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Spoilery interview with Sera Gamble!

The season 7 synopsis mentioned a secret that Dean is keeping that could tear the brothers apart. Is Dean keeping two secrets, or is the Amy revelation the one that you meant at the time?
Right now, the way that the Amy thing is playing out, yeah, I would say that that's a pretty big secret in the first part of the season. We certainly are going to throw new and interesting stuff at you further down the line this season, but we have different flavors coming up. I wouldn't call this the emotional arc of the entirety of season seven. It's a story that came up in this episode as we were working in the room that ended up kind of taking on an emotional life between the brothers.

It's clear in this week's episode that Castiel [Misha Collins] is still on Dean's mind and he's definitely still on the fans' minds -- is there any new information you can offer about his return?
I can't tell you anything solid about it. I don't have any solid information about when you would see him back. I can just say that I will tell you as soon as I have something to tell you!

Sam actually seems to be coping pretty well in episodes four and five, but I'm assuming Mark Pellegrino that's not going to last too long?
I mean, he's evolving. In terms of what's going on in his head, it's something that he kind of incorporates into his day, having to deal with it. But we're dealing with the second half of the season now. I'm in the room with Ben Edlund right now -- in fact, I just walked out of it to come and take this call. We are talking about Lucifer, we're talking about, hopefully if he's available, seeing Mark Pellegrino again, although he's a very busy man But even if we had decided that that problem would be over, Mark was just too good in that episode! He was just so entertaining to watch, and he just brought such an interesting take to those scenes. But we have all along kind of had a plan for how we would reintroduce that issue for Sam.

Episodes nine and ten are usually pretty mythology-heavy, what can you tease about those episodes this season?
Yeah. We definitely advance the Leviathan mythology in episodes nine and ten, and we kind of back into it in an unusual way, we kind of do a different spin on it this season. I'm going to be a little cagey about how, but I can say that our way in to episode nine is really fun and hilarious -- Ben wrote the episode. The boys come into the case thinking that the Jersey Devil is loose in the woods eating campers. And Biggersons, our fictional family restaurant, is heavily involved in the episode, and it's just, you know, all of the surreal, disgusting touches that we've come to love in this kind of episode.

What about the cliffhanger you're ending on before the midseason hiatus?
The boys will be really personally invested in hunting down the big bad by the middle of the season, and they will have a pretty serious run in with them. You'll meet the guy who is kind of at the top of the food chain as a Leviathan in episode six, and then we'll run into him again in episodes nine and ten. And hopefully the audience will have a really good sense of the kind of dude he is, and he'll cause really serious damage and big problems for the guys, and it becomes an intense fight between them.

Can you talk about the second half of the season at all, since you're in the midst of planning it out?
Sam gets beaten up by clowns. It's really bad. [laughs] There's some fun ones, we have a good mix of fun and serious, but in this batch we've been especially fond of a script in which Sam's worst nightmare comes true: he is beaten up by angry clowns.

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