other tv show for CC xD

@GenyDee Richard being questioned by mark. Single panel turned into double

@Uliamos on his way to mannheim jared had to press the emergency button on the train cos one of gen's bags was still on the platform

@Uliamos he had to pay a fine of 150 euros, but he's laughing about it now *gg* plus he saved his wife's bag

@GenyDee Richard funniest death band of brothers saddest death supernatural because he didn't want to leave

@Insanesongbird Mark Shepard wants YOU! to watch Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Band of Brothers... oh and Dr. Who of course.

@Jusper0110 Girl asked Richard: Did you shower today?

@valentineskid Richard showers daily.

@valentineskid The first time mark met richard, he was wearing the porno 'tashe.

@Uliamos just remembered: mark compared the hades q on spn with q-ing at #aecon

@LeenWorld Richard said "Down with Doug!" because Doug wanted to take him away. He even ran away from him.

@pittiger http://twitpic.com/50z3ts
@KatrinSchmitt http://twitpic.com/50kemd

@Uliamos @miunsuki jared has been in amsterdam from thursday until yesterday

@caropedia the wig jared's stunt double wears is worth $5000!

@AngelicFoodCake Jared just told if Sam's hair was insured, it would be for $20

@AngelicFoodCake Jared just told that Sam has Castiel's raising from perdition on his ass!

@GenyDee Mental note: asking Jared about fight choreography leads to him fighting a water mug to demonstrate.

@AngelicFoodCake Also, he loves being 30 feet tall on the screen behind him xD and he's wandering around on the stage

@caropedia what would he change? end of season 4: stop dean, exorcise ruby & make her his gf cause she's nice to look at

@fantasyinurmind I asked him if it was hard for him to do to "bad acting" in 'The french mistake'. He said it really was.

@ismellpenis Jared would take his wife, his dogs, an ever-lasting ipod and kindle and food to a lonely island.

@InsaneSongbird Jared: Tomorrow will be shirtless.

@InsaneSongbird "all people Sam wants to have a relationship with, guys and girls, they die or get cursed"

@caropedia jared has a german grandfather! and a polish one.

@sara_1979 http://twitpic.com/50n4pl
@sara_1979 http://twitpic.com/50n1xw
@pittiger http://twitpic.com/50z1on


@Salyiha when he could play another character he would play Sam. he want Jensen to be the short one

@Salyiha he wants to be Lucifer too cos he loves Mark Pellegrino.

@Salyiha he sings at home in front of the mirror singing 'I only love you when I'm drunk'

@AngelElleth Yeah, I KNEW it! Richard has a tattoo on his hip!!!

@AngelElleth He joked it was Fritz the Cat!

@Salyiha Richard loves the scene where Gabriel is revealed. said it was brilliantly directed. plus there was old fashioned acting

@Salyiha he's not watching the show anymore

@Salyiha his favourite tv show of all the time is The Simpsons. he loves 30 Rock. favourite movie The Jerk

@AngelicFoodCake Someone stole Richard's water bottle and left some money in its place

@Salyiha Snoop Dog manager came up to him and said Richard got an amazing online fanbase but who the hell is Gabriel XD

@Salyiha he thinks Gabriel respected Dean and Sam in the end

@AngelElleth no matter what, Gabriel will always stay with the boys!

@Salyiha he loves making fans nervous XD poor girl XD she has to tell us her idea of how spn ens

@valentineskid Richard would prank Misha by sewing his sleeves to the coat of his jacket cos he stays too still

@Salyiha he would absolutely love to be in The Simpsons.

@Uliamos I think richard doesn't want the panel to end cos he just spotted @douginman and was like "oh crap, there's doug"

@AngelElleth Richards face when a girl asked him how it was to "press Dean against the wall"! Hilarious!!

@valentineskid Richard just did an impression of jensen "I'll throw myself against the wall and you hang on."

