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#NashCon summary post


ROB BENEDICT, GABRIEL TIGERMAN, & KIM RHODES PANEL (Chuck Shurley, Andy Gallagher, and Sheriff Jody Mills)
@WinFamBusiness Most difficult scene? Gabe demonstrates an emotional scene with Kim playing him. He's playing Jared stomping on his foot.

@SPN_Hunter_67 "See, I broke shit. *mic turns off* dont swear! There are children here!" -Kim

@CamillaBug @jarpad showed @GabrielTigerman a nasty picture on the internet right before his first scene. He was disgusted.

@WinFamBusiness @RobBenedict can't think of an answer to the question because "karaoked his balls off last night." He most certainly did!

@SPN_Hunter_67 Rob says asshole, corrects himself to jerk head.

@goddessathena79 question- Most difficult scenes. Kim had to be funny strapped to a headboard.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Question about remembering their first on screen kiss- Gabe says he's never had one. Kim jumps up & kisses him.

@SPN_Hunter_67 I think Kim was just pretending to kiss him. She made it very dramatic. :-)

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim's first show was a soap opera.

@starandrea Rob: 'I have a lot of Chuck moments in my life, but [my first con] was definitely one of them.'

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim points out that she remembers her last on screen kiss with Jim. He said "You know we're not gonna get this right the 1st time."

@goddessathena79 kim said that jim beaver said that he was going to mess up there kiss at least five times.

@winchesterwoman Kim says Jim Beaver's mustache is very soft.

@WinFamBusiness Now @kimrhodes4real gave a huge hug to @RobBenedict. She is having fun at this convention.

@WinchesterBros Kim says the script was very clear that there was no sexual tension between her and Sam in Time After Time

@SPN_Hunter_67 "Any sexual tension you sensed between me & Jared is just b/c he's really hot!" -Kim

@WinchesterBros Rob identifies with Chuck's nervousness.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Aspect of character you most identify with: Gabe talks about being a goody two shoes, not a stoner.

@WinchesterBros Gabe says when auditioning for Andy, the other actors auditioning seemed already stoned, so he played up Andy's sweet side.

@WinchesterBros Kim relates to Jody's love and commitment and aspires to her balls.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim says she doesn't trust herself with firearms.

@goddessathena79 She also had said of the scene holding Jensen. That she had lines but could not get them out because she was holding Jensen.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim says she's good friends with Samantha Smith.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim says shit again, Gabe is keeping track of the amount of times they curse.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim says the show needs some estrogen. Crowd cheers.

@WinchesterBros During Kim's last ep, Phil Sgriccia told her he liked her, so she figures her death is imminent.

@winchesterwoman If all 3 characters could be in an episode Gabe says it would be a road trip in Andy's van.

@winchesterwoman Gabe was on a road trip & saw the world's largest groundhog, which is only a statue. They were duped.

@gatogoddess Gabe is talking about a real kansas attraction of 5 legged steers. His friend was kicked by "shoulder leg"

@WinchesterBros Gabe is telling a story about being chased by a 5 legged cow.

@gatogoddess Rob said kripke told him he's god and he can't come back ;~;

@WinFamBusiness What happened to Chuck at the end of Swan Song? @RobBenedict thinks Heaven. It was Kripke's goodbye, so Chuck had to go too.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Rob tells story about the first time he met J2 they were talking about cage fighting, & he was scared cuz he's a small fella.

@winchesterwoman Rob just called Jared "the big one."

@WinFamBusiness @kimrhodes4real favorite moment is kissing @jumblejim over and over again. "It didn't suck." :)

@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe's driver asked if they salted & burned his bones. When he said no, the driver said "Good! Then you can still come back!"

@gatogoddess Kim talking about working for disney "it just builds up and you start twitching and swearing."

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim says she still swore even though there were kids on set on Disney, haha.

@starandrea Kim: At the risk of sounding bitter, I think I've been more vital in 6 episodes of Supernatural than in 3 years of Sweet Life.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim says Supernatural's writing is smart & respectful. Makes it fun for her to play.

@gatogoddess Kim: j2 are crazier than the suite life twins.

@WinFamBusiness @kimrhodes4real is in awe that Jared and Jensen still have fun on the set after all this time. She said most get bored by now.

@gatogoddess Jared has at one point poured water on Jensen's Crotch to mess with him in a take.

@WinchesterBros Talking about Gishwhes and the requests for Bieber pics.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe said he told his dad there was porn on the Internet. His response: No!! Like, moving pictures??? Naked??

@winchesterwoman Kim says if she ever meets Misha in person he better be wearing shin guards or a cup because of Gishwhes.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim told Misha "If we run into each other, you owe me an open mouthed kiss asshole" after doing all the GISHWHES pics.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe used to play baseball so he was a bit superstitious.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Kim tearing up about her last scene since Bobby died.

@goddessathena79 Kim of working with Jim. He is such a great actor that he makes you a better actor.

@WinFamBusiness @kimrhodes4real, she's surprised the long pause between Jody/Bobby was kept. The kiss on the cheek was all him. Beautiful scene.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe loved saying "These are not the droids you're looking for."

@starandrea Gabe: Don't you love it when your brain just breaks in front of people? Just cracks open?

