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ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE, THE SPOILERS IN THIS POST ARE UNCOVERED: This post contains A TON of spoilers for season 7, it would be basically ridiculous to cover so many up since this post is primarily about season 7, comments as well. So spoilerphobes, enter at your own risk.

VIDEOS ETC. Media will be added as it starts to trickle in, we will have a follow-up post if/when more spoilers appear.



emmaloggins "We're going to turn up the scary, but it will also be lighter in S7" - Ben Edlund

emmaloggins "I want to see them on a space ship for just one episode" - Ben (joking)

emmaloggins "Cas starts S7 as God" - Ben

emmaloggins "S7, it's time to go even crazier" - Ben

WinFamBusiness Jared wouldn't spill any spoilers but he had nice things to say about Jensen directing him.

emmaloggins "As a fan I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in Season 7" - Mark

KSiteTV Spoiler! Crowley will be back early in #Superntural Season 7.

DruMoorhouse Misha Collins says Castiel will do a lot of "smiting" this season; deaths will number in the thousand

WinFamBusiness Talking with Ben Edlund. He says Sam and Dean are really gonna be challenged as hunters this season. It will be tough.

emmaloggins "We'll have so much to talk about after the season premiere" - Sera Gamble

emmaloggins "The end of S7 will depend if we get the pick up for S8" - Sera

KSiteTV Ben Edlund is writing #Supernatural #7.3 "Hello Cruel World" (7.02!

emmaloggins "Cas as God is the most fun we've had in the writers room" - Sera

WinFamBusiness Ben Edlund is going go direct another episode this season. He found the last experience terrifying.

WinFamBusiness In his new role, Ben Edlund is still heavily involved in the show but will still be stepping back to consider other things.)

emmaloggins "Crowley and Jo are returning." - Sera

WinFamBusiness Talking to Sera Gamble. Dean is going to do a lot of soul searching this season. He'll be questioning why he does this.

_supernatural_ Young Sam is going to be back in #Supernatural S7. Sam is going to have major issues with Castiel

WinFamBusiness Sera also said that Sam's gonna suffer a major break in his psyche and it's going to bring a lot of problems that can't be fixed.

WinFamBusiness They are going to introduce a new character, a friend of Bobby's, that's a conspiracy theorist.

WinFamBusiness The clip they're going to show in the panel is a non spoilery clip from the ep Jensen directed.

emmaloggins "My favorite Sam is souless Sam" - Jared

emmaloggins "S7 picks up right where we left off" - Jared

WinFamBusiness Sera is pleased with the new writers and says they have no shortage of ideas.

WinFamBusiness Talking with Jim Beaver. He and Jared both said there will be a new big bad this season and will emerge in ep 2.

emmaloggins "I don't know how soulless Sam is going to turn out." - Jared

_supernatural_ #Supernatural S7 will deal with Sam remembering Hell and what follows...

emmaloggins "We see Sam struggle to figure out whether or not it's a dream" - Jared

emmaloggins "I've gotten chills reading S7 scripts" - Jared

WinFamBusiness Everything they know as hunters isn't going to work anymore. It's a whole new game










Jensen - Jim Beaver -

Roundtable interviews:

Jared -


DruMoorhouse Jensen Ackles introducing S7 preview of episode he directed. "You guys never cease to amaze, alright shut up!"

"There's really nothing special about this scene - it's got this character, Sam - there's no Dean in it, so it's pointless" Jensen jokes

"There's really no Dean in this scene, which is really kind of pointless"--Jensen on ep 3, "slice of life into Sam's past"

LauinLA Scene shows meeting of Jewel Staite's character and Sam

cadlymack There's a flashback kiss. Cuuuute.

moryan S7 clip features Jewel Staite with Sam. Fake name she was using was "Amy Pond." Flashback to younger Sam too

LauinLA Jensen directing: "It was more difficult the second time - last year it was more ignorance is bliss. I had to be in it more this time."

LauinLA Did Jared behave? "Of course not, the least I can do for him is make his job difficult - I tried to behave."

cadlymack Jared: "It smells like Robert Pattinson up here. Was he in my seat?"