@Uliamos jensen did all the hard acting, richard said he only had to stand there... looking sexy

@Salyiha Gabriel relates most to Sam cos he's the younger brother. he was jealous of the brotherly bond

@pittiger http://twitpic.com/51164b
@Uliamos doug said richard is looking quite intimidating, so he fell on his knees LOL #aecon http://twitpic.com/50zpue
@pittiger Our lovely MoC @DougInman is getting twickstered :D by Richard http://twitpic.com/5118cc

@Salyiha mark announces himself in deep growly voice XD

@ismellpenis Mark feels like in a church. He wants everyone who didn't watch the finale to leave.

@LeenWorld Mark just ordered his drinks by Brock. Great start for a panel :D

@ismellpenis Mark: your german accent is terrible. Fan: your irish accent is terrible.

@Salyiha told a fan on the balcony not to drool down onto another fan XD

@caropedia if we wait long enough, mark will be on THAT show- whatever it is cuz he'll be on EVERY show sooner or later

@Salyiha Voyager was the worst experience he evee had

@AngelicFoodCake Mark is dissing Star Trek Voyager "the crap one with the funny captain"

@GenyDee Mark recommends every science fiction show that exists

@ismellpenis "As king of hell i have everything i bloody want" on answering whether he has a throne.

@Salyiha the version of hell we saw was Crowley own personal hell. he doesn't have a thrown. he's tired of torturing ppl.

@GenyDee Richard crashed mark s panel

@GenyDee Richard to mark : is that a phoenix in your pocket or Are you just happy to see me?

@GenyDee If crowley is nice, crowley wants something.

@ismellpenis Richard asks a fan "what makes crowley so damn sexy?"

@Salyiha Mark complimented Richard's ass XD

@closetolove Mark's never played a Bad Guy

@ismellpenis Mark to a fan on stage "it's though being in this spot right?" richard: "the hunter becomes the hunted."

@AngelElleth Mark just told Richard he would never knew what it means to say "It's bigger on the inside!" xD

@LeenWorld Brock's here again with the drinks :D

@Jusper0110 Brock is on the Hot Chair right now! Feeling so sorry for him

@LeenWorld A girl has to sing a theme song for Crowley.

@Uliamos I'm on the floor... a fan just sang "I've been looking for freedom" cos she thinks that might be crowley's theme song

@KimKira #AEcon2 Richard and Mark are dancing! Awwww!

@Uliamos mark is talking about jared's farting. richard: the bummer, jared is so tall, his ass is right in your face LOL

@ismellpenis Mark "Nothing has ever been funny on spn. There's a lot of gas."

@AngelElleth Richard just imitated Mark and he said in Dicks world everyone moves like Dick van Dyke

@KimKira #AEcon2 Haha.. mark flirting with the cam

@bluna81 http://instagr.am/p/EkXII/
@bluna81 http://instagr.am/p/EkaJ5/
@mari_winchesta @dicksp8jr and mark #aecon2 http://lockerz.com
@ismellpenis Brock is in the Hotseat now and he took off his jacket. #aecon http://twitpic.com/510c99
@LeenWorld They said Brock did a crap job with the drinks. Now he has to sit in front. #AECon http://t.co/U2z5zne
@Uliamos http://twitpic.com/510eij
@jmaclean Mark, Brock and Richard #aecon http://t.co/EoD3f23
@ismellpenis "jim beaver is gonna be so jealous!" http://twitpic.com/510f24

@Salyiha Fred is just as confused by Lost as anyone else XD

@Salyiha He wants to be on stage with the rolling stones :)

@Salyiha Alistair and Azazel need to be on each others shoulders to beat the brothers

@Salyiha Fred's father is german and swears only in German

@pittiger http://twitpic.com/513lyu

@valentineskid If Brock could time travel, he'd go back to the 70s because 'sex was free'.

@ismellpenis "jensen ackles, the guy is the man. You're obviously not here to see me." - brock kelly

@valentineskid Brock gets up in the morning and says "I'm a hero."