@winchesterwoman Kim shows her tattoo. Gabe: How far does it go? Kim: To the cracks!

@WolfAngelDeath Kim"s tattoo is huge and still in progress, the front is an homage to motherhood and the back to the spirit and family.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe says he's about 5'7 & 3 quarters.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe played baseball at Vasser.

@SPN_Hunter_67 If you go to a school that's 67% girls, & half the guys are gay, there's not much competition. -Gabe

@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/gQyMtGR8 - http://t.co/0sNHuIeK
@LMShamblin: http://t.co/wNSDAH1P
@whatsupsis: http://t.co/3i6s6q4w

@SPN_Hunter_67 Am I wrong or does Matt Cohen work out? -Richard

@SPN_Hunter_67 Matt escorting more late girls to their seats. "Ladies & gentlemen, these are some late guests!"

@CamillaBug Matt and Richard walking through crowd. Matt whines cause "You stole my seeeeat!"

@CamillaBug Matt's mic broke. He threw it on the ground and walked away.

@WinchesterBros They are critiquing the banners.

@gatogoddess "You know what's wrong with that picture of sebastian? He's wearing something"

@starandrea Richard: That's a good picture of Misha, though. That's the look he gives you every time you ask him a question.

@winchesterwoman Matt's most challenging scene: changing from John to Michael in same episode.

@WinchesterBros Matt says they cut most of his death scene because he's terrible at dying

@LazyDaizy26 Matt play acts dying. richard: don't bring that 90210 shit

@WinFamBusiness The challenge to @mattcohen4real with that scene is they had to film it before lunch and Jensen was might hungry!

@SPN_Hunter_67 Richard talking about the difficulties of acting underwater cuz you float away lol.

@LazyDaizy26 Matt doing Jensen's lips impersonation.

@WinchesterBros Fan offered $30 for Matt to take his shirt off because her mother missed it last night.

@starandrea Richard: Matt, she wants to know what it was like to kiss Dean. Matt: Wait, what?

@CamillaBug Richard: "Matthew." Matt: "Richard!" Richard: "Ladies first."

@SPN_Hunter_67 Richard brought more karaoke shirts on stage for Matt to sell, off his body.

@CamillaBug Matt: "Oh hey dad. I'm in Nashville. Doing a SPN con. And selling my body. Hold on, gotta take my shirt off."

@CamillaBug Richard: "Snoop Dogg is an avid reader. And likes to be tickled."

@winchesterwoman Richard was invited to hang out w/Snoop but Snoop wanted him to wear Pepsi shirt so he could get a pic.

@goddessathena79 matt- Supernatural really writes some meaty rolls for their guest stars.

@winchesterwoman Richard says there is no fandom like the Supernatural fandom. Aw.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Matt is layering up with karaoke shirts to start selling them.

@SPN_Hunter_67 People are calling Matt a cheater for layering shirts instead of stripping.

@WinFamBusiness @dicksp8jr and a fan are talking theories about Gabriel now. Alive or dead? Does anyone ever really "die" in #Supernatural?

@CamillaBug Matt took his shirt off.

@WinchesterBros Richard is telling the pumpkin colored underwear story.

@WinchesterBros Matt is talking about doing a shirtless good vs evil ep of Supernatural. Cas would be wearing pumpkin underwear

@gatogoddess Richard is doing spot on impressions of jared and jensen

@WinFamBusiness "It's good for you guys to know that Misha does use your gifts."

@WinFamBusiness What are their favorite dance moves? After Richard did a Russian dance, the fan asking had to come on stage to do hers. Payback!

@starandrea Fan: I won't dance. Richard: I'll be the decider of that.

@WinFamBusiness @mattcohen4real wants #Supernatural to go 75 more seasons.

@gatogoddess misha just crashed dick and matts panel and showed us his orange undies.

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins is promising a tour tonight of the city's sewer system.

@starandrea Richard: Misha, is anything weird going on later with you and transportation? Misha: Yeah, it's up on the website now...

@SPN_Hunter_67 Richard once charged a bunch of beers from Matt's meet & greet to Matt's card while telling him he was paying for it.

@CamillaBug Matt got stuck taking his shirt off

@WinFamBusiness Now @mishacollins is crashing the question line! He's ripping on Matt's shameless way for selling t-shirts.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Misha came back out & said Matt has to buy his ticket for cons.

@gatogoddess Someone asked how much richard's shirt would be. He really doesn't wanna.

@winchesterwoman Richard says he respects us to much to take his shirt off. He said nobody deserves to see him shirtless.

@winchesterwoman Richard would love to be on Mad Men. Matt would love to be on Luck.

@CamillaBug Matt dreams about doing a scene with Richard

@CamillaBug Matt: "I'm Jared's daddy." Richard: "That sounds dirty." Matt: "It was intended to."

@winchesterwoman And here's Misha again as Matt takes off another shirt. Matt: Misha, I know you're proud of the puppet I have become.

@CamillaBug Misha called Matt a prostitute

@CamillaBug Misha: "Matt, you need to hit the gym."

@CamillaBug Matt: "Mary went down to her knees....... Because she fainted."

@metakate "You know what you don't see backstage? The tears." Dick after Misha's retreat backstage

@WinchesterBros Matt says playing a transgendered cowboy was his most challenging role.