LauinLA Jensen: he trusted me to tell him where to go, what to say - I don't have to tell this guy how to be Sam.

LauinLA Jensen: we've been watching each other's backs for six years - we're always looking out for each other no matter who's directing. #SDCC #SPN

cadlymack JA "We've been watching each others' backs for six years now." JP "Not like that, Jesus. Have a kiss." (The hershey kind, kids.)

WinFamBusiness "I'm surprised as a an actor no one has written a God role for me yet because it fits." Misha Collins.

LauinLA Misha: [playing god] is incredibly daunting - how do you play god? Obviously I haven't figured that out, but it's an interesting challenge.

LauinLA Sera says "we want to tell you everything we can about Misha/Cas because we love them as much as you do."

WinFamBusiness Sera Gamble is avoiding questions about Misha. "Wow that was really informative," Jensen says sarcastically.

LauinLA "But we want you to tune in and be anticipatory, so we can't say anything beyond what you already know," otherwise you won't watch.

DruMoorhouse #Supernatural's Sera Gamble: We want to tell you everything we can, but we can't say any more than Castiel will be in first few eps

cadlymack Sera is remaining coy about Misha's role in the season -- she says bug her again after the first two eps air.

DruMoorhouse JIm Beaver on Jared's character trying to kill him: "Sam didn't mean it...we're good"

LauinLA Mark is very excited - wants a half hour sitcom spinoff "Oh Crowley"

WinFamBusiness Sera Gamble says we'll find out about Castiel's plans for Crowley from the jump.

DruMoorhouse EP Ben Edlund said he'd love to do a standalone spaceship episode

LauinLA Ben on meta: he doesn't know how to top the meta ep, but they may experiment with more stuff similar to Ghostfacers within their world

LauinLA Jared's excited to play Sam being unsure which reality he's in, Sam's healing this season. He's scared/out of his league

LauinLA We get to play with what scares the Winchester boys. Jared: "Misha shirtless scares us." Misha: "You're confusing fear with jealousy."

WinFamBusiness What about Chuck? Sera Gamble - no plans for Chuck to appear in the early part of the season.

LauinLA Sera: Chuck does not appear in the early part of the year, Cas feels like God abandoned him, so daddy issues still play a big role

WinFamBusiness Castiel is angry about God abandoning him. "You get to be your dad. You thought your dad did a crappy job, what do you do differently?"

cadlymack MC: "I'm very method, so I've been..." JP: "Smiting?" MC: "Far more than usual."

WinFamBusiness Jared and Misha are goofing around on the stage while Misha is trying to answer a God question seriously.

WinFamBusiness Question about all of them dying. Jensen - "I died 40 times in one episode."

WinFamBusiness Sera - Death doesn't mean the same thing on Supernatural. Misha - "Like Glee." Jared - "Was that out loud?"

DruMoorhouse "Jensen doesn't worry about [being killed off]? Do you know how many times Jensen has cried in my arms?"--Jared

cadlymack JA: "The brother bickering has always been a part of the show that he and I have done easily."

LauinLA "You're not gonna die, Jensen, it's okay!" "I died like 40 times in one episode," Jensen pointed out.

LauinLA The boys are all enjoying the screams - Jared and Mark keep encouraging more.

TVGuideMagazine Jensen on Dean's goodbye to Lisa: "That's never going to be his life. He's a hunter and that's how its always gonna be

LauinLA Jared thinks Sam grew after every fight Sam and Dean had - their arguing scenes make them both better actors

DruMoorhouse Jared: "I was trying to dead eyes...I felt so bad I couldn't respond to Jensen/Dean; now we get to fight again"

cadlymack said Jared likes intense scenes with Jensen rather than guest stars. "You always hurt the ones you love. The better you know somebody the more you can push their buttons."

DruMoorhouse Jim: "Bobby's always a bride, never a bridesmaid"; Jared: "Didn't you kiss Mark?!"

LauinLA Bobby's love life "thus far it hasn't ended well," Jim says. "We haven't see the last of Sheriff Mills in

LauinLA Returning characters: Jo is coming back. "Really?" Jared gasps. "We find out when you find out," Jensen says.