@ismellpenis "Naked, killing people." brock on spartacus

@Jusper0110 Brock drives a Kawasaki 636 ninja motorcicle!!! Haaaaaawt

@GenyDee brock drives a motorcycle and would be a waiter at his parents' restaurant if he wasn't an actor

@LadyJenney Brock really loves watching cartoons.

@GenyDee Brock just sang crazy love for us:)

@LadyJenney Brock says this singing is painful :D

Jusper0110 http://yfrog.com/h2ggbrfj they're singing Crazy Love right now!!

@valentineskid Jensen just asked Jared if he wanted to guest star on glee

@Salyiha Jensen would love to do some cool James Bond action movie. Jared would love to play a role that's unlike him

@Salyiha omg Jared shows his bruised knuckles from pushing the emergency break on the train on friday

@Uliamos stupidest thing jensen ever did? getting on stage with jared (he called him a moron LOL)

@Uliamos and then jensen said "no, you know what, that was probably the smartest thing I ever did." 800 congoers go AWWWW

@Salyiha craziest thing they did - becoming actors

@Salyiha the scene showing soulles Sam outside the window of Dean and Lisas place was a mixture of old and new shoots

@valentineskid Jensen's favourite part of frontierland was jared riding a small horse

@Salyiha Jensen had to had to cock the gun in Frontierland hImself and ripped his palm open. it scarred.

@Salyiha Jared loved the scene with samual colt the most

@Uliamos fan: hi,my q goes to jensen. jared: BOO!

@valentineskid Jared started pretending to sleep when someone said they had a question for jensen

@Salyiha Dean won't be happy with an apple pie life

@Salyiha fan shouted into the micro. they shouted back XD

@Jusper0110 jared jokes about Gilmore Girls

@Salyiha Jared doesn't regret any acting job. you learn from everything

@Salyiha Jensen says everyrhing they did brought them where they are now

@Salyiha they got recognized while taking a tour in a castle... by a boy... oh god their faces XD hope there are pics XD

@Uliamos how does it feel to drive the impala? jared pouts andnd another q for jensen. and jensen smirks

@Salyiha omg they pretending to drive over bumpers XD

@Salyiha the real cons are better than the one in the show XD

@GenyDee Inventing new names for new monsters next season JUSTIN BIEBERS and TWILIGHTS

@Salyiha what new names for monsters would dean and sam come up with? justin biebers! jared: he outhairs me!! jensen: no one outhairs you!

@Salyiha they will search for their german voices on the inteenet to see if it really sucks that bad

@GenyDee Jared wants morgan freeman to do his voice over. Jensen thinks david hasselhoff should do it

@Salyiha how many languages do you speak? jensen - is this a trick question?

@Uliamos how many languages do you speak? jared: eins. - he's so adorable :)

@GenyDee Jensen amazed by how many languages europeans

@GenyDee most emotional scene NUTCRACKER

@GenyDee real most emotional scene : burning john's body

@Uliamos jared calls sam!lucifer samifer LOL

@Salyiha lol at Jared using the name Samifer XD he said Lucifer went shopping for the clothes. jensen: sam will never get fashion sense

@GenyDee sam and dean will never have fashion sense and Are proud of it

@Uliamos jensen: sorry it took us so long for coming to Germany, but I'm really glad we did it!

@Uliamos http://twitpic.com/5147r2
@Jusper0110 http://yfrog.com/h2zjdovgj
@Uliamos http://twitpic.com/514bkg
@Uliamos http://twitpic.com/514cea
@Uliamos jensen telling a scary story (of some sorts *gg*) #aecon http://twitpic.com/514dix
@Salyiha: J got recognized while taking a tour in a castle... by a boy... oh god their faces XD #aecon http://twitpic.com/515ki5
@Uliamos http://twitpic.com/514gwc
@Uliamos http://twitpic.com/514nc6

For future updates on fan convention reports and media from Asylum Europe 2, check Superwiki!
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