@gatogoddess Matt wore a 42 DD bra for that cowgirl vid.

@WinFamBusiness Now a fan is offered $100 for the pumpkin colored underwear! @mishacollins didn't take the bait.

@gatogoddess Matt and dick know misha is back stage so they keep teasing him. They stressed a mention on merkins.

@winchesterwoman One of Richard's most awkward wardrobes was a sock. Matt: It was a tube sock. Richard: Why, thank you!

@SPN_Hunter_67 Richard started doing plays, when he was 5, in Nashville!

@SPN_Hunter_67 "I was in college pursuing everything but acting." -Matt

@WolfAngelDeath @dicksp8jr spirit animal would be a bear

@metakate "You guys still have respect for me, right?" Matt after the fourth time stripping off his shirt for money.

@gatogoddess Richard said that their q&a has turned into t&a

@starandrea Richard: 'Don't be afraid to throw $30 at Matt throughout the weekend to get him to take off his shirt!'

@WinchesterBros: http://t.co/sHV0RVtP - http://t.co/UpKh37Hj - http://t.co/YPm40RTH - http://t.co/BleXi2rO
@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/P1Z34cAT - http://t.co/NFNXkRDk - http://t.co/bTwhOZgJ - http://t.co/2lLF5jV4 - http://t.co/hIlFMxPX
@AgentRaylael: http://t.co/hgzvUjgr
@squeemonster: http://t.co/1trgn8ye
@blog_maniaSPN: http://t.co/8mMLRxnT
@RichardsTwicks: http://t.co/B1qBDOIj
@whatsupsis: http://t.co/3i6s6q4w

@SPN_Hunter_67: Matt taking his shirt off http://youtu.be/bkEy6pIyAe0
@morningstarHBL: Matt shirtless http://t.co/AJ03myWC
@Mellamobrennan Misha crashes Rich&Matt's panel for a second http://youtu.be/L6bS6qAjWIA
ANGELandaTARDIS: Richard's dance http://youtu.be/EV56Og-8Rx0
ANGELandaTARDIS: Misha crashing Matt and Richard http://youtu.be/5Wb-lx-ivrM
ANGELandaTARDIS: Matt takes his shirt off http://youtu.be/oQe8dhS4TL0
ANGELandaTARDIS: Misha and Gabriel crash Matt and Richard http://youtu.be/E-1tUW0tCFI

@gatogoddess Seb: "i always like to come on to saliva" they played a saliva song, but let that go where you want it to

@WinFamBusiness He's got fans screaming all through the room. "I love screaming women."

@starandrea Seb: I love this small boutique hotel. What I love about it is that we're in the south, and the hotel is called Gaylord.

@deanandsammy @dicksp8jr said Sebastian only wears V necks from baby gap..due to what he is wearing.. I believe him!

@winchesterwoman Sebastian expected to see monkeys & tigers in the hotel.

@CamillaBug Seb: "I was in Turkey for Christmas! Gobble gobble! Bloody hell, you're slow."

@winchesterwoman Sebastian says he's not on the show anymore but he can still do tricks as he makes the different sections of the crowd scream.

@metakate "It's so good to be on this stage. It's an exercise in narcissism." Sebastian Roche

@CamillaBug Seb: "New Year's Day, I was 250 ft in the air shitting my pants! But I didn't, thanks to Depends!"

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb is apologizing to a young girl for cursing & trying to teach the audience to censor him.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb likes vnecks because they emphasis his cleavage.

@WinchesterBros Sebastian asked to do an impression of Misha. Says he needs a raincoat for it

@starandrea Seb: Misha's hard to do an impression of because he's smart. It's hard to do smart.

@starandrea Seb: Jensen's easy because you can just say, 'Son of a bitch!' And if you want to imitate Jared you can just say, 'Hey.'

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb just tried to imitate Matt's dance moves. & said he had a nice body.

@starandrea Seb: Swearing is like breathing to an Englishman.

@SPN_Hunter_67 You can't say the c-word. You have to say it for it to be funny. -Seb

@WolfAngelDeath @sebroche saw himself on vampire diaries and he liked what he saw!

@WinchesterBros Talking about filming Vampire Diaries. Says Ian Somerhalder has the dirtiest mouth.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb said he's known Ian Somerhalder for a few years & he auditioned with Paul a few years ago.

@WolfAngelDeath: @sebroche is sick of getting killed and having things shoved up his.......... Back.

@WinFamBusiness The staff that killed @sebroche's character on #TheVampireDiaries looked like a massive dildo to him. He tried not to laugh.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb's first time in Atlanta was for filming TVD.

@WinchesterBros Sebastian says Joseph Morgan is a gentleman and loved working with him

@starandrea Seb: A lot of people here went to Paris and had a terrible experience there, because of Parisians. We can be total douchebags.

@starandrea Seb: I mean, you walk into a shop, and they act like you're bothering them.

@goddessathena79 Seb favorite place to climb was the limestone cliffs in southern Turkey.

@CamillaBug Fan: "Do you think Balthazar forgave Castiel?" Seb: "HE'S DEAD."

@winchesterwoman Seb doesn't think Balthazar would forgive Castiel for stabbing him in the back.