LauinLA "We've been waiting for the right story for her, and we found it!" Sera says

Sera Gamble confirms Alona Tal is returning as Jo along with Sheriff Mills, Crowley, Death & a few more

LauinLA Death is coming back, and we have a few more in the works. I'm superstitious about talking about them before the deals close

DruMoorhouse Audience member: "I love you Misha!" Jared: "Quiet down!" Misha: "Good question"

moryan Sera: "Jo is coming back. ... Sheriff Mills is returning for 1-2 eps at least. Yes! Death will return also. A few more "in the works."

cadlymack Fan yells "I love you Misha!" JA says "Quiet down. This is a professional forum."

LauinLA Jim and Mark are doing sign language, Jared doesn't get it. A fan asked if they would incorporate sign langua

cadlymack Fan asks about using ASL in the show. "I think you can say a lot without saying words," Jensen says.

LauinLA Sera: we could just write a scene of Sam and Dean exchanging looks without saying anything. "A whole episode" Jensen says

cadlymack said:
JA: "You could cut together an entire episode of just Sam looking at Dean and Dean looking at Sam." EricIGN: "I believe I've seen that on YouTube, Jensen."

LauinLA Similarities Jensen has with Dean? Misha: "Physique" Mark "Hair" Jared "Height!" Jensen "Similar height... looks...

LauinLA Serious answer: Dean and Jensen both like the same music and classic cars.

_supernatural_ S7 should be called "Return of the Living Dead" so many dead characters coming back!!!

LauinLA Someone asks Misha how being the antichrist has influenced playing Cas. "Since I'm a satanist, that does inform my performance."

LauinLA Misha: "I don't know how [that church group] figured that out, I guess I've just gotta embrace it now." Jim: You should smite them

LauinLA Misha says the "smiting them" suggestion is ironic, and you'll see why in the first episode.

WinFamBusiness Someone told Jensen she loved him. "Jared's right here too," Jensen says as Jared waves with a goofy smile.

LauinLA Jensen was surprised and proud that Kripke kept to his word on the five year plan, he's boggled that Kripke even had a 5 year plan.

LauinLA "As long as these guys [writers] keep kicking out stories, we'll keep doing 'em."

cadlymack Misha says the antichrist thing is ironic & we'll find out why in the first couple episodes.

cadlymack Misha says the antichrist thing is ironic & we'll find out why in the first couple episodes.

LauinLA Sera hopes it goes on for a long time. Eric did create kind of a perfect franchise to keep going - fresh blood in the writers room.

cadlymack "The story of these two brothers just continues to evolve. The stories are kind of endless," Jensen says.

DruMoorhouse Sera Gamble: We have a plan in place if this is the last year, & we have a plan in place if it isn't

LauinLA Ben just pitched a ninja story, do we want to see the guys as ninjas/fighting ninjas? "YES!" says the crowd

LauinLA Ben just pitched a ninja story, do we want to see the guys as ninjas/fighting ninjas? "YES!" says the crowd

cadlymack Jensen's mad that there are ninja stars & a grenade launcher in the car but he hasn't gotten to use them

cadlymack "If we use grenade launchers things tend to end two acts early," Edlund says.

cadlymack A girl dressed as Castiel was in the front. Jared brought her Misha's name card.

LauinLA the anime: Sera says "apparently we're big in Japan. It blows our minds."

LauinLA Jared: they came to us when I was playing three Sams - hell sam, soulless sam and sam-sam, and then going to play s1 sam.

cadlymack said It was tough for Jared to juggle the various Sams he was playing on screen and Season 1 Sam in the anime stuff. "I was going back to the sound trailer like 'I wanna go back to law school, Dean!'"

cadlymack Gag reel time! Starts with an awkward hug montage

WinFamBusiness Hilarious scene of Jared, Jensen and Misha dancing in the forest from My Heart Will Go on.

cadlymack Jensen "This is a terrible take." Jared: "Yeah for you." Jensen: "You were so bad it made me bad.""

cadlymack MC: "Jared Padalecki is a monster."




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ALSO, Jared's panel at NERD HQ starts at 2:30PM PST/5:30PM EST, it might air through this LIVESTREAM!
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