@WinFamBusiness On Cas stabbing Balthazar in the back. "You could have aimed somewhere else. I would have had a little pleasure at the same time."

@starandrea Seb: I think they should have a reunion of the angels. And then I could stab him in the back.

@winchesterwoman Seb says Sydney is one of his fave cities in the world.

@WinFamBusiness What's his favorite scene? The first one with Castiel in "The Third Man."

@CamillaBug Seb said shit on accident. "Shooty shooty poot!"

@CamillaBug Seb: I believe in marriage! But not mine!

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb said he was married for 7 years.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb recently acted in a movie with his ex wife. He's glad that she's happy & remarried. Then he laughed evilly.

@gatogoddess Seb was asked to speak dirty in a foreign language. he spoke something in french and then spanish.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb says J2 can prank him cuz it's their show but not the other way around.

@SPN_Hunter_67 On supernatural, I'm an angel. A naughty angel. -Seb

@SPN_Hunter_67 "I was so evil on General Hospital. Deliciously evil." -Seb

@winchesterwoman Seb says he takes every acting job seriously, even if it was a toilet bowl commercial.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb's favorite accent is a Scottish accent.

@gatogoddess Do you like muff muffs? "That sounds naughty. Yes"

@SPN_Hunter_67 Seb came out to sign the banners & he pretended to trip.

@WinchesterBros: http://t.co/bgLSUTJ9”
@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/S0WJOLSl
@CamillaBug: http://t.co/Is0kIJZx
@whatsupsis: http://t.co/3i6s6q4w

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins is on stage! The crowd is going nuts. Misha is just staring at us. "Is everybody okay?"

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins is going to make the question asking competitive. The best question asker gets a t-shirt. @sebroche is modeling it!

@WinFamBusiness @sebroche on the t-shirt. "My sweat is on it."

@SPN_Hunter_67 Misha is undressing Seb on stage. No big deal.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Misha is taking a pic of his son to show on the video screens.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Misha showed a video of his son signing bath time. Sooo cute.

@WolfAngelDeath @mishacollins and his wife have been teaching their baby sign language! He's adorable!

@SPN_Hunter_67 He's either very advanced or they're signs of being a killer serial. -Misha

@winchesterwoman Misha says one of West's fave things is to try to get his hands in his diaper while it's being changed.

@CamillaBug West waves by and blows kisses to poop in the toilet

@starandrea Fan: We're going to miss you in Nashville next year. Misha: Why don't we just get together at your house?

@winchesterwoman Misha really loves Monell's. Recommended it last year & ate there again last night.

@WinFamBusiness A fan says we all want Cas back. The room erupted in cheers. "Was that a question? You're not gonna get a t-shirt for that."

@WinchesterBros Fan is telling Misha that he doesn't think it's fair how Castiel was killed off and Misha agrees.

@starandrea Fan: So Sam and Dean have basically lost everyone - Misha: At some point they should look at themselves, is what you're saying. They've isolated the variable, and it's them.

@WinFamBusiness "I think I got emotional whiplash from that scene." Talking about Meet The New Boss, he's dead, he's fine, he's not, he's dead.

@CamillaBug "Gish-wez" Misha says the pronunciation is

@WinchesterBros Misha is talking about Gishwhes and the wildest things people did

@CamillaBug Misha's flying Christmas trees closed air traffic because of Gishwhes

@WinFamBusiness He acknowledged that some of the things people did during GISHWHES may have crossed a line. Doesn't seem to bother him.

@WolfAngelDeath @mishacollins is really proud of the participants of GISHWES

@starandrea Misha: Say what you want about this fandom, they make kick-ass Maxi pad sculptures.

@WinFamBusiness He thinks in the end, GISHWHES was fun and they should do it again.

@winchesterwoman Will we see you on Community? Misha has no idea but says we can suggest it to Joel.

@WinFamBusiness Pranks Misha has done? Pennies in Jared's car, letting air out each other's tires, "I got his wife pregnant..." Bwah!!!

@WinchesterBros Misha is getting the script for ep 17 of Supernatural and says he'll talk about it

@Purupuru Misha flipping through 7.17 script binder says most moving scene is where Dean gives birth

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins has the script for 7.17 in front of him, but he's sharing legal disclaimers and says it has Jared's home address.

@WinFamBusiness @mishacollins took all the sensitive stuff of the script out. He removed almost all of it and handed the fan the rest of the pages.

@WinFamBusiness Now Misha is throwing t-shirts into the crowd. He really needs a t-shirt cannon for that.

@SPN_Hunter_67 "All friendships have to end at some point." Misha about 2 girls fighting over a shirt.

@Purupuru Misha explains the problem with making a dress out of Bacon is the fat quickly begins to render from the heat of the human body

@jalynleej @mishacollins of all the castiel versions he chose option god

@starandrea Misha: If you ever have a chance to play God, I highly recommend it.

@WinFamBusiness Misha - "I am really down to just orange underwear at this point." He just showed us!

@winchesterwoman Misha says all of his underwear is orange because he doesn't like to be wasteful so he is wearing what the fans sent.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Girl asks what did Misha do to crash Tumblr. Misha asks what it is, then says he's not on it.

@WinchesterBros Fan is tellin Misha to search his name on tumblr. Crowd says don't do it.

@starandrea Misha: 'Don't do it' is the most alluring thing. So how do I do it?

@WinFamBusiness "I admire your craft and what not." Now Misha is having fun about admiring her "what not" himself.

@WinchesterBros Misha says he got in to acting as a side gig and he still plans to be President

@WinchesterBros Misha says that West knows tons of signs for words but not mom and dad.

@WinFamBusiness What's the sign West does for mom? He shoves four fingers way down his throat. "You reminded me of that so I wanted to share"

@WolfAngelDeath @mishacollins is calming a fan down from nausea by talking to her. So nice.

@WolfAngelDeath @mishacollins if Cas could call a redo on anything it would be saving Dean from hell and avoid the whole mess.

@winchesterwoman: After the spoiler alert Misha says, I probably shouldn't have said that. Forget I said that.

@CamillaBug Misha "loves arithmetic."

@WinchesterBros Misha was asked how Castiel would act at Disney World and he says he's never been either

@CamillaBug Castiel would have species confusion at Disney World

@WinFamBusiness When the show's over and he's a homeless drunk, Misha will wander around Disney in his trench coat.

@starandrea Misha: I'm really optimistic, but that's not really a talent. That can get you in a lot of trouble.

@WinFamBusiness Fan is begging for a t-shirt. Misha - "I'll tell you what I'll do. You go sit down and I'll think about it."

@winchesterwoman Misha agrees to do video for It Gets Better.

@starandrea Misha: It's okay, you don't have to apologize for being happy. In many cultures it's considered a good thing.

@WinFamBusiness Last question. What other SPN character would he be? "Other than young Mary..." No, Bobby or the Impala.

@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/Ir3P0OdE
@WinchesterBros: Misha undressing Sebastian http://t.co/0E5o6xmF - http://t.co/i856SpLe - http://t.co/X54hoyaW
@whatsupsis: http://t.co/3i6s6q4w
@WinchesterBros Misha Collins sitting in the Impala http://t.co/YdmR50h8

mynameiscas: Misha on the supernatural script http://youtu.be/0a0kZlplmQ0
mynameiscas: Misha throwing shirts http://youtu.be/LNQRsl2viUk
mynameiscas: http://youtu.be/LlI6wjbpGfA
GatoGoddess: Misha and "It Gets Better" http://youtu.be/LhIy9rSCEzA
ANGELandaTARDIS: http://youtu.be/3sCNCGGfGYw - http://youtu.be/yM-WFuqcXbU - http://youtu.be/IG3dGMeDJak - http://youtu.be/UB3KHghORAg - http://youtu.be/3dlIiJ_GmZk - http://youtu.be/sXWi9Cs5lHI


@SPN_Hunter_67 "I like to pause it when Jensen takes his shirt off." -Jared

@metakate Jensen says when Cas healed him @ the end of season 5 he healed the handprint too.

@gatogoddess The guys were late b/c the plane was overweight. They both yelled "clif!" and motioned for him to get off (in good fun)

@gatogoddess They got called "the dean boys" @jarpad : "if you had called us the sam boys you'd have gotten yourself a picture!"

@gatogoddess Someone gave the boys little fans. Jensen started making robot noises.

@gatogoddess Jensen said he's had his head under Baby's hood like 2 days ago!

@inbluedresses You can't actually drive a baby, can you? -Jared

@gatogoddess On the #pcas Maybe next year you'll actually get invited. "That'd be a novel idea."

@gatogoddess We presented them a card we all signed. :3 they appreciate it. :)

@gatogoddess "nothing says pygmy goat like jensen and ackles" @jarpad so some one named their pygmy goats dean and jared... Lol

@gatogoddess A table didn't break for Jensen's stunt double. Twice! Todd is tough!

@Mellamobrennan Jensen explains his stunt double's dedication. With him for 10 yrs & never complains.

@gatogoddess For jen: do you like 40s!dean or cowboy!dean better? "Cowboy"

@gatogoddess Jensen liked working with "Frank"

@gatogoddess So Jensen wants "benedict, speight, mish ...." everyone back in season 8

@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/I07X4g7x - http://t.co/joGrsYMh - http://t.co/AS5nFKxZ - http://t.co/gmVTZ0Rl - http://t.co/G8N4rewN
@gatogoddess: http://t.co/ibuPZbK2 - http://t.co/u7EcmbLi
@winchesterwoman: http://t.co/9M3s6tQu
@mcnamcj: http://t.co/Rf5hL4qN - http://t.co/iH3em4RE
@Mellamobrennan: http://t.co/3pUMh5JT - http://t.co/0F0hhekG - http://t.co/rrNa876q - http://t.co/RVqEFkOg - http://t.co/VpQgCYsJ

ANGELindaTARDIS: http://youtu.be/1FUkPFu_624 - http://youtu.be/lb70Dn8_6Zk - http://youtu.be/SuuJD3VGVuI

@WolfAngelDeath #robbenedict still can't find his way through the hotel

@gatogoddess Rob gets so excited about hearing Louden Swain over the intercom, etc. :)

@winchesterwoman The song played in Friday night's episode while Dean was in the bar was Louden Swain. Rob gets excited about things like that. :)

@SPN_Hunter_67 Rob likes the color blue, likes chocolate, & likes to be loved.

@WolfAngelDeath #robbenedict is a geek for PearlJam

@gatogoddess Rob's religious belief isn't so much agnostic as "undecided. I'm in college and never gonna graduate."

@gatogoddess "Jesse's girl was the song that really made me want to rock" beebedeet!

@winchesterwoman Rob would like to jam with Rick Springfield. YES!

@squeemonster Rob said he wouldn't mind sitting in Dave Grohl's lap and letting him feed him chocolates.

@WinFamBusiness It's the "Is Chuck God?" question again. Rob didn't think he was God in the script, but in Vancouver they joked he was.

@winchesterwoman Rob thinks it was Kripke's intention for Chuck to be God as a symbol of the show's creator stepping away, job done, his Swan Song.

@CamillaBug Fan asked Rob if he was supposed to be Mistress Magda or was expecting a call from her. Rob is scared to answer

@gatogoddess "I think i was expecting mistress magda... Made me blush!" hee~

@winchesterwoman Rob would like to work with William Hurt, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Deniro. Loves older actors he can learn from.

@gatogoddess Rob would like to work with older actors. Anyone who is positive and good at what they do. He mentioned ryan gosling. :3

@WinchesterBros Rob just filmed an ep of Shameless with William H Macy and he followed him around getting pointers

@WinchesterBros Rob misses Supernatural. He loves Misha a lot and Jared and Jensen are so much fun.

@LazyDaizy26 Rob: I really really really love Misha.

@WinchesterBros Rob said working on Alias was awesome. He got to be "action guy."

@WolfAngelDeath #robbenedict loved running with guns as a child

@WinchesterBros A little girl asked Rob if he knew how to sing and to sing a song.

@WinchesterBros Rob is singing Jessie's Girl

@gatogoddess His son was born, named him calvin, then he got that role of calvin. Hahah. He also hates running into people in restrooms

@CamillaBug Fan asks Rob his fave person to work with. Jensen runs out and hugs Rob.

@AgentRaylael Jensen! Rob called him dreamy

@profilerchicspn Jensen just gave Rob a hug because he "hadn't seen him in a while."

@WolfAngelDeath #jensenackles says he's been sitting there too long so he had to come out! And then go right back!

@winchesterwoman Rob said Jensen kept yelling Free Bird at his concert in LA.

@WinFamBusiness Rob said he's worked with Gary Busey and Tom Arnold. "Really creepy."

@goddessathena79 Highlight for Rob is working with the Felicity cast.

@winchesterwoman: Rob's mic stopped working. None will work. He says he's having a real life Chuck moment.

@jalynleej All the mics went out on rob for minute and he danced to entertain us. It was his favorite part of the weekend

@starandrea Rob: If you look at my IMDB page, it looks like I do porn. Cause I'm in a lot of comedies with wacky titles.

@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/leftRaId
@gatogoddess: http://t.co/kEFvsmEI

@.gatogoddess Jensen came out, saw the impala and said "hi, Baby."

@WinFamBusiness The J's are on the stage! Looking sweet! They're pleading for @RobBenedict to come back

@WinFamBusiness First question "You two are absolutely beautiful men." Jared - "You need to get your vision checked."

@WinFamBusiness The craziest thing someone has done to them for attention. Jensen - A lady lept into his arms while he was walking in the lobby.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - Lady got him in a "spider monkey." She was committed!

@WolfAngelDeath A fan once walked her dogs to lure @jarpad in to sign stuff

@WinFamBusiness Question for Jensen, you had the episode "Time After Time". Jared - "I was in that episode!"

@Purupuru will we see Sam dressed in nice period stuff? Jared didn't know Jensen was on his period, he did seem bad tempered

@starandrea Jared: I didn't know you were on your period. Jensen: You should know, we're on the same cycle.

@WinFamBusiness Jared - "I don't think so, the good and bad of being the straight character in the show." Jensen - "What?"

@gatogoddess Jen wants prehaircut biebs to play dean. And jar wants colin to play sammy. And jen also said kathy bates.

@gatogoddess "She'd look hot behind the wheel of the impala." ~jen on kathy bates

@WinFamBusiness Jensen to the next questioner with a Patriots shirt - "We're not taking questions from Patriots today."

@CamillaBug Jared is calling Clif "Cliffy"

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jen & Danneel & Jared & Gen went to a Pearl Jam concert in Vancouver recently.

@WinchesterBros Jared says his star struck moment was with Pearl Jam. Clif had gotten in contact w/ their people so they could meet.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jared said Pearl Jam has been the soundtrack to his life.

@WinchesterBros Jensen had to leave the room because Jared was so embarrassing meeting Mike McCready

@winchesterwoman Jensen said Danneel lost her cool when they saw Luke Perry. He said it was awesome.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jensen said he'd get starstruck around a star athlete.

@WinchesterBros Jensen was star struck when shopping with Danneel and saw Sofia Vergara

@WinFamBusiness Someone shouted to Jared - "Take off the hat!" Jared - "You take off the hat."

@gatogoddess Fave family moment: jared spiked dean's drink in the christmas episode. (Jen stressed that it wasn't sam lol)

@Purupuru Jared decided to spike Dean's drink in the Christmas episode for real, Jared explains it was payback for earlier whiskey switch

@WinFamBusiness Jared loves the brotherly scenes in Fresh Blood and "The Man Who Knew Too Much." "I'm not leaving my brother alone out there."

@CamillaBug Talking about family moments in the show. J2 started fake crying

@Purupuru Q: Besides Marley and me what brings you to tears? Jensen snoring as Jared tries to remember what it was

@SPN_Hunter_67 About movies that make them cry- Jensen: I don't cry. I don't have feelings.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen doesn't cry with movies. Not Titanic? "Tears of joy when it was over."

@Purupuru Jensen says if you don't get choked up during Rudy, you aren't human

@starandrea Jensen: Favorite villain... I don't know. Do you have a favorite? Fan: Um. Jensen: Yeah, see? It's not so easy.

@WinFamBusiness Any characters they wish weren't killed. Jensen - Dracula, Jared - Gordon.

@Purupuru Jared says Bobby was salted and burned Jensen: It's what we do

@CamillaBug Jared cried during Bobby's death

@WinFamBusiness Jared called Sera Gamble and said it was the first time he cried reading a script.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen thinks there are ways for Bobby or anyone to come back. "Nobody is never really gone forever."

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - "There are always ways to do Supernatural things on our show." Jared - "Really?"

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jared is pulling things off of jensen's sweater.

@CamillaBug Jared is playing with Jensen. "And he's gonna have a CHILD."

@CamillaBug Jensen: "Excuse my dimwit brother here."

@WinFamBusiness Jensen is flabbergasted that someone like Jared can actually have a child. Hee!

@WinchesterBros Jared says that Sam's and Dean's treatment of Cas at the end of s6 was justified because they warned him.

@WinFamBusiness Jared - The material they're given is overwhelming. They've got to have fun once in a while in episodes.

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - Producers catch a lot on the outtake reels and work that into future episodes.

@Purupuru Jensen says yes, and feels the writers and staff take ideas from watching Jared and Jensen and incorporate it into show

@CamillaBug Jared and Jensen "hate" working with each other ;)

@WinFamBusiness Working on Supernatural? Jared - "I'm comforted to know it can't get worse than this." He's joking people!

@winchesterwoman Out of 200 crew members only about 30 have changed during the 7 seasons.

@Purupuru Jensen says that since that's nearly double the time spent in high school there will be Spn crew reunions and we're all invited

@Purupuru Dean sex scene question Jared: YEAH!!!!!

@gatogoddess Jared is tearing up the stage because dean's supposed to be badass, but his sex scenes are sweet, and sam is the opposite.

@CamillaBug Jared says he liked Ruby. With a goofy face

@Purupuru All of Deans on camera sexcapades are with someone that means something to him (aside from this last one)

@gatogoddess Sam has angry sex because he's pent up. Dean has sweet sex b/c it's usually with someone that means something

@WinFamBusiness Jensen's sex scene in "Slice Girls." She had the upper hand so he was playing it like "Wow, sweet!."

@CamillaBug Jared cried reading Dean's latest sex scene. Jensen: "Oh Dean! Don't let her take advantage of you!"

@WinFamBusiness Jared - "Sam has always had weird relationship issues. He has this thing where these women always end up on the ceiling."

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - Dean pays special attention to his relationships. Jared - "Sam doesn't worry about that stuff."

@WinchesterBros Jensen says in sex scenes he is worried that the actress is comfortable and covered up correctly, etc

@CamillaBug Jensen held out a robe for Sarah Canning to walk into after she dropped her dress for her scene

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jared says they're not fans of sex scenes because they feel violated.

@Purupuru Jensen doing a leery, belly scratching, donut munching impersonation of teamsters showing up during female nudity scenes

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jared watches Family Guy, Antiques Roadshow, & Pawnstars.

@winchesterwoman Jensen likes to watch construction type shows and like Swamp People.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jensen has seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother. He watches it while he runs on treadmill.

@starandrea Jensen: I take delight in [How I Met Your Mother] because they're the only cast that drinks more than we do.

@goddessathena79 Jensen normal watches CNN and ESPN in his trailer.

@gatogoddess Was there a death from mystery spot they wish made the cut? Fan supplied "moose attack" but they like it as is.

@Purupuru Jared jokes he has no recollection what his life was like before he was on the show

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - "If I wasn't on this show, I would make time to watch it, only if someone else was playing Sam."

@CamillaBug Fan: "So Jensen-" Jared: "BOOORING."

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - He does not have a car in real life. Clif and Johnny drive him around in Vancouver, in LA his wife has a car and drives.

@CamillaBug Jensen put 10,000 miles on a truck in 3 years. Sold it to Danneel's father

@starandrea Jensen: Is there a car that Jensen would - I'm talking like I'm not here. Jared: Jared would like to know that too.

@gatogoddess If he were to get a car, jen would get a truck. He doesn't even know. Possibly 70 chevy pickup truck

@WinchesterBros Jared's most uncomfortable scene w/prosthetics was in the beginning of In My Time Of Dying because the sun melted the glue.

@Purupuru Jared's prosthetics from 2.1 melted into his eyes from the heat, so they had to change it to a bandage

@WinFamBusiness Jared - Also, the bleeding eyes in "Bloody Mary." The pump up his back and that feeling wasn't comfortable.

@CamillaBug Jensen: "The blood tears were real." [in Bloody Mary]

@WinchesterBros Jensen's most uncomfortable was in Swan Song when Sam beat up Dean.

@CamillaBug Jensen hated the hell hound attack in 3x16. "I don't wanna talk about it."

@Purupuru Jensen notes eye piece from Swan Song (2-3 hours to put on) and hell/skin hook "plumbing" for last scene in s3

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - Swan Song. It took 2 hrs to put on. When Dean crawled over to the hole and started crying, glue went in his eye.

@gatogoddess He claimed that dean cried, not him. Lol

@WinFamBusiness Jensen - It was very painful. "Thanks for bringing that horrible memory back."

@WinchesterBros Jensen asks Clif what engine the Impala has and it's a 502.

@WinchesterBros Jared's and Jensen's fave ep is Death's Door because it was well written and acted.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Jensen says Dean & Cas have an odd, strange friendship. Dean sees him as a reliable source.

@Purupuru Dean needed somebody, he's a reliable source for his brother, but he needed someone for him, and that's Cas

@gatogoddess Jensen sings with Steve and Jason all the time "just not on camera" he doesn't feel like a musician.

@winchesterwoman At end of panel Jensen thanked everyone for PCA's, for keeping them employed & for coming to the cons.

@Alysthene: http://t.co/29IwAkxv
@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/mhMcFPzA - http://t.co/b4SgfJc2
@WinchesterBros: http://t.co/80z2vt8i - http://t.co/cN50jJIw - http://t.co/H3rRIcrx - http://t.co/vMaPhcnX - http://t.co/MYdQZDCl
@gatogoddess: http://t.co/zV1MivDX
@GraceSimms: http://t.co/gpUXlqk9 - http://t.co/4DE7CX4r - http://t.co/UufwWyJz
@DawnGarrison: http://t.co/J72LhwYD

@urbanphoenixfox @dicksp8jr says his porno name is Cuddles Saxon

@SPN_Hunter_67 "Rob, we were just discussing something you know all about- porno." -Richard

@SPN_Hunter_67 Richard is pulling Rob on stage.

@WolfAngelDeath #robbenedict's porno name is ski linwood.

@gatogoddess Richard called con fandom "condom" yesssssss

@winchesterwoman Richard said he'd be willing to make video for It's Get Better.

@WolfAngelDeath Apparently @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr had a lovely wedding involving roofies and not a lot of memories ;)

@urbanphoenixfox @dicksp8jr Is talking about the divorce from @mattcohen4real - lol

@urbanphoenixfox @dicksp8jr strangest thing he had to sign was cleavage

@SPN_Hunter_67 Brian Buckley & Rob making plans about music, called Supernatural Super Group.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Brian & Rob just danced all over Richard.

@SPN_Hunter_67 We all just sang "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys.

@gatogoddess Richard just proposed a supernatural supergroup: Brian Swain. We're so ready for it.

@SPN_Hunter_67 Richard accidentally called Rob "Matt" so Rob pretended to take his shirt off.

@winchesterwoman Rob talks about karaoke highlights and imitates Sebastian shaking his butt to the crowd.

@WolfAngelDeath No one's iced @dicksp8jr since New Jersey and #robbenedict hasn't been iced before!

@WolfAngelDeath @dicksp8jr didn't know what he was getting into when he signed on to the show

@winchesterwoman Richard is getting the last person to come on stage to ask her question. I think she's terrified!

@winchesterwoman Do the fans have any influence in bringing characters back? Richard says they are only here, even at cons, because of us.

@SPN_Hunter_67: http://t.co/rzYb9H1B
@WolfAngelDeath: http://t.co/HUrOln97

[Misha panel] @WinFamBusiness Spoiler alert! Castiel in 7.17 is not wearing a trench coat.

[Misha panel] @WinFamBusiness: Misha claims his new outfit is form fitting. The crowd goes wild.

[Misha panel] @WinFamBusiness Misha's been working in Vancouver lately. "I've been on a fishing trawler there."

[Misha panel] @WinFamBusiness What kind of clothes does Cas come back in? A snowsuit. A full spandex suit with booties. Orange underwear? "He's not a pervert."

[Misha panel] @winchesterwoman Misha says Cas comes back in a dorky outfit.

[J2 breakfast] @winchesterwoman Sam will actually have facial hair in an upcoming episode but Jared says it's not good. [episode 17]

[J2 breakfast] @winchesterwoman Jensen said they've told him the Impala will be back soon and he told them they better not be messing with him.

[J2 breakfast] @winchesterwoman Jensen says having Misha back is very refreshing. Jared says they missed him as much as us.

[J2 panel] @WinchesterBros Jensen says there's a ballerina episode coming up

[J2 panel] @gatogoddess The boys agree that they were rightfully treating cas the way they did and redemption is gonna be tricky.

[J2 panel] @WinFamBusiness Talking about Castiel's return. They won't give specifics, but reintroducing Castiel's relationship can be done.

[J2 panel] @Purupuru Baby (one of 5 used) has gotten work done, new block engine and suspensions , 20-30k...will be back and not under a tarp for sure

For future updates on fan convention reports and media from Salute to Supernatural Nashville, check Superwiki!